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Queensbury, West Yorkshire

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Baptist Church on Chapel Lane, an 1820 re-build of a chapel of 1773 (date-stone). SE 1015 3033. Both David Regan (2020). Link. Grade II listed.

Holy Trinity on West End. Another view. SE 1004 3007. Both David Regan (2020). Link. The grade II listing dates it to 1843, and it also says that the original tower was demolished, and re-built in a different position in 1906. Older maps show a mortuary chapel in the graveyard behind the church, at SE 1013 3003. The site is now marked by what appears to be a memorial, as seen here in a 2020 Streetview.

Union Croft Independent Chapel (1842, date-stone) on Halifax Road, Ambler Thorn. SE 0934 2945. Both David Regan (2020). Link. Grade II listed.

St. Thersa (R.C., 1931) on West End and Russell Road. SE 0990 2998.  Another view. Both David Regan (2020). Link.

The former United Methodist Chapel on Brunswick Street and Victoria Street. I've been unable to find anything referencing this church. SE 1061 3027. David Regan (2020).

West End Methodist Chapel on West End was also known as Swamp Chapel, as it was built on land formerly belonging to Swamp Farm. Built as Wesleyan, it has a date-stone for 1887, and was closed in 2013. SE 0980 2996. David Regan (2020).






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