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Ossett, West Yorkshire

Ossett on Wikipedia.

Churches at Flushdyke, Gawthorpe.

Christ Church, Bill Henderson.

Dale Street Evangelical Church, David Regan (2011).

Ebenezer Particular Baptist Chapel, David Regan (2011).

Holy Trinity (1862-5) on Church Street. SE 2765 2114. Bill Henderson. The previous church of 1806 was demolished in 1866. The link is to an external website, which has a photo taken during the demolition, and a little history. Grade II* listed.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Ventnor Way. Circa SE 277 202. SE David Regan (2011).

King's Way Christian Centre (U.R.C. and Methodist), David Regan (2011).

Ossett Congregational Church was demolished in the 1970's. The link is to an external website, which has an illustration, and a little history.

The former Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel on Queen Street, now in residential use. SE 2781 2011. David Regan (2011). Grade II listed.

St. Ignatius (R.C.). David Regan (2011). Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Forbester.

St. John's Methodist Church, David Regan (2011). Link.

South Ossett Baptist Church, David Regan (2011).

Spiritualist Church, David Regan (2011). Link.

The King's Way Church (Methodist/U.R.C.). David Regan (2011). Link.

The former United Methodist Church on Dale Street. It's dated to 1857 here, although it can't have been built as U.M. as that organisation didn't exist until 1907. A United Methodist Free Church is possible though, as that church was created in 1857. SE 2789 2067. David Regan (2020).

The site of the demolished Bethel Congregational Chapel. A photo is available here, where it's dated to 1864.
SE 2890 2104. David Regan (2020).
The former St. Oswald's Mission Room on Wakefield Road, opposite the Eldon Street junction, is now in commercial use.
Curiously, the first map available to me which shows it (1933, not on one of 1922) labels it as Holy Trinity Church. The 1955 has it as the mission. It seems to have gone out of use in the later 1970's or early 1980's. SE 2850 2110. David Regan (2020). Link.

The site of Bethesda Methodist New Connection Chapel (the semi-detached properties just past the bungalow). This source dates it to 1873 and 1884. SE 2736 2216.
David Regan (2020).

The former Dewsbury Road Methodist Church. It was built as Primitive Methodist and is now in commercial use. This link says that the building doesn't survive, and indeed by zooming in on the 2008 Streetview the date-stone can clearly be seen to say Primitive Methodist School (the date isn't clear), but looking at old O.S. maps, the site marked as the chapel clearly coincides with the building under discussion. Some more research needed here! SE 2740 2164. David Regan (2020).

St. Mary on Dewsbury Road. SE 2695 2178. Bill Henderson. David Regan has advised (in 2011) that St. Mary has been demolished. An interior view is available here.

The Salvation Army Citadel on Leeds Road is a former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. SE 2702 2200. David Regan (2011). Link.

The site of the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel of 1884 now lies beneath the road, as seen in a Streetview of 2019, where it begins to curve. SE 2726 2166.

The former Zion Congregational Chapel on High Street, now a social club. This source dates it to 1857 (and closure in 1872), though the date-stone is for 1858. SE 2725 2210. Both David Regan (2020).





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