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Aberford, St. Ricarius. Bill Henderson. Nearby, at Lotherton Hall, stands a 12th century Chapel of Ease. Chris Cole (copyright holder, and postcard publisher). Link. Grade II* listed.
Adel, Leeds - see Leeds.
Addingham, St. Peter. Interior view. SE 085 497. Both Alan Blacklock. Another view, Stuart Mackrell. Link. Mount Hermon Wesleyan Reform Chapel (1861). SE 078 497. Stuart Mackrell. Another view. David Regan (2011). Link. Our Lady and the English Martyrs (R.C.). David Regan (2011).
Allerton, Bradford - see Bradford.
Allerton Bywater.
Almondbury, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Altofts, St. Mary Magdalen. Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Alwoodley and Alwoodley Park, Leeds - see Leeds.
Akroydon, Halifax - see the Halifax page.
Armitage Bridge, St. Paul. Another view. Both David Regan (2012). Link.
Armley, Leeds.
Arthington, St. Peter. Bill Henderson. Since Bill took his photo the church has changed denomination, and it is now the Coptic Orthodox Church of St. Mary and St. Abanoub. Another view.
Janet Gimber (2018). Link.
Aspley, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.

Badsworth, St. Mary. Former Wesleyan Chapel, now a private residence. Both Bill Henderson.
Bardsey, All Hallows. Bill Henderson. Another view, and interior, and a detail of column capitals, all Kenneth Paver (2014). Link. Grade I listed.
Barkisland, Christ Church. Another view. This source (a useful history with interior photos) dates it to 1852-4. SE 0542 1989. Both
David Regan (2020). Link.
Barwick in Elmet, dedicated to All Saints. SE 4008 3740. Methodist Church on The Boyle and Elmwood Lane. SE 3993 3750. Link. Both Bill Henderson. I've recently been advised that new gates for the churchyard, built at considerable expense, of oak, and re-using the old metalwork, were stolen in their entirety on the night of 26-27 July 2011. Presumably these will be offered for sale elsewhere. Please let me know if you see these for sale, and I'll pass on the information. The predecessor of the Methodist Church was a Chapel on Chapel Lane. It's marked on a map of 1908 as Reading Room, but is today the Miners' Institute. I haven't been able to discover what flavour of Methodism it was. SE 4012 3729. Gerard Charmley (2021).
Beeston and Beeston Hill, Leeds - see Leeds.
Belle Isle, Leeds - see Leeds.
Berry Brow, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Birchencliffe, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Birds Edge (or Birdsedge),
the Wesleyan Reform Church on Birds Edge Lane. It pre-dates a map of 1892-3. Another view. SE 2009 0773. Both David Regan (2021). Link.
Birkenshaw, St. Paul. SE 2033 2827. Bill Henderson. Another view, David Regan (2020). Link. Grade II listed. The former Methodist Church on Bradford Road. It shows on old maps as United Free Methodist. Converted into flats, the congregation now meet in the adjacent Sunday School of 1908, seen here in a 2019 Streetview. SE 2023 2865. David Regan (2020). Link. Another Chapel (of so far undetermined affiliation) once stood just off Old Road (now Old Lane) at SE 2051 2853. It stood roughly where the house is in this 2019 Streetview, and its Sunday School was in line with it, closer to the road. At Birkenshaw Bottoms is the site of a Methodist Church on Moor Lane. Demolished relatively recently, a photo is available on Geograph here. Old maps mark it as a Mission Room. Housing has been built on the site, as can be seen here in a 2019 Streetview. SE 2111 2772.
Blackley, Baptist Church (1878). The old Baptist church (1789) is also extant. Both Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.
Bolster Moor, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Booth, the site of the Independent (later Congregational) Chapel. The building at the left is the former Manse, at right is the former Sunday School. Demolished in 1980, the church stood to the left of the school. The earliest map I can find which shows it is of 1852-4, where it's labelled as Ebenezer Chapel (Independent). Numerous exterior and interior photos of the church are available here. SE 0418 2755.
David Regan (2021).
Boothtown, Halifax - see the Halifax page.
Boston Spa, St. Mary the Virgin. SE 4284 4576. Bill Henderson. Another view, Karel Kuča (2007). Interior view, and the altar, both Mike Forbester. Link. Grade II listed. The Methodist Church on Spa Lane is labelled on older maps as Wesleyan. Interior view. SE 4331 4554. Both Mike Forbester. Another view, Karel Kuča (2007). Link. Grade II listed. A Congregational Chapel once stood on High Street. An apartment block now stands on the site, and it was seen by Streetview in 2019, but the chapel was still standing in 2009 at the time of an earlier Streetview visit. SE 4323 4550. A former Primitive Methodist Chapel of 1872 stands on Church Street, at SE 4282 4564. It was seen by Streetview in 2016, at which time it was being used by the scouts and guides. Link. A Chapel is marked on older maps south of the town as part of St. John's Institute (Deaf & Dumb). Now called St. John's Catholic School for the Deaf, it was seen by Streetview in 2019. SE 4277 4504.
Boulder Clough (or Boulderclough), the former Bethel United Methodist Church. The second church on the site, the first was Methodist New Connexion, built in 1821-2, replaced in 1897, becoming United Methodist in 1907.
The date stone from the first church was retained and updated as changes were made. It was also known as "The Ranters Chapel", and was closed in 1979, then being converted to residential use. SE 0352 2391. Both David Regan (2021). Link.
Bowling, Bradford - see Bradford.
Bradley, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Bradshaw, St. John the Evangelist. David Regan (2011).
Bramham, All Saints. Bill Henderson.
Bramhope, Methodist Church. Bill Henderson. Puritan Chapel (1649). SE 249 436. Bill Henderson (2012). Grade I listed - link.
Bramley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Brearley, the former Particular Baptist Chapel. Two additional views - 1, 2. SE 0250 2591. All
David Regan (2021). It was successor to an earlier Chapel, known as Bethel Baptist Church, and Little Faith, which still stands (converted) a short distance away on Brearley Lane at SE 0263 2586. Little Faith is because it was designed to be easily convertible into housing should the chapel fail. Indeed, this later became necessary when the chapel succeeded and became too small for the congregation. It also dates it to 1845, though this may be in doubt because it goes on to say that the chapel was established after some congregants left Ebenezer in Hebden Bridge to start a new chapel in Brearley in 1846. Also, the text on its Geograph entry says that the date-stone appears to say 1843. Unfortunately, though a photo of it can be seen here, I can't decide if it was 1843 or 1845. Gerard Charmley (2022).
Brierley, St. Paul. The church website dates it to 1869. SE 4107 1104. Bill Henderson. Another view,
David Regan (2022). Link. Grade II listed. The Methodist Church on Church Street. This source dates the congregation from 1934 when they took over an existing building. SE 4091 1119. Bill Henderson. Another view - this shows the far gable end not visible in the first photo. David Regan (2022). Link. The site (the gazebo) of a demolished Primitive Methodist Chapel on Cliff Lane. It's dated here to 1852-1934. SE 4077 1109. David Regan (2022). The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (in the distance), off  Church Street, converted to residential use. This source dates it to 1810-1934. SE 4104 1097. David Regan (2022). Spiritualist Church on Church Street. SE 4090 1115. David Regan (2022). Link.
Briestfield, the former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Its grade II listing dates it to 1825. Its closure date is not apparent, but the National Archives refer to records from as late as 1976. SE 2292 1714. David Regan (2020).
Brockholes, St. George. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church. David Regan (2012).
Bruntcliffe - see Morley.
Burley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Burley-in-Wharfedale, St. Mary. St. John Fisher & Thomas More (R.C.). Both Bill Henderson.
Burmantofts, Leeds - see Leeds.

