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Annfield Plain, St. Aidan. Bill Henderson.
Aycliffe, St. Andrew. Bill Henderson.

Baldersdale, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, dating from 1861. Steve Bruce.
Barnard Castle.
Barningham, St. Michael and All Angels. Interior view. The former Wesleyan Methodist Church, now a private residence, dates from 1815. All Alan Blacklock.
Beamish, the former Pit Hill Methodist Chapel (previously Wesleyan, built 1854), now re-erected at the Beamish Museum. Pit Hill was the previous name of Beamish village. Interior view. Both Steve Bulman. Another church has recently  been re-erected here - St. Helen from Eston near Middlesbrough -
see news story.
Bearpark, Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Bearpark Colliery, former Chapel, now derelict. Primitive Methodist Church. Both Steve Bruce.
Billingham, Stockton-on-Tees.
Bishop Auckland.
Bishop Middleham, the 12th century St. Michael and All Angels, on Church Street. NZ 328 312. Richard Roberts (2019). Link. Grade II* listed.
Bishopton, St. Peter. NZ 365 212. Alan Blacklock (2010). Link1. Link2. Grade II listed.
Blackhall, St. Andrew. Colin Coates. Link, which has its remarkable story!
Blackhill, Consett - see Consett.
Boldron, Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Bournmoor, St. Barnabas. Bill Henderson. Another view. James Murray.
Bowburn, Christ the King. Designed by Harold Wharfe in the 1960's, Percival describes this as "one of the most bizarre I've ever seen". It would be hard to disagree. Percival Turnbull. Percival has advised (Sept 2007) that permission to demolish the dome has been granted, though the "spire", which he describes as looking like a "crashed aeroplane" will remain. Despite these intentions, high winds intervened, and the spire fell in 2009, the rest of the church having been demolished two years earlier. Some photos of the new church, built in 2008, are available here. Link. Christ the King's predecessor was St. John's Mission Church. It stands on the main road at NZ 3049 3803, and was built in 1924, and apparently sold in 1967, when the building of Christ the King was already underway, though it wasn't completed until 1978 (reference for the dates). The Mission Church is now in residential use - (2016 Streetview). Martin Richter (2019). Bowburn Methodist Church, Bill Henderson.
Bowes, St. Giles. Pevsner is less than complementary about the restoration in 1865. David Regan (2018). Link. Grade II listed.
Bowlees, the former Methodist Chapel, now a Visitor Centre. NY 906 282. Steve Bruce.
Brancepeth, St. Brandon. The charming porch. Both Peter Morgan (2013). LinkGrade I listed - note that the listing pre-dates a terrible fire in 1998 which destroyed the woodwork for which the church was noted.
Brandon, Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Brignall, St. Mary. NZ 072 123. Philip Kapp. Another view. Alan Blacklock.
Browney Lane, Methodist Church, dating from 1929. Steve Bruce.
Burnopfield, St. James. Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson. The remains of the 14th century Low Friarside Chapel. NZ 16245 57867. Photo taken on behalf of Carole Sage (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.
Byers Green, St. Peter the Apostle. Methodist Church. Both Alan Blacklock.

Cassop, Methodist Church. Bill Henderson.
Castle Eden, St. James. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection.
Castleside, St. John the Evangelist (1867), on Church Street. NZ 077 487. Bill Henderson. Since Bill took his photo, an extension has been added, seen here, Mike Berrell (2012). Link.
Chester Moor, former Methodist Chapel (originally Wesleyan), now a model shop. Next door stands a restaurant formerly known as "God's Kitchen". This newspaper article says it is a former church. Both James Murray. Despite the article, a later one (after the restaurant changed hands) owns up to its earlier mistake. This had never been a church, but had instead been a working man's club. My appreciation to Howard Richter for his researches clearing up this confusion.
Chilton, St. Aiden. Bill Henderson. Windlestone Methodist Church. Alan Blacklock.
Cockfield, St. Mary the Virgin. Alan Blacklock.
Cold Hesledon, the former United Methodist Chapel, now in residential use. A study of old maps show that it was built after WWI, and before 1932. Marked as "Meth. Ch" on a map of 1967, and as "Factory" on one of 1973-82. It was successor to an earlier church which stood at about NZ 4095 4685. An 1896 map has it as Free United, and as U. M. Church in 1919, but it had vanished by the time of the 1939 map. Another view. NZ 4100 4714. Both Howard Richter (2019).
Cornforth, Wesleyan Chapel. Bill Henderson. Church of the Holy Trinity (1867) on The Green. NZ 312 344. Richard Roberts (2017). Grade II listed.
Cornriggs, Primitive Methodist Chapel. Martin Briscoe.
Cotherstone, Methodist Chapel. NZ 012 198. Philip Kapp. Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Steve Bruce. Congregational Church. Steve Bruce.
Counden, St. James. Bill Henderson.
Cowshill, St. Thomas. NY 855 406. Martin Briscoe.
Coxhoe, Sts. Joseph, Patrick and Cuthbert (R.C.). Two interior views - 1, 2. All Mike Forbester. Link.
Craghead, St. Thomas. NZ2150. Craghead Methodist Church. NZ2150. Both Bill Henderson.
Croxdale, St. Bartholomew. Bill Henderson. The private chapel (R.C.) at Croxdale Hall, added to the Hall in 1807. Interior view. Both Alan Blacklock. Also in the grounds of the hall stands a C12 chapel, now disused. Interior view. Both Alan Blacklock. Link.

