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Rawdon, West Yorkshire

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Cragg Baptist Chapel used to stand off Micklefield Lane at SE 2039 3950.  Streetview saw its site in 2023. This source says it was the third Baptist in the village, each on different sites, and another source has photos and illustrations of all three chapels. It's dated to 1892-1972. There is a photo of the interior of the third chapel, which proves that an interior from Judy Flynn's collection in the Unknown section is of this chapel. It was identified by Janet Gimber.

Christian Science Society on Quakers Lane. SE 2077 4003. Mike Berrell (2014). It was subsequently closed, and converted to residential use.

Crematorium Chapel (1958) at Rawdon Cemetery and Crematorium on Leeds Road. SE 2211 3822. Mike Berrell (2014).

A Methodist Chapel (originally Wesleyan) used to stand on Leeds Road at SE 2132 3931. It's dated here to 1878-1964. It was subsequently demolished and housing built on the site (2020 Streetview).

A Chapel shows on older maps on Harrogate Road and Chapel Street at SE 2093 3989. It's identified here (where there is a photo) as Primitive Methodist, 1867-1973. Housing has been built on its site (2021 Streetview).

Quaker Meeting House (1697) on Quakers Lane, and an interior view. SE 2079 4007. Both Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

St. Peter on Town Street. SE 2207 3928. Bill Henderson. Link. Grade II listed. There are a good number of listed tombs etc., in the churchyard - they can be seen here.

Trinity Church (not the dedication, but so called because it houses the Baptist, Methodist and United Reformed congregations) on New Road Side. Older maps label it as Benton Park Chapel (Congregational). SE 2058 4021. Bill Henderson. Another view. Colin Waters. Another view, Mike Berrell (2014). Link.





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