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Denby Dale, West Yorkshire

Denby Dale on Wikipedia.

Holy Trinity on Trinity Drive. According to this source, it was consecrated in 1939, replacing a wood and iron church from 1893. An examination of old maps show that it was on the same site. SE 2259 0829. Bill Henderson. Link. Genuki has another view.

Methodist Church on Cumberworth Lane. It was originally Wesleyan, and it (or a predecessor on the same site) pre-dates a map of 1851-4. Bill Henderson. Another view, Mark Eccles. And another view from Streetview in 2021. Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1799, with an enlargement in 1859.

The former Primitive Methodist Chapel on Cuckstool Road and Miller Hill, now in residential use. This source, which includes numerous photos, hesitantly suggests that there were two chapels here, the potential smaller and earlier one being seen here on a Streetview from 2009. SE 2324 0851. David Regan (2021).

The former Salvation Army Hall on Miller Hill. It's dated here to 1926, and some old photos are available here. SE 2301 0856. David Regan (2021).

Zion Wesleyan Reform Chapel on Barnsley Road. It's dated here to 1906-8, replacing an earlier chapel which stood adjacent, subsequently used as the Sunday School, and demolished in 1980. The original chapel, also named as Zion on old maps, stood where the housing is now, as seen on a Streetview from 2021. SE 2330 0807. David Regan (2021). Link.





04 March 2023

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