Calder Grove, St. John. Bill Henderson.
Carleton, St. Michael and All Angels. SE 4677 2022. Bill Henderson (2014). Link.
Carlton (near Leeds), former Chapel. David Regan (2013).
Calverley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Chapel Allerton, Leeds - see Leeds.
Chapeltown, Leeds - see Leeds.
Charlestown, the former Naze Bottom Baptist Chapel. Dated here to 1909-1987, it was subsequently converted to residential use. It was built as successor to Mount Olivet Baptist Chapel, which stands higher up the valley. SE 9766 2670.
David Regan (2021).
Chequerfield, St. Mary. The Holy Family (R.C.). Both Bill Henderson.
Choppards, Mission Rooms. Another view. Both David Regan (2012). Link.
Churwell, Morley - see Morley.
Clayton West, All Saints, on Church Lane. SE 2586 1096. Bill Henderson. Another view, and the interior, both Gerard Charmley (2021). Link. Grade II listed. The U.R.C. on Church Lane was previously Congregational. SE 2565 1090. Bill Henderson. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2021), who advises that it has recently been converted into flats. Wakefield Road Methodist Church was originally Primitive Methodist. According to its My Primitive Methodist entry, it dates from 1901-2. SE 2537 1101. David Regan (2013). Link. The former Baptist Church on High Street. The date-stone is for 1860. There must be another date-stone, as the grade II listing mentions dates of 1840 and 1860. An article from 2016 discusses proposed uses. SE 2593 1089. Gerard Charmley (2021). Grade II listed. "The Old Chapel" stands on Chapel Hill at SE 2557 1085. It's labelled on a map of 1893 as Mount Tabor Chapel (Wesleyan Methodist), and by 1960 as Mount Tabor Chapel (Wesleyan Reform). It seems to have been active at least into the 1980's. Gerard Charmley (2021).
Clifford, St. Edward, King and Confessor (R.C.). Bill Henderson. Interior view, and two close-ups of nicely cared stone details - 1, 2, all Kenneth Paver (2014). Link. St. Luke, Bill Henderson. Another view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Mike Forbester. Grade II listed.
Clifton, St. John the Evangelist. SE 1612 2284. Bill Henderson (2014). Link. Methodist Church, built as Methodist Free Church in 1874. SE 1610 2290. Bill Henderson (2014). Link. About a mile to the south east used to stand Kirklees Cistercian Priory. Although most of the priory buildings have gone, the gate-house survives. Not seen by Streetview, Geograph has a photo. SE 1743 2213. Link. Grade II* listed. For other listed fragments, see here.
Clough Foot, the former Cloughfoot Independent (Congregational) Chapel (1854) on Sourhall Road, now in secular use. SD 9099 2387. Mike Berrell. Another view,
David Regan (2021). A good history.
Coley, St. John the Baptist. Bill Henderson. Another view, David Regan (2011). Link.
Collingham, St. Oswald. Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Cookridge, Leeds - see Leeds.
Cornholme, St. Michael and All Angels. SD 901 262. Vale Baptist Church. SD 902 261. Shore Primitive Baptist Church (1777) closed in the 1970's, and has since been partly demolished, and the remainder converted to residential use. SD 915 266. All Stuart Mackrell.
Cotton Stones, St. Mary (1848). SE 029 216. Stuart Mackrell.
Cragg Vale, St. John the Baptist in the Wilderness (1839). SE 001 232. Stuart Mackrell. Link.
Crigglestone, Methodist Church, on High Street. David Regan (2013). Link.
Crofton, All Saints. SE 3779 1813. Bill Henderson.
 Two more views - 1, 2, and the mausoleum in the churchyard, all David Regan (2022). Link. Grade II* listed. For other listed features in the churchyard, including the mausoleum and stocks, see here. A former United Methodist Chapel stands on Hare Park Lane, and has a date-stone showing the date 1866. SE 3791 1767. David Regan (2022). Its successor stood on High Street at SE 3798 1775. Sycamore Court now stands on the site, though the chapel stood a little further back from the road. David Regan (2022). A place of worship is shown on a mid-20th century O.S. map on Santingley Road, New Crofton, at SE 3845 1748. It's identified here as a former Catholic Church, with dates 1920's-2008. Now in secular use, it was photographed by David Regan in 2022. The same map shows another place of worship a little further east on Spring Lane at SE 3872 1745. Not shown on earlier available maps, it's been demolished, and the house built on the site was seen by Streetview in 2009. It was possibly the mission church mentioned here.
Crosland Moor, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Cross Roads, St. James. SE 0443 376. David Regan (2011). Link. Methodist Church (1878). SE 042 3766. Stuart Mackrell. The former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now in commercial use. David Regan (2011). Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, now in commercial use. David Regan (2011).
Crossgates, Leeds - see Leeds.
Cullingworth, St. John the Evangelist. Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, converted into flats. Both David Regan (2011). The former Baptist Church (1837), Gerard Charmley (2014). Grade II listed.

Dalton, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Darrington, St. Luke and All Saints. Bill Henderson. Three further views - 1, 2, 3, all David Regan (2011). Link. Grade I listed - link. Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, now converted into flats. My appreciation to Janet Gimber for the identification. David Regan (2011).
Deanhead, St. Bartholomew, in a remote spot in the Scammonden Valley. It hasn't been seen by Streetview, but photos can be seen on Geograph - 1, 2, 3. SE 0463 1600. Link. The about us page dates it to 1865, the third church on the site. Grade II listed. The gate-piers have their own grade II listing.
Denby Dale.
Denholme, the former St. Paul, currently (2011) up for sale. Denholme Shared Church. Link. Both David Regan (2011).
Dogley Lane, the house on the site of the demolished Independent/Congregational Chapel. This source dates it to 1816-1960's. The adjacent Sunday School of 1882 survives. SE 1876 1410. Both
David Regan (2021). Link.
Drighlington, Methodist Church. St. Paul. Both Bill Henderson. Primitive Methodist Church. SE 222 289. Michael Bourne.
Durkar, former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now an arts centre. Another view. Both David Regan (2013).

