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Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

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The former Birchcliffe General Baptist Chapel, on Birchcliffe Road and Chapel Avenue, now in commercial use. Its grade II listing dates it to 1898. SE 9952 2746. Gerard Charmley (2014). Another view, David Regan (2021). Link.

The former Ebenezer Baptist Church, now in commercial use. It was predecessor to Hope (see below). The sign "The Arts Centre" has below it "1777", which presumably refers to the date of the church. Gerard Charmley (2014).

Hebden Bridge Methodist Church. SD 989 272. Stuart Mackrell. Another view, Gerard Charmley (2014). Howard Richter has advised of this link, wherein it says that that the church was opened in 1975, and stands on the site of two earlier Wesleyan chapels, the first of 1824, and the second of 1885 (Salem).

Hope Baptist Church on New Road. SD 9928 2718. Michael Bourne. Another view, David Regan (2011). Interior view, Gerard Charmley (2014). Link.

National Spiritualist Church (with the white door) stands just a short distance east of Hope Baptist. Circa SD 9931 2715. Steve Bulman (2022).

St. James the Great at Mytholm. SD 983 274. Stuart Mackrell. Grade II listed.

St. John's Mission Church (1931-1984) off Birchcliffe Road. It's scarcely recognizable as a former church, but note the buttresses between some of the windows. SE 9939 2736. David Regan (2021).

St. Thomas of Canterbury (R.C., 1896-1991). SE 9922 2690. David Regan (2021). The far gable-end of the building appears to be unchanged, as seen in the background of a Streetview of 2018.

The former Zion Particular Baptist Church (1881), now in residential use. Gerard Charmley (2014). A closure date of 2001 can be found on the history page of its successor, Grace Baptist Church in Halifax.





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