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Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Cleckheaton on Wikipedia.

Broomfield Methodist Church at Moorbottom. SE 178 250. Bill Henderson.

The unusually handsome cemetery chapel. David Regan (2012).

Central Methodist Chapel (aka Greenside Chapel). Another view. Both David Regan (2012). Link. This link has an old (very different) image of the church.

Christadelphian Hall. David Regan (2012). Link.

Independent Methodist Chapel, on Chapel Street. David Regan (2012).

The former Providence Congregational Chapel (now in commercial use). David Regan (2012).

St. John the Evangelist. Bill Henderson. Another view. David Regan (2012). Link.

St. Luke at Moorbottom. SE 179 251. Bill Henderson. Link.

St. Paul (R.C.). David Regan (2012).

The former Westgate Congregational Chapel. Another view. Both David Regan (2012).

Whitechapel Church. Another view. The complicated history of this church and site is well told here. Both David Regan (2012). Link.

Probable former chapel on Brooke Street, now in commercial use. David Regan (2012).





13 October 2023

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