Earlsheaton, Dewsbury - see Dewsbury.
East Ardsley, St. Michael. SE 3022 2532. Bill Henderson. Another view,
David Regan (2021). Link. Grade II listed. The former St. Gabriel's Mission Church on Fall Lane, now a community centre. It pre-dates a map of 1894, and seems to have still been active at least into the 1980's. SE 3092 2578. David Regan (2021). The former Zion Methodist Free Church is now in commercial use. It pre-dates a map of 1894, and a map of 1969-74 labels it as a warehouse. SE 3018 2510. David Regan (2021). The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Chapel Street, later St. Paul's Methodist. This source says that it was built in 1889 to replace an earlier building. Closed in 2014, this source implies that demolition has at least been mooted. SE 3046 2509. David Regan (2021). A map of 1854 shows an earlier chapel, just a few yards east of where the current building now stands, the site now occupied by the squat building at the junction of Chapel Street and Thorpe Road, seen here in a 2019 Streetview.
East Bierley, St. Luke, on South View Road and Bierley Marsh. It might be no longer active, as a church sign and cross are missing from David's photo, but were present when the Streetview van passed in 2019. Circa SE 198 292. David Regan (2020). The Methodist Church on Hunsworth Lane. Note the inscription saying "Free Church 1889". SE 1977 2914. Michael Bourne. Another view, David Regan (2020).
East Hardwick, St. Stephen. Bill Henderson (2014).
East Keswick, St. Mary Magdalene. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church. SE 361 444. Michael Bourne.
East Morton, St. Luke (1849-50), on Morton Lane. SE 0971 4186. Gerard Charmley (2013). Two more views - 1, 2, both Steve Bulman (2022). Link. Congregational Church on Main Road. It's named as Bethel in the pediment, and bears the date of 1845. SE 0978 4188. Steve Bulman (2022). Grade II listed. Two other chapels can be found on older O.S. maps. The first is on Green End Road at SE 1005 4216. Identified as "P.M." - Primitive Methodist - on a map of 1919, it can be seen here on a Streetview from 2009. The other Chapel stood or stands further north along Green End Road at SE 1003 4227. Identified on the same map as "Wes. Meth. Chapel", it can barely be seen on Streetview, and from what can be seen I suspect that the chapel doesn't survive, although its graveyard does.
Eastborough, Dewsbury - see Dewsbury.
Eastmoor, Wakefield - see Wakefield.
Eastwood, the overgrown graveyard of the demolished Congregational Chapel.
A useful history (with photos) here, where it's dated to 1840. SE 9648 2547. David Regan (2021). Link1. Link2.
Elland Upper Edge, Baptist Church.
Another view, and the date-stone for 1890. SE 1255 2081. All David Regan (2020). Link.
Emley, St. Michael the Archangel. SE 2449 1333. Stan Walker. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Kenneth Paver. Link. Grade I listed. The Methodist Church on Church Street is a former Primitive Methodist Chapel, dated here to 1906.
SE 2458 1333. David Regan (2021). Link. Another view from Streetview in 2021. The village used to have Bethel Chapel, on Upper Lane, at SE 2454 1304. This will be Bethel Wesleyan Reform Chapel, mentioned here. The village Wikipedia entry says it was demolished in 1997. The residential properties built on the site can be seen in a Streetview from 2019. Despite the recent demolition I've been unable to find a photo on-line.
Emley Moor, the former Wesleyan Chapel. The church was damaged by the collapse of the Emley Moor transmitter in 1969 - a photo is available here. David Regan (2013).
Esholt, St. Paul. Another view, three interiors - 1, 2, 3, and font. SE 182402. All Dennis Harper (2015). Link. Grade II listed.

Far Headingley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Farfield (near Addingham), Friends' Meeting House. Interior view. Both David Regan (2011). Link.
Farnley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Farnley Tyas, St. Lucius, dating from 1840. Stan Walker.
Farsley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Featherstone, St. Thomas. St. Gerard Majella (R.C.). Both Bill Henderson. The Old Chapel was built in 1872, re-built 1904, and is now in secular use. James Murray. South Featherstone Gospel Hall. James Murray.
Ferrybridge, St. Andrew. This old church used to occupy a site on what is now Ferrybridge Power Station. It was demolished and moved stone by stone and re-built on Pontefract Road, Ferrybridge, in 1952. Photograph and text Bill Henderson. This link (of which I was advised by Howard Richter) says that the last service at the original site was held in 1952, with re-consecration at the new site in 1953. It also includes a map showing both sites, from which Howard has deduced the grid reference as SE 4795 2500 for the old site, and SE 4803 2415 for the new. The old churchyard survives (see here), and some atmospheric photos of it are here.
Felkirk, near South Hiendley, dedicated to St. Peter. Bill Hend
Fenay Bridge,
the former Mission Church. Its predecessor, a tin tabernacle, stands immediately to its left, and both chapels can be seen here in an old photo, where the earlier chapel is dated to 1895, and its replacement to 1907. SE 1815 1558. David Regan (2021).
Fitzwilliam, The Church of the Resurrection on Wakefield Road and Farmfield Drive. The former Cave Adullam Strict Baptist Chapel (1956) on Wakefield Road, now in use as a Funeral Director's. Both Gerard Charmley (2021).
Fixby, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Flockton, St. James the Great. Bill Henderson. Another view, David Regan (2011). The Zion Congregational Chapel, dating from 1802, still has its box pews, and double-decker pulpit, and is still in use. Stan Walker.
Flushdyke, Ossett - see Ossett.
Frizinghall, Bradford - see Bradford.

Garforth, St. Mary the Virgin. SE 410 331. Bill Henderson. Interior view, Mike Forbester. Methodist Church. SE 407 330. Michael Bourne.
Gawthorpe, Ossett - see Ossett.
Gildersome, Morley - see Morley.
Gipton, Leeds - see Leeds.
Golcar, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Grange Moor, St. Bartholomew on Liley Lane, which also serves as the Methodist congregation. SE 2202 1590. Bill Henderson. The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Briestfield Road, opposite its junction with Denby Lane. It has an unusual date-stone for (presumably!) 1787.
If that's correct, then it would seem to have been re-used in a later building, as its My Primitive Methodists entry mentions an opening ceremony in 1846. SE 2214 1614. Both David Regan (2020).
Great Cliff, unknown church - perhaps Methodist? SE 3055 1595. David Regan (2013). Howard Richter advises that this was Primitive Methodist (Mount Zion), and provides dates of 1887-1981. It had been converted into multiple residential units no later than 2009, planning permission for this conversion having been granted in 1999.
Great Horton, Bradford - see Bradford.
Great Preston. This building is indicated on OS maps as a church, but now serves as a village hall. My appreciation to Janet Gimber, whose researches have revealed that this was St. Aidan (CoE), which was declared redundant in 1988. SE 401 294. Steve Bulman.
Guiseley, St. Oswald, is an early church, but was much restored in Victorian times, and enlarged in 1910. Stan Walker. Link. St. Peter and St. Paul (R.C.). Bill Henderson. Methodist Church. Guiseley Baptist Church. Both Colin Waters.