Dalton-le-Dale, St. Andrew. Two further views - 1, 2. All James Murray.
Delves Lane, near Consett, Methodist Chapel. Dave Foreman.
Dipton, St. John the Evangelist. Dave Foreman. Another view. Alan Blacklock. Now closed - see disposal notice.

Eaglescliffe, Trinity Methodist Church on Witham Avenue, built as Primitive Methodist (1901-2). Two additional views - 1, 2. NZ 4245 1540. All Howard Richter (2011).
Easington, St. Mary the Virgin. Bill Henderson.
East Briscoe, Free Gospel Chapel, formerly Methodist. Steve Bruce.
East Hedleyhope, Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Eastgate, All Saints. The former Cuthbert Bainbridge Memorial Wesleyan Chapel, dating from 1891, and now in residential use. Both Alan Blacklock. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, all Peter Morgan (2013).
Ebchester, St. Ebba or Ebbe. From an old postcard (franked 1909) in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view. NZ 104 555. Bill Henderson. And another Steve Bulman (2015). Link (with a useful history).
Edmundbyers, St. Edmund on Church Lane. Two interior views - 1, 2. NZ 015 499. Grade II listed - link. The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel has been in use as the Village Hall since about 1946. Mike was advised by the church warden that prior to this, it had been for some time a training centre for Methodist ministers. NZ 017 501. All Mike Berrell (2012).
Egglesburn, Baptist Chapel. Steve Bruce. Previously listed as "previously Methodist", my thanks to Kevin Price for advising that this church has always been Baptist, having been built "for Calvinistic or Particular Baptists" in 1872.
Egglescliffe, St. John the Baptist. Bill Henderson. Interior view, Kenneth Paver (2015). Link.
Eggleston, Holy Trinity. NY 998 237. The remains of the Old Church at Eggleston Hall. Link. Methodist Church. The adjacent Sunday School has a date-stone for 1881. All Bill Henderson.
Egglestone Abbey - see Barnard Castle.
Eldon, St. Mark. Alan Blacklock.
Elwick, St. Peter (K) at Elwick Hall. The church notice-board says "C. 1190 A.D.". Three additional views - 1, 2, 3. NZ 453 320. Link. Grade II* listed. The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. The date-stone beneath the apex of the roof has been completely defaced. It has evidently not been used as a church for many decades, as the 1939 map shows it as "Inst.". NZ 456 323. All Martin Richter (2011).
the Saxon church (no known dedication). Built at least partly from stones from the nearby Binchester Roman fort, it was in routine parochial use until 1860, and is said to be the most complete Saxon church in the land. Services are still held here. NZ 189 301. Bill Henderson. Link1. Link2 (scroll down). Grade I listed.
Esh Winning, Methodist Church. Wesleyan Methodist Church at Newhouse. Both Steve Bruce.
Evenwood, St. Paul. Cornerstone Christian Centre. Link. Both Alan Blacklock.

Ferryhill, Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. The former St. Mary's and St.Martha's Chapel, now used by a firm of undertakers, was also known as St. Martha's and St. Mary's. Janet Gimber (who provided the identification) advises that the chapel seems to have closed in the mid-1990's. Both Bill Henderson.
Finchale, the Priory. James Murray. Link.
Forest in Teesdale, St. James the Less. NY 855 308. Former Methodist Church, originally Wesleyan. NY 871 295. Both Alan Blacklock. Ebenezer Primitive Methodist Church. NY 875 294. Steve Bruce.

