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Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire

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The site of the Baptist Church (1885-1967) on Upper Fountain Street. Two photos are available here.
SE 0581 2377. David Regan (2020).

Christ Church (1819). SE 0622 2373. Paul Marshall. Two additional views - 1, 2, both David Regan (2020). A good history. Grade II listed.

The site of the demolished Congregational Church on West Street. It stood roughly where the further house is now, and in front of it was a graveyard. This source (wherein it's called West End Congregational Church) dates it to 1839-40, closing in 1957. It had been demolished before the Streetview van passed by in 2008, as seen here. SE 0575 2324. David Regan (2021).

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Sowerby Street and Sowerby New Road. Circa SE 057 234. David Regan (2020).

The former Methodist Church on Bolton Brow, with its Sunday School at the right. It was built as Wesleyan in 1832, and was closed in 1979. SE 0651 2377. David Regan (2020).

The site of a Primitive Methodist Chapel (1870-1958) on Sowerby New Road, where the telephone exchange now stands. SE 0563 2340. David Regan (2021).

Quaker Meeting House (with the blue door) on Quarry Hill. It has a date carved into the stonework above the door for 1679. SE 0561 2332. Both David Regan (2023). Link.

Sacred Heart & St. Patrick (R.C.) on Pye Nest Road. SE 0681 2394. David Regan (2020). Link1. Link2.

The former St. George (aka Quarry Hill Church) on Haugh End Lane, now converted into flats. SE 0548 2315. David Regan (2020). Grade II listed.

St. Paul (Methodist). The church website history page includes photos of the preceding chapels, Tuel Lane Chapel (the photo has been hand-annotated with "Taken down 1873"), and its successor of 1874. The latter burnt down in 1988. SE 0596 2370. Paul Marshall.

Sowerby Bridge Cemetery on Cemetery Lane has a Nonconformist Mortuary Chapel, at SE 0519 2365. David Regan (2021). Grade II listed. Old maps also show a Church of England Mortuary Chapel a little way to the west, at SE 0511 2367. Old maps suggest it was demolished in the late 1950's or early 1960's.

Sowerby Bridge Spiritualist Church (1874) on Hollins Lane. SE 0581 2383. David Regan (2021). Link. The church Facebook page has an interior photo.

The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on the A646 at Friendly, a 1890 re-build of an earlier chapel of 1837. It's now in commercial use. SE 0555 2417. David Regan (2020).

The former Wesleyan Mission (1881 - date-stone) on Foundry Street. SE 0563 2340. Both David Regan (2020).







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