Hade Edge (near Holmfirth), Methodist Church. David Regan (2012).
Haigh, Methodist Church. David Regan (2013).
Harden, St. Saviour. Link. The former Wesleyan Reform Chapel (1833) now in residential use. Grade II listed. Congregational Church, which Gerard advises didn't join the United Reform Church at the union in 1972, choosing instead to join the Congregational Federation. Grade II listed. All Gerard Charmley (2014).
Harecroft, Methodist Church. SE 082 357. Michael Bourne.
Harehills, Leeds.
Harewood, All Saints (1410, on the site of an earlier church). The church is in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust. Bill Henderson. Another view, interior view, and altar and East Window, all John Balaam (2012). Another view, another interior, the font, and the earlier font (pre-1410, according to the church leaflet), all Dennis Harper (2015). Link. Grade I listed.
Hartshead, St. Peter. SE 179 233. Steven Hill. Another view. Bill Henderson. An old postcard view, from Steve Bulman's Collection. Link.
Hawksworth, Leeds - see Leeds.
Headingley, Leeds.
Heaton, St. Barnabas. Gerard Charmley (2012).
Heaton, Bradford - see Bradford.
Hebden Bridge.
Helme, Christ Church. From an old postcard in Geoff Watt's Collection. The postcard is badly faded, and had to be heavily processed to produce a reasonable image. A modern view. John Hardy. Link.
Hepworth, Holy Trinity. Two interior views - 1, 2, and the font. Link. Gateshead Methodist Church at SE 175 059, stands isolated about 2 miles outside of Hepworth. All David Regan (2012).
High Flatts, Friends Meeting House. Two interior views - 1, 2. SE 2123 0746. All
David Regan (2021). Link1. Link2. Grade II listed.
Highburton, the former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Slant Gate.
It has an attractive date-stone for 1832. SE 1904 1340. Both David Regan (2021). Link advises that it was closed in 1973.
Hightown, St. Barnabas. SE 183 242. Bill Henderson. The now-demolished Methodist Free Church (demolished in the 1990's). Photo is on an external website. On the same site is a photo of St. John's Methodist Chapel, demolished in the 1980's. The former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now in commercial use. Another view. Both David Regan (2012). The former Friends Meeting house, now in residential use. David Regan (2011). Cemetery Chapel in Liversedge Cemetery. David Regan (2011).
Hinchcliffe Mill, the former Wesleyan Chapel, now in residential use. David Regan (2012). Link.
Hipperholm, Christ Church (United Reformed Methodist). Bill Henderson.
Holbeck, Leeds - see Leeds.
Holmbridge, St. David. Another view. Both David Regan (2012). Link. Grade II listed - link.
Honley, St. Mary the Virgin. SE 137 120. Link. The former Southgate Methodist Church, now a theatre. Trinity Methodist and United Reformed Church, originally Congregational. Link. Cemetery Chapel. All David Regan (2012).
Horsforth, Leeds - see Leeds.
Horton Green, Bradford - see Bradford.
Hunslet, Leeds - see Leeds.
Hyde Park, Leeds.

Idle, Bradford - see Bradford.
Ilkley, All Saints, mostly dates from a re-build of 1860. SE 117 478. From an old postcard (franked 1908), in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, and an interior view, both Stan Walker. Another view, Stuart Mackrell. Link. Christchurch (Methodist and U.R.C.) was originally Wesleyan, of 1869. Alan Blacklock. Another view, Stuart Mackrell. Link.
Ben Rhydding Methodist Church, David Regan (2013). The "Old Wesleyan Chapel" stands at the junction of Skipton Road and Bolton Bridge Road. It has a blue plaque which dates it to 1834-69, and was the predecessor of what is now Christchurch. SE 1134 4779. Steve Bulman (2022). Link.
Illingworth, St. Mary. SE 069 283. Michael Bourne. Link.
Ingrow, St. John the Evangelist, dates from 1843. Another view, showing the apse. Both Stan Walker.
Ireland Wood, Leeds - see Leeds.

Jackson Bridge, the site of the demolished Methodist Chapel - only the burial grounds remain. David Regan (2012). This link is a photo of the chapel.

Kettlethorpe, Wakefield - see Wakefield.
Kinsley, Our Lady of Graces (R.C.). Bill Henderson.
Kippax, St. Mary. Bill Henderson.
Kirkburton, All Hallows. Older maps label it as St. John the Baptist. SE 1980 1250. Bill Henderson. Another view, Steven Hill. Link. Grade I listed. The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel off North Road at SE
1969 1293. Documents referenced in the National Archives imply that it existed by 1865. David Regan (2021).
Kirkhamgate, Lindale Methodist Church, on Brandy Carr Road. The original chapel on the site was Primitive Methodist (1862), and old maps show that it stood closer to the road than the present building. SE 2966 2293.
David Regan (2021). Link1. Link2.
Kirkheaton, St. John the Baptist. Mostly re-built following a fire in 1886, the tower and north chapel are all that remains from the 15th century building. Stan Walker. Link. Methodist & URC. Bill Henderson.
Kirkstall, Leeds.
Kirkthorpe, St. Peter. Another view. David advises that these unusual gravestones are for nuns who fled the French revolution. All David Regan (2011). Link. Grade II* listed- link. Gravestones: grade II listed.

Ledsham, dedicated to All Saints. SE 456 299. Bill Henderson. A splendid door. Steve Bulman. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Kenneth Paver.
Lepton, St. John the Evangelist (1866-8). Another view. SE 199 150. David Regan (2011). Another view, this one Bill Henderson (2012). Link. Grade II listed - link.
Lidget Green, Bradford - see Bradford.
Lightcliffe, St. Matthew (1875). Gerard Charmley (2014). Link. Of Old St. Matthew, only the tower survives, and is in the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches - link. Gerard Charmley (2014). Link. Christ Church (United Reformed Methodist). The former Congregational Church, now used as business premises. Both Bill Henderson.
Lindley, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Linthwaite, Christ Church. Another view. Link. Methodist Church. The old Methodist Chapel also stands nearby. Link. All David Regan (2012).
Lockwood, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Lofthouse, Christ Church on Leeds Road. Dated here to 1839-40. SE 3336 2594. Bill Henderson. Two additional views - 1, 2, both
David Regan (2021). Link. Lofthouse Methodist Church on Leeds Road. It was built as Wesleyan in 1840 (date-stone). SE 3333 2577. Both David Regan (2021). Link.
Longley, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire - see Huddersfield.
Longwood, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Low Bradley, Methodist Church. SE 003 484. Michael Bourne.
Lower Cumberworth,
the Methodist Church on Cumberworth Lane, which was originally Primitive Methodist. It's dated here to 1851. David Regan (2021). David's photo is actually of the rear of the church, on Top Road. The front of the church can be seen in a Streetview from 2019. Link.
Lowerhouses, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Luddenden, St. Mary the Blessed Virgin on High Street. Interior view. SE 0414 2623. Both Stuart Mackrell. Another view, David Regan (2021). Link, and the history page. Grade II listed. A tomb in the churchyard is separately listed as grade II. The first Methodist Chapel in the town was built in 1787, and stood on Halifax Lane - the site can be seen here on a 2011 Streetview. The site (on the right) of Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on Halifax Lane. This pdf document says it opened in 1812, closing in 1961. SE 0422 2597.
David Regan (2021). The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1837-1961, later Methodist Free Church) on High Street was a splinter from Ebenezer. Mentioned on the Valley of a Hundred Chapels website, it isn't marked on any maps, perhaps, as David speculates, because it was on an upper floor, the ground floor being housing. It is though, labelled as "The Old Chapel" on Google Maps, and the road running east from it is Chapel Street. SE 0419 2603. David Regan (2021). It was succeeded by St. James Methodist Church which dates from 1902-3 as United Methodist, and was closed in 2012. It can be seen here on a 2009 Streetview, and here, where there is also an old photo. SE 0407 2602.
Luddenden Foot, the site of St. Mary the Virgin. Built in 1873, it was replaced by housing following its demolition in the later 1970's (date source, photo). SE 0344 2500. David Regan (2021). The former Congregational Church (1859) on Burnley Road, now flats. SE 0398 2448. David Regan (2010). Grade II* listed. Howard Richter advises that it was closed circa 2000, at which time the church (now U.R.C.) moved to the Community Centre, seen here, David Regan (2021). The village had at one time a Methodist Church of 1832, now demolished (site). Also known as Denholme United Methodist Church, it stood on Burnley Road at SE 0383 2497, and is marked on the earliest available map of 1854 as Wesleyan Association, and on later maps as Free United in 1907, and U.M. Church in 1933. It is still marked on an O.S. map of 1972-1987. What may be the original access to it can be seen here. Both
David Regan (2021). An old photo of the chapel can be seen here. It also says (here) that it was demolished in the 1960's. The site of St. Walburga (R.C., 1898-1991) on Burnley Road. It's also referred to as Denholme Catholic Church. SE 0403 2443. David Regan (2021). Given its relatively recent demolition in 1996, it's perhaps surprising that I've been unable to find a photo of it on-line, but a drawing of it can be seen here.
Lumbutts, Methodist Church on Mankinholes Bank. SD 958 233. Geoff Wardle. Another view, and an interior view, both Mike Berrell.