Framwellgate Moor, St. Aidan. Methodist Church (formerly Ebenezer). Both Bill Henderson.
Frosterley, St. Michael & All Angels. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church, built as Primitive Methodist in 1861. Bill Henderson. Another view, and the handsome date-stone, both Peter Morgan (2013).

Gainford, St. Mary. Another view. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (dating from 1834). All Alan Blacklock. St. Osmund (R.C.). Another view. Alan Blacklock. Interior view, Mike Forbester.
Grassholme, Methodist Chapel (on the north side of Selset reservoir). 91 NY 912 220. Philip Kapp. Another view. Bill Henderson (2009).
Great Lumley, Christ Church. James Murray.
Greatham, St. John the Baptist. Interior view. Independent Methodist Church. All Alan Blacklock.

Hamsterley, Christ Church. NZ 1156. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church, originally Primitive Methodist, Peter Morgan (2013). Link. Baptist Church (1774). Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2013). Link.
Hart, St. Mary Magdalene. Colin Coates. Link.
Harwood, Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Haswell, St. Paul, on Church Street. This was initially a chapel-of-ease to St. Saviour at Shotton Colliery. NZ 3747 4317. Bill Henderson. Another view,
Martin Richter (2019). According to this article, the church was dedicated in 1867. A photo of the interior is available here. Link. Although not listed, the war memorial in the churchyard is, as grade II.
Hawthorn, St. Michael and All Angels (1862). Colin Coates. Link.
Heighington, St. Michael. Interior view. Former Wesleyan Chapel (1872), currently (2008) being converted into a private residence. All Alan Blacklock.
Helmington Row, the former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1913), now a private residence. Peter Morgan (2013).
Hesleden, Methodist Church. Colin Coates.
High Coniscliffe, St. Edwin. Alan Blacklock.
Holwick, former Primitive Methodist Chapel. Steve Bruce.
Horden, St. Mary. Colin Coates. Link.
Houghton le Side, Methodist Church. Martin Briscoe.
Hunstanworth, St. James (1862). Two interior views - 1, 2. NY 949 490. All Mike Berrell (2012). Two additional views - 1, 2, both Bill Henderson (2013). Link. Grade II listed.
Hutton Henry, St. Francis; built as a WWII war memorial. Bill Henderson.
Hutton Magna, St. Mary. Alan Blacklock.

Ingleton, St. John the Evangelist. NZ 174 206. Steve Bulman. Interior view, Alan Blacklock. Methodist Church. NZ 175 206. Steve Bulman.
Ireshopeburn, High House Chapel (Methodist). Originally Wesleyan, a board declares it to be "The oldest Methodist Chapel to have held weekly services since its foundation in 1760". The same claim is made for the Methodist Church in Newbiggin (for which, see below). Another view. NY 8726 3854. All Martin Richter (2017). Link. Grade II listed.

Kinninvie, the former Mission Church. Alan Blacklock (2014).
Kirklevington, St. Martin. Bill Henderson.
Kirk Merrington, St. John the Evangelist. Bill McKenzie. Another view. Bill Henderson.

Laithkirk, Church of the Holy Barn. NY 954 240. Bill Henderson (2009). Link.
Lanchester, All Saints. Dave Foreman. Another view. Bill Henderson.
Langley Moor, the former Willis Memorial Methodist Church, now a garage. Steve Bruce. St. Patrick (R.C.), Peter Morgan (2013). Link.
Lartington, the former St. Laurence, now converted into a private residence. David Regan (2018). Link.
Little Newsham, possible former church. This is probably the chapel belonging to Newsham Hall. Alan Blacklock (2014).
Littletown, the former Methodist Church (1858-1979, see here), was originally Wesleyan, and served the local mining community. NZ 3392 4352. Colin Coates. Four additional views - 1, 2, 3, 4, and the "date-stone", all
Martin Richter (2019). A Streetview of 2009 shows that, at that time, it was undergoing extensive refurbishment.
Ludworth, the site of St. Andrew, destroyed by fire in the early 1980's. The street sign seen in the photo says St. Andrew's Court. The church, which was of wooden construction, was put up in 1902.
Martin Richter (2019). Photos of the church are available here and here. According to the Harrison & Harrison (Organ Builders) website, the organ was transferred to St. Aidan at Acomb, York, implying that the church had closed prior to the fire which destroyed it.
Lumley - see Great Lumley.

