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Birstall, West Yorkshire

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Birstall Community Church. Bill Henderson.

The St. John's Methodist Church on Chapel Lane was originally the Sunday School to the Wesleyan Chapel below. SE 2257 2617. David Regan (2012). Link. Grade II listed.

The Methodist Church on Nab Lane at Howden Clough is labelled as Wesleyan on old maps. SE 2374 2683. David Regan (2020). Link.

The former Salem Congregational Church has been converted into flats. David suspects it may at one time have been Methodist New Connexion. Another view. Both David Regan (2012).

Howden Clough Community Centre off Leeds Road was originally St. Mary's Mission Church. Not present on a map of 1905, it appears by 1915. SE 2385 2684. David Regan (2023).

The former St. Patrick (R.C.). Although boarded up in this view, part of the building is used as a social club. Two further views - 1, 2. All David Regan (2012).

St. Patrick (R.C.). David Regan (2012). Link.

St. Peter on Kirkgate. SE 2186 2618. Bill Henderson. Another view, Stan Walker, and another, David Regan (2023). Link. Grade II* listed. Two churchyard tombs are also listed - they can be found here.

The former Wesleyan Chapel on Chapel Lane and Huddersfield Road, now used as offices. The congregation now meet in its former Sunday School (for which see St. John's, above). SE 2259 2616. David Regan (2012).




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