Mankinholes, the site of the demolished Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, which stood to the right of the gravestones where the trees are now. The former adjacent Sunday School, survives, converted to residential use. Photos of the chapel are available here, wherein may also be found dates of 1912 (a re-build of an earlier chapel of 1814) to 1979. SE 9592 2373. Both David Regan (2021).
, Bradford - see Bradford.
Marsden, St Bartholomew. SE 047 116. United Church. SE 049 118. Both Paul Brown. Former Salvation Army Hall, now familiar as "Auntie Wainwright's Shop" on The Last of the Summer Wine. Rob Brettle.
Marsh, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Meanwood, Leeds - see Leeds.
Meltham, St Bartholomew. SE 099 107. Paul Brown. Another view. Stan Walker. Link. The former Methodist Church, now in commercial use. The present Methodist Church stands adjacent. Both David Regan (2012). Link. Baptist Church. David Regan (2012). Link. St. James (consecrated 1845) at Meltham Mills. David Regan (2012). Link. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Meltham Mills. Another view. Both David Regan (2012).
Menston, St. John Fisher & Thomas More (R.C.). Bill Henderson. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. SE 176 442. Michael Bourne.
Methley, St. Oswald. It used to have a spire, taken down in 1937 (old photo with spire here). SE 3911 2662. Bill Henderson. Another view, the interior and chancel, two of several fine tombs - 1, 2, and the font, all
David Regan (2021). Link. Grade I listed. Some tombs in the churchyard are listed separately here. The Methodist Church on Main Street, Mickletown. It pre-dates a map of 1852, where it's labelled as Wesleyan. SE 3990 2731. Bill Henderson. Link. There were also United Free and Primitive Methodist chapels in Mickletown. The United Free chapel survives, off Main Street at SE 3980 2727, and can be seen here and here on Streetviews from 2021 and 2011 respectively. The P.M. chapel has gone. It stood on Main Street at SE 3959 2721 and is dated here to 1865-6, with demolition by 1991. A photo of the chapel is available here. Its site remains undeveloped, as seen in a Streetview from 2021. Mickeltown used to have a church of St. Margaret on Pinfold Lane, at SE 3999 2725. It was a tin tabernacle, and dated here (where there are also several photos) to 1905-6, with demolition post-1982. Its site can be seen in a Streetview from 2021.
Micklefield, St. Mary the Virgin. Bill Henderson.
Middleton, Leeds - see Leeds.
Midgley (near Mytholmroyd), the former Methodist Church, originally Methodist New Connexion, later United Methodist, on Chapel Lane. Built in 1883 and closed in 1994, it was successor to an earlier chapel of 1818 a short distance away. If a map of 1858 is accurate, it stood to the north of the present chapel, right next to the road, perhaps on part of today's graveyard. Another view. SE 0273 2646. Both
David Regan (2021).
Midgley (near Wakefield), the former United Methodist Chapel (1910). It replaced a Methodist New Connexion chapel on the same site, built in 1881. The present building closed as a chapel in 1983. SE 272 147. David Regan (2013).
Milnsbridge, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Moldgreen, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Moor Allerton, Leeds - see Leeds.
Moor End, Moor End, a former school, now the U.R.C. SE 0545 2807. Gerard Charmley (2014). Another view, David Regan (2021). Its predecessor was Congregational (originally of 1717), and it stands a little way to the S.E. at SE 0548 2804. History here, and a Streetview of the church, now converted to residential use, here, in 2012, behind the tree.
Moorthorpe, St. Joseph (R.C.), currently closed. Margaret Johnson has kindly informed me that this church re-opened just before Christmas 2003, following repairs. Barnsley Road Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Moortown, Leeds - see Leeds.
Mount Tabor, the Methodist Church, originally Wesleyan, which dates from 1820. Gerard Charmley (2014). Another view, David Regan (2021).
Mytholmroyd, St. Michael (1848) on Church Street. SE 0134 2597. Michael Bourne. Another view, Stuart Mackrell. Link. Good Shepherd Roman Catholic Church (1991) on New Road. SE 0124 2584. Stuart Mackrell. Link. Methodist Church on Scout Road and Hall Bank Lane. SE 0122 2572. Stuart Mackrell. Since Stuart took his photo the chapel has evidently been closed and is now in commercial use, as seen by Streetview in 2018. The site of Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel on Zion Street (now Zion Terrace). The chapel occupied the grassy area and the adjacent housing. It's dated here to 1887-8 to 1960, demolished 1970.
Photos are available here, and here. SE 0139 2612. David Regan (2021).

Netherthong, All Saints. Another view. Link. The former Methodist Free Church. All David Regan (2012).
Netherton (near Huddersfield), Methodist Church. David Regan (2012). Link.
Netherton (near Wakefield), St. Andrew. Bill Henderson. Trinity Methodist Church. David Regan (2013). Link.
New Mill (near Holmfirth), Christ Church. Another view. Link. Lydgate Unitarian Chapel. Another view. Link. Grade II listed - link. All David Regan (2012).
New North Road, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Newmillerdam, Lakeside Methodist Chapel, built as Wesleyan in 1890. Link1. Link2. Former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1880) on Barnsley Road (link). Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1820) on School Hill (link). All David Regan (2013).
Newsome, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Norland, St. Luke. It was built as a chapel of ease from Christ Church in Sowerby Bridge in 1865. Another view. SE 0663 2262. Link. The former Bethel Baptist Chapel has a date-stone for 1865. I
t was closed in 1958. SE 0670 2334. Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Chapel later became Norland United Free Methodist Church. It was closed in the early 1960's and was converted to residential use. SE 0705 2297. The former Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel stands about a mile W.S.W. of the village, at New Longley, and is now in residential use. This source dates it to 1863-4, with closure in 1971. SE 0528 2200. All David Regan (2020).
North Elmsall, St. Margaret. Bill Henderson.
North Featherstone, All Saints. Bill Henderson.
Northowram, St. Matthew. Ebenezer Methodist Church on The Green. Link. Heywood U.R.C., named for Oliver Heywood. All Gerard Charmley (2014).
Norwood Green, St. George. Bill Henderson.