Meadowfield, St. John the Evangelist. Peter Morgan (2013). Link.
Medomsley, St. Mary Magdalene. Dave Foreman.
Mickleton, Primitive Methodist Chapel. NY 969 237. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. NY 971 238. Both Steve Bruce.
Middleton-in-Teesdale, St. Mary the Virgin. Two interior views  -1, 2, and the font. Numerous medieval grave slabs and other survivals are built into the walls. A fragment of the previous church stands in the churchyard. NY 947 256. All Steve Bulman (2013). Link which says that the dates of demolition of the old church and building of the new is slightly uncertain, but both must be within the years 1876-80. Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan in 1870. NY 948 254. Steve Bruce. Another view, Steve Bulman (2013). Link. Primitive Methodist Church (1872). Circa NY 949 253. Steve Bruce. Since Steve took his picture, the vegetation has been removed - another view, Steve Bulman (2013). Baptist Church on Hude Street. Steve Bruce. St. Aidan (R.C.). NY 950 252. Steve Bulman (2013). Link.
Muggleswick, All Saints. Two interior views - 1, 2. NZ 045 499. All Mike Berrell (2012).
Murton, dedicated to the Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson. Another view. James Murray. St. Joseph (R.C.). Bill Henderson. Another view (with Holy Trinity in the background). James Murray. St. Paul (Methodist, originally 1875). Another view. Both James Murray. Salvation Army Hall (1900). James Murray.

New Brancepeth, Wesleyan Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
New Seaham - see Seaham.
Newbiggin (near Middleton-in-Teesdale), Methodist Church. NY 915 277. Steve Bruce. Another view. A plaque on the wall explains that it is believed to be the oldest Methodist Chapel to be continuously in use, having been built in 1760. Alan Blacklock.
Newbottle, St. Matthew. Bill Henderson.
Newton Aycliffe.
Norton, St. Mary. Percival Turnbull. Another view. Colin Coates. Link.

Old Seaham, see Seaham.

Philadelphia, Spiritualist Church. Bill Henderson.
Piercebridge, St. Mary. NZ 201 158. Steve Bulman.
Pit Hill - see Beamish, above.
Pittington, St. Lawrence, on Pittington Lane. NZ 329 436. James Murray.
Another view, Colin Coates. Grade I listing which dates the oldest parts of the church to the 11th or 12th century; the church website says there are pre-Norman fragments too. St. John (Methodist, 1963) on St. John's Road. Their website says that it was successor to congregations from Clayton Street and Dixon Street. NZ 3285 4435. James Murray.
Preston on Tees, All Saints (1902-3) was built as a mission church to Holy Trinity in Stockton. Two further views - 1, 2. NZ 423 153. All Howard Richter (2011). Link1, and see the useful history here. Link2. This pdf report (large file) has a plan on page 38.

Ramshaw, Methodist Church. Alan Blacklock.
Redmarshall, St. Cuthbert. Norman door. Both Percival Turnbull. Another view. Alan Blacklock (2010). Link.
Romaldkirk, St. Romald. Percival recommends a visit to this church, which contains some early masonry, and interesting church furniture. Percival Turnbull. Another view. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Rookhope, St. John the Evangelist. Alan Blacklock.
Rowley, Baptist Church. NZ 087 479. Bill Henderson (2012).

