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Bingley, West Yorkshire

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All Saints. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. This postcard (franked 1911) is damaged and very faded, and has had to be heavily processed to make a reasonable image. A modern view, Stan Walker, and an interior view, Tim Hollinghurst (2012). Another interior view, Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.

Baptist Church (1876) on Bingley Park Road. Interior view. Both Gerard Charmley (2013). Link. Grade II listed.

Holy Trinity on Trinity Place. Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.

Independent Methodist Church on Leonard Street, built as Christian Brethren (a splinter from the Methodists). Gerard Charmley (2013). Grade II listed.

Methodist Church. It stands on the site of a Wesleyan Chapel, and some features of the old church have been incorporated into the new. Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.

St. Aidan at Crossflatts. Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.

U.R.C., built as Congregational in 1818. Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.

The former Wesleyan Chapel at Crossflatts, converted to a private residence. Gerard Charmley (2013).




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