Oakenshaw cum Woodlands, St. Andrew. Bill Henderson.
Oakes, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Oakworth, the former Slack Lane Baptist Church, dating from 1894. SE 028 394. Michael Bourne.
Old Town, Wainsgate Baptist Chapel. Another view. SD 998 288. Both David Regan (2011). Link1. Link2. Grade II* listed - link. Methodist Chapel. SE 001 281. Stuart Mackrell.
Oulton, St John The Evangelist. Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Outlane, St. Mary Magdalene. SE 0865 1795. Link. The site of Bethel New Connexion Chapel. SE 0864 1801. Methodist Church. SE 0816 1768. Link. The site of the demolished Trinity Wesleyan Chapel on New Hey Road. The house in the photo stands on the site of the church. This source (which also has photos of the chapel) dates it to 1876-8, with demolition "after 1993". Old maps show a Sunday School immediately to the south-west (to its left in the photographers point of view) which the source already quoted says was the preceding chapel of 1822. It's very likely to be shown in the middle photo on the source website. SE 0816 1768. All
David Regan (2020).
Outwood, St. Mary Magdalene. SE 3300 2398. Bill Henderson. Another view,
David Regan (2021). Link, a good history, dates it to 1858. Parkside Methodist Church on Leeds Road was built as Wesleyan, and originally known as St Johns Wesleyan Church (source). SE 3277 2356. David Regan (2021). Link. The Salvation Army on Bolus Lane, is the former Bourne Primitive Methodist Chapel. Its My Primitive Methodists entry dates it to 1838, re-built at some unspecified date in the 20th century, and closing in 1969. SE 3304 2365. David Regan (2021). The 6" O.S. map of 1908 marks a Chapel almost opposite Parkside Methodist Church. It's affiliations are so far unknown, and it seems to have been long out of use. It (or the building which replaced it) can be seen here (the garage) in a 2018 Streetview. SE 3282 2355.
Ovenden, St. George. SE 084 261. Michael Bourne. Link. Providence U.R.C. on Keighley Road, formerly Congregational (1836). Gerard Charmley (2014).
Overton, St. Luke. David Regan (2013). Photos of its predecessor, the demolished St. Luke in Middlestown, are available here.
Oxenhope, St. Mary the Virgin. SE 030 347. Link. Hawksbridge Baptist Chapel. SE 022 353. Marsh Wesleyan Chapel. SE 026 357. All Stuart Mackrell. Methodist Church on West Drive. John Balaam (2017). 

Paddock, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Pecket Well, the former Crimsworth Methodist Church (1834), now a private residence. David Regan (2011). Grade II listed - link.
Pole Moor, the former Baptist Chapel. This source dates it to an 1859 re-build of a chapel of 1790, with closure in 1992. It was subsequently converted to residential use.
SE 0669 1585. David Regan (2023).
Pool, St. Wilfred. Bill Henderson.
Primrose Hill, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Pudsey, Leeds.


Rashcliffe, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Rastrick, St. Matthew (Anglican and Methodist), dates from 1797. SE 1386 2158. Stan Walker. Another view, Bill Henderson (2014). Link. Grade II* listed. New Road Independent Family Church. SE 133 208. Bill Henderson (2014). Cemetery Chapel in the cemetery on Carr Green Lane.
According to this Wikipedia entry the cemetery dates from 1883, though whether the chapel is that early is not so far known. SE 1392 2105. David Regan (2020).
Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury - see Dewsbury.
Rawthorpe, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Richmond Hill, Leeds - see Leeds.
Ripponden, St. Bartholomew (1868). SE 0411 1978. Another view. Both Stuart Mackrell. Another view, David Regan (2011). Link. Grade II listed. The former Zion Congregational Church.
SE 0354 1931. David Regan (2020). Dated on its grade II listing to 1869. It remained as Congregational until its closure in 1992.
Roberttown, All Saints. SE 195 225. Bill Henderson.
Rodley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Rothwell, Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson.
Roundhay and Rounday Park, Leeds - see Leeds.
Rowley Hill, the former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Rowley Hill, at SE 1888 1481.
It has a date-stone for 1886. David Regan (2021).
Ryhill, St. James the Great. Another view. SE 3859 1451. Both
David Regan (2022). Link, which says it was consecrated in 1876. St. Paul (Methodist) on Mill Lane and Chapel Street is labelled on older O.S. maps as Wesleyan. It dates to between 1906 and 1914. SE 3857 1426. Bill Henderson. Another view, David Regan (2022). Link. Older O.S. maps show another Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (presumably the predecessor of the present Methodist) across the road on Mill Lane at SE 3860 1424. It pre-dates a map of 1893. The building on the site today (Streetview 2009) looks possibly old enough for some of the chapel to have survived. A former Primitive Methodist Chapel stands on Mill Lane at SE 3857 1416. It's dated here to 1907, though another source gives it as 1894-1965. The latter source also mentions an earlier P.M. Chapel - a rented building - at the southern end of Mill Lane. A map of 1893 labels it at circa SE 3872 1400 (it isn't clear which building the label applies to). It probably stood roughly where a row of white buildings now stands - seen in a Streetview from 2020. David Regan (2022).

Saltaire, St. Peter, on Moorhead Lane. SE 1362 3756. Link. Methodist Church. SE 1386 3782. Link. U.R.C. (originally Congregational, 1858-9). Two interior views - 1, 2. A particularly handsome building, built at the expense of Sir Titus Salt, the industrialist. SE 1385 3811. All Gerard Charmley (2012). Another view, showing the extension which houses the Salt family mausoleum, the plaque, organ and font, all Dennis Harper (2015). Link. Grade I listed. Related listed features can be found here.
Sandal or Sandal Magna, Wakefield - see Wakefield.
Scapegoat Hill, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Scholes, (near Cleckheaton), St. Philip & St. James. SE 167 258. Bill Henderson. Another view. Michael Bourne. Link. The Friends Meeting House is very unusual in looking like a conventional church. David Reagan (2012). Link. Former Methodist Chapel at Hartshead Moor Top, now residential. Another view. Both David Reagan (2012). David has also advised of a photograph of the now-demolished Cleckheaton New Cemetery Chapel, and the now-demolished Methodist Chapel, which stood on Webster Lane, and was knocked-down in 1967. Both are on external websites. 
Scissett, St. Augustine. Bill Henderson.
Seacroft, Leeds.
Shadwell, St. Paul. SE 3468 3970. Bill Henderson. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Gerard Charmley (2021). Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1841-2. The War Memorial in the churchyard has its own grade II listing. Methodist Church on Main Street. Dating from 1890, it was originally Wesleyan. Bill Henderson. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2021). Link. Its predecessor of 1814 stands directly opposite, and now serves as the library. Gerard Charmley (2021). A good history article on Shadwell Methodism here (pdf).
Sharlston, St. Luke. Steve Bulman.
Shelley, Emmanuel Church. SE 2119 1130. Bill Henderson. Streetview provides another view from 2009. Link. The Methodist Church off Far Bank is labelled on old maps as Methodist New Connexion, and dates from 1786. SE 2019 1092. Stan Walker. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2021). Link. The tiny former Ebenezer Strict Baptist Chapel on Penistone Road and Far Bank, now in commercial use. Another view. Both Gerard Charmley (2021).
Shepley, St. Paul on Marsh Lane. SE 1916 0972. Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1848, with the chancel added in 1868. The Methodist Church on Lane Head Road. According to this source it was a re-build in the 1980's of a chapel of 1876-8, recycling the building materials. It was originally Wesleyan, and the 1870's chapel had been a replacement for an earlier chapel of 1857 on Cliffe Road. I've "travelled" along Cliffe Road on Google maps, and cannot see any obvious candidates for this earlier chapel. SE 1932 0953. Link. Providence Methodist New Connexion Chapel stood a little way east of St. Paul, on Marsh Lane, at SE 1927 0977. Also sometimes referred to as Trinity Chapel, it was later United Methodist, and was, according to this source, re-built in 1922, closing in 1966. The later chapel was built on an alignment at 90 degrees to its predecessor. An old postcard showing the New Connexion chapel can be seen here (scroll down), and there's a photo of the surviving graveyard here. I don't think the U.M. Chapel can be seen from Streetview, and I haven't been able to find a photo. All
David Regan (2021).
Siddal, Halifax - see the Halifax page.
Silsden, St. James the Great. Grade II listed - link. Link2. Our Lady of Mount Carmel (R.C.) was formerly the Methodist church. Grade II listed - link. Link2. Silsden Methodist Church. Between leaving the former church (now the catholic), and moving into the present building, the Methodist congregation met in a local Sunday School. Link. All David Regan (2011).
Skelmanthorpe, St. Aidan. SE 2293 1044. David Regan (2013). Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1894-5. The village had a Wesleyan Reform Chapel, on Gib Lane, at SE 2313 1073. It survived at least until 2009, when it was seen by Streetview, but the next available Streetview, from 2019, shows housing built on the site. A 2012 news item tells of its then imminent closure, and also mentions a building date of 1923, on the site of a Wesleyan predecessor. The Methodist Church on Pilling Lane was originally Primitive Methodist, dated here to 1836. SE 2351 1077.
David Regan (2021). Link. There is also a former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, on Chapel Close at SE 2326 1057. Also referred to as Central Methodist Church, this source dates it to a re-build in 1897, replacing an earlier chapel of 1815-16 on the same site. It has been converted into flats. David Regan (2021). Grade II listed. Trinity Evangelical Church is on Highbridge Lane, south-east of the town, at SE 2407 1024. It stands in the town cemetery, and seems to originally have been the Mortuary Chapel. It was seen by Streetview in 2021. Link.
Slack Top, Mount Zion Chapel, now a Christian holiday centre. SD 976 285. Stuart Mackrell.
Snapethorpe, St. George. Bill Henderson.
South Crosland, Holy Trinity. Another view. Both David Regan (2012). Link.
South Elmsall, St. Mary the Virgin. Trinity Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
South Hiendley, Methodist Church. Bill Henderson.
South Kirkby, All Saints. Bill Henderson.
Southowram, St. Anne in the Grove. SE 120 236. Michael Bourne.
Sowerby, St. Peter. Pevsner rates it highly.
Its grade I listing dates it to 1763-6. SE 0429 2320. Stan Walker. Another view, Stuart Mackrell, and another, David Regan (2020). Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, and the font, all David Regan (20203). Link. For other listed features associated with the church, see here. The site of the demolished Congregational Church which stood at the junction of Dob Lane and Well Head Lane. Reputedly the oldest Congregational congregation in Yorkshire. The graveyard survives, as does the manse, which is the house at the left in the distance. The chapel itself was of a re-build of 1861, and it was closed in the 1970's. A few photographs are available here. SE 0383 2330. David Regan (2021). The site of Providence Primitive Methodist Chapel (1875-6, closed 1961) - it stood roughly where the driveway goes behind the low white building. A photo of the chapel is available here. SE 0412 2318. David Regan (2021). Two houses stand on the site of two successive Wesleyan Methodist Chapels on Rooley Lane, at SE 0390 2324. The earlier one, also known as Cross Stone Chapel, was built in 1787, and a photo is available here. It was burnt down, and replaced by the second chapel (Rooley Lane Chapel, photo available here). Its closure is dated here to circa 1956.
Sowerby Bridge.
Springside, the site of the demolished Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. A photo of the chapel is available here, and it also supplies dates of 1873-1954, with demolition following a few years later.
SE 9604 2484. David Regan (2021).
Stainland, St. Andrew (1754), on Stainland Road. This was originally St. Bartholomew's Chapel (Anglican, Methodist and Congregational). SE 0816 1963. The former Providence U.R.C. (Congregational, 1814) on Beestonley Lane was a splinter from the aforementioned St. Bartholomew. Another view. SE 0735 1931. Grade II listed. The site of the demolished Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (another splinter from St. Bartholomew, 1840-1963), as seen by the Streetview van in 2019. Exterior and interior photos are available here, and a history here (scroll down). SE 0821 1960. All
David Regan (2020). A Non-Conformist Mortuary Chapel is shown on O.S. maps at SE 0749 1950, a little way north of the village. Stainland's Wikipedia entry says it has been demolished, and the Streetview van doesn't supply a view of the site.
Stanley and Stanley Ferry, Wakefield - see Wakefield.
Stanningley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Steep Lane, Particular Baptist Chapel, which has a date-stone for 1874. SE
0291 2366. David Regan (2020). Link. Grade II listed.
Steeton, St. Stephen. SE 030 446. David Regan (2011). Another view. Stuart Mackrell. Link. Methodist Church. SE 030 444. Stuart Mackrell.
Stones, Methodist Church. David Regan (2011). Link.
Streethouse, Methodist Church. Bill Henderson.
Swarcliffe, Leeds - see Leeds.
Swillington, St. Mary. Bill Henderson.

Taylor Hill, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Thongbridge, St. Andrew. Bill Henderson.
Thorner, St. Peter. SE 3798 4054. Graham Pickles. Link. Grade II listed. A grave slab is separately listed as grade II. The former Methodist Church on Carr Lane. Dating from 1876-8 (as Wesleyan), it was closed in 1984. SE 3752 4043.
Gerard Charmley (2021). Grade II listed. It was preceded, and followed by a Chapel of 1802, until it finally closed in 2020. SE 3768 4024. Gerard Charmley (2021).
Thornes, Wakefield - see Wakefield.
Thornhill, St. Michael and All Angels. SE 2533 1886. Stan Walker. Two additional views - 1, 2, two of the interior - 1, 2, three of the fine tombs and monuments - 1, 2, 3, and the font, all
David Regan (2021). Link. The Baptist Church on Whitley Road. SE 2381 1838. David Regan (2020). Link. Grade I listed. The former Church of the Good Shepherd on Edge Road, Thornhill Edge. SE 2518 1795. David Regan (2020). The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on The Coombs has a date-stone for 1903. It's dated here to 1872. SE 2523 1904. David Regan (2020). The Methodist Church stands off Chapel Lane, on the site of a Wesleyan predecessor, though slightly further from the road. SE 2486 1872. David Regan (2020).
Thornhill Lees, Dewsbury - see Dewsbury.
Thornton, Old St. James, or Bell Chapel. Another view, also showing new St. James in the background. Link1. Link2. St. James (1872). All David Regan (2011). Link.
Thorpe Arch, All Saints. Bill Henderson.
Thorpe Audlin, former Wesleyan Chapel, now a private residence. Bill Henderson.
Thurstonland, St, Thomas. The pulpit and altar. All Ina Penneyston (2011). Grade II listed - link. The former Wesleyan chapel (dating from 1810), now a private residence. Stan Walker.
Tingley, the former Tingley Common Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1903-47) on West Street, which now serves as a Scout Hut. SE 2784 2624.
The former Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel on Chapel Street. Its My Primitive Methodists entry dates it to 1879, closing in 1997. SE 2856 2612. Tingley Methodist Church on Westerton Road, West Ardsley (about a mile S.W. of Tingley), was originally Wesleyan. The building behind, better seen here, is the preceding chapel of 1794. SE 2778 2531. Link. All David Regan (2021).
Tong, in Birstall parish, St. James. Bill Henderson.
Trinity Street, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.

Upper Cumberworth, St. Nicholas on Cumberworth Lane. Another view. Its grade II listing dates it to 1876. SE 2112 0883. Both Ben Palmer (2008). Another view, David Regan (2021). Link. Salem Wesleyan Reform Chapel on Barnsley Road, dated here to 1879, is now in residential use. SE 2093 0872. David Regan (2021).
Upper Denby, St. John the Evangelist. SE 2263 0716. Bill Henderson. Link. Grade II listed. The former Wesleyan Reform Chapel of 1911(from a date-stone) on Denby Lane. It's closure is dated here to 1911-1930. SE 2285 0731.
David Regan (2021).
Upper Hopton, St. John the Evangelist (1846). SE 2021 1970. Steven Hill. Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1846. The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Jackroyd Lane, at SE 1931 1880. This source dates it to 1866.
David Regan (2023).
Upperthong, St. John the Evangelist. Here lies Bill Owen, "Compo" of Last of the Summer Wine. Link1. Link2. The former Congregational Church, now in residential use. All David Regan (2012).

Wainstalls, the former Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Reform Chapel. The image in this source, which is obviously the same building as the one photographed by David, says in its text entry (here) that it stands on Saltonstall Lane, which is some distance to the N.N.W., and that it was opened in 1857. In fact it stands on Wainstalls Road, as a Streetview of 2010 shows. The 25" O.S. map of 1888-1913 labels it as Methodist Chapel (Free United), but an earlier map of 1907-8 shows it as Wesleyan Reform. Another view. SE 0471 2827. Both David Regan (2021).
Walsden, St. Peter. (1845). SD 9358 2207. Stuart Mackrell. Two further views - 1, 2, both David Regan (2011). Link1. Link2. Methodist Church (1861) on Rochdale Road. The date-stone can be seen on a Streetview of 2015, showing it to have been a United Methodist Free Church. Closed on or before 2016, it was being offered for sale by auction, with planning permission for conversion to residential use, in 2019. SD 9343 2200. Stuart Mackrell. The former Bottoms Primitive Methodist Jubilee Chapel on Rochdale Road is dated here to 1860, closing no later than 1951. The date-stone. SE 9340 2138. Both
David Regan (2021). The site of a Chapel, which is indicated on maps from the late 19th century to the mid 20th, on Rochdale Road at SD 9319 2231. Never identified more closely than "Chapel" or "Chap.", it's brand of nonconformity is uncertain. It's possible that it is Walsden Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, referenced here, but confirmation would be appreciated. David Regan (2021).
Walton, St. Paul. Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Walton (near Thorpe Arch), St. Peter. Bill Henderson. Two more views - 1, 2, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Mike Forbester. Link. Grade II* listed.
Warley Town, St. John the Evangelist. Its grade II listing dates it to 1877-8. Another view. SE 0653 2494. Both
David Regan (2021). Link. The former Congregational Church (1840's). SE 0574 2480. Gerard Charmley (2014).
Warmsley, dedicated to St. Peter. Bill Henderson.
Waterloo, Huddersfield - see Huddersfield.
Wentbridge, St. John the Evangelist. Bill Henderson.
West Ardsley, Our Lady of the Nativity (R.C.) on Westerton Road and Waterwood Close. SE 2877 2538. Bill Henderson. Demolished since Bill took his photo, the last Streetview to show it was in 2008, when it was for sale. In 2016 a house occupied the site. For Tingley Methodist Church, see Tingley, above). The Methodist Church on Haigh Moor Road is labelled on old maps as Ebenezer Chapel (Prim. Meth.). The National Archives references documents pertaining to the chapel from 1856. This would appear to be its foundation or building date, as it doesn't show on a map of 1854. SE 2831 2424.
David Regan (2021). Link.
West Bretton, church - apparently called The Church (Anglican and Methodist). Link. The former St. Bartholomew was built to serve Bretton Hall, and also served the local village until the early 1990's, when it was replaced by The Church. Both David Regan (2013).
West Park, Leeds - see Leeds.
West Town, Dewsbury - see Dewsbury.
Weston, All Saints. Interior view. Both Kenneth Paver (2014).
Westvale, Greetland - see the Greetland page.
Wetherby, St. James. St. Joseph (R.C.). Wesleyan Chapel. All Bill Henderson.
Whitley Lower, St. Mary and St. Michael.
Another view. SE 2225 1766. Both David Regan (2020). Link. Grade II listed. A Wesleyan Methodist Chapel is indicated on the earliest O.S. map of 1855 at SE 2202 1790, on Scopsley Lane. The latest map which still labels it (as Ch.) is of 1938. There's still a building on the site, but whether anything of the chapel survives isn't known. Here's its 2009 Streetview.
Wilshaw, St. Mary, built in 1863 by a local mill-owner. Stan Walker.
Woodhouse and Woodhouse Carr, Leeds - see Leeds.
Woodkirk, St. Mary the Virgin. SE 2719 2505. Bill Henderson. Another view,
David Regan (2021). Link. Grade II listed.
Woodlesford, All Saints. Woodlesford Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Wooldale, Quaker Meeting House (one of the earliest to be built). Stan Walker. Link. Methodist Church on Wooldale Road. David Regan (2012). Methodist Free Church on Robert Road. David Regan (2012).
Woolley, St. Peter. Bill Henderson. The altar, and the North Chapel, both Kenneth Paver.
Wortley, Leeds - see Leeds.
Wragby, St. Michael and Our Lady, in the grounds of Nostell Priory. Bill Henderson. Another view, the altar and east window, and a close-up of the carvings behind the altar, all Kenneth Paver.
Wrenthorpe, Wakefield - see Wakefield.

Yeadon, St. John the Evangelist on Barcroft Grove. SE 204 406. Bill Henderson. Another view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2014). Link. New Life Community Church (previously St. Andrew's Methodist Church). SE 207 403. Michael Bourne. Methodist Church on Chapel Hill. SE 208 411. Mike Berrell (2014).




09 October 2023

Steve Bulman

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