Sacriston, St. Peter, currently (2008) up for sale. Link. St. Bede (R.C.). NZ2347. Salvation Army Citadel. All Bill Henderson.
St. Helen Auckland, St. Helen. NZ 188 268. Alan Blacklock. Link. Grade I listed. St. Paulinus (R.C.). Link. Both Alan Blacklock.
St. John's Chapel, St. John the Baptist. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church. NY 883 380. Martin Briscoe.
Satley, St. Cuthbert. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Grade II listed - link.
Seaham or Seaham Harbour.
Seaton Carew, Holy Trinity. Alan Blacklock. Methodist Chapel (1937) on Station Lane. NZ 522 298. Martin Richter (2013). It replaced an earlier Wesleyan chapel of 1830 (re-built 1878) on the sea-front at NZ 5252 2967. From an original glass slide in Howard Richter's Collection. It was still standing in 1961, but it had gone by 1977 - see here. The site is now occupied by "Golden Sands", an amusement arcade, behind the white van. Martin Richter (2012). There was a Friends' Meeting House (1841) at about NZ 5252 2947. When it was sold by the Friends is uncertain (map evidence suggests it may have been between 1897 and 1916), but it had several further occupants before being demolished in the 1960's. Photo and brief history here.
St. Edmund on Front Street. NZ 35685 28822. Bill Henderson. Grade I listed. Another view, Alan Blacklock. Link. St. John Fisher (R.C.) on Front Street. NZ 35454 28846. Bill Henderson. The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on West End now serves as home for the 1st Sedgefield Scout Group. The building pre-dates a map of 1897 and it went out of (religious) use around 1967 when a new church replaced it. NZ 3537 2868.The new church (link) stands on North End, at NZ 35532 29080, and is visible on Streetview here. Martin Richter (2018).
Shadforth, St. Cuthbert (1834-40). NZ 342 413.
Martin Richter (2019). Link, with a history here, which includes an old interior photo. Grade II listed.
Sherburn, St. Mary the Virgin. Bill Henderson.
Sherburn Hill, Methodist Church (1851, enlarged 1902). A map of 1947 marks this as "Ebenezer", and the church website (which includes an interior photo) says it was built as Ebenezer Primitive Methodist. It further says that the church absorbed the congregation from the nearby Bethel Wesleyan Methodist, becoming Sherburn Hill Methodist Church at that time. NZ 3353 4209. Colin Coates. Another view, Martin Richter (2019). Salvation Army Hall, which stands on the main road through the village at NZ 3377 4207. The present building dates from the 1980's, but it was preceded by an earlier one on the same site, of 1922. Another view. Both Martin Richter (2019). Link. Newspaper article.
Shincliffe, St. Mary (1851), on High Street North. Difficult to photograph well, Martin's photo is stitched together to create a single view. NZ 2910 4075. Link. Grade II listed. Sherburn House Chapel is effectively a re-build of 1868 following a fire a few years earlier, but it originally dates from the late 12th century. Another view. NZ 3086 4158. A comprehensive history of Sherburn house can be found here, and the chapel here. Grade II* listed. All Martin Richter (2019).
Shotton Colliery, St. Saviour (1852-4), which was built as a chapel-of-ease to St. Mary at Easington. NZ 394 412. Bill Henderson. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2019). Link. An interior photo is available here. Our Lady of Lourdes (R.C., 1982). Two additional views - 1, 2. NZ 386 413. All Martin Richter (2019). Link, which includes a photo of the predecessor church, of 1921. Another photo, available here, taken during the opening ceremony, shows that the church was of wooden construction. A 2016 Streetview.
South Church, the one-time collegiate St. Andrew, on St. Andrew's Road. NZ 218 285. Alan Blacklock.
Another view, Bill Henderson. Link1. Link2. Grade I listed. Wesleyan Chapel, dating from 1899. Alan Blacklock.
Little Newsham, possible former church. This is probably the chapel belonging to Newsham Hall. Alan Blacklock (2014).
South Hetton, Holy Trinity. NZ 377 452. Bill Henderson. Another view. James Murray. Independent Methodist Church (My thanks to Janet Gimber for the identification). NZ 383 451. Steve Bulman. Former Wesleyan Methodist Church (dating from 1890), now in industrial use. James Murray.
Staindrop, Co. Durham, St. Mary. NZ 131 207. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church, formerly Primitive Methodist. NZ 129 207. Steve Bulman. Primitive Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Stanhope, dedicated to St. Thomas. Bill Henderson. Methodist Church. Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2013). Link.
Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson. Another view, two interior photos - 1, 2, the chancel, and the font, all David Regan (2018). Grade II listed.
Stillington, St. John the Divine. Another view. Both Alan Blacklock. Link.

Tanfield, St. Margaret of Antioch. Bill Henderson. Link.
Tanfield Lee, Methodist Church. Peter Morgan. Another view. Bill Henderson.
Thornley (nr. Durham), St. Bartholomew, dating from 1842-3. Bill describes it as "apparently either disused or under repair." Bill Henderson. Evidently disused, as it was declared redundant in 2004 - see this news story. The Wikipedia entry for the village includes a photo taken before Bill took his, as the windows are still in place. A 2009 Streetview shows the site after the church had been demolished, and also showing that the boundary wall of the church grounds (seen in Bill's photo) survived the demolition. The 2010 Streetview shows Bartholomew House under construction, and an Estate Agent's notice supplies a few details. Two views of Bartholomew House - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2019). Methodist Church, Bill Henderson. Another view, James Murray. Gospel Hall, Bill Henderson. Sacred Heart and English Martyrs (R.C.), James Murray. Another view, Colin Coates.
Thornley (nr. Tow Law), St. Bartholomew. This old postcard is from Reg Dosell's Collection.
Thorpe Thewles, St. James. Another view. Interior view. All Alan Blacklock. Link.
Thringarth, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Steve Bruce.
Tow Law.

Ushaw Moor, Methodist Church. Steve Bruce. St. Cuthbert's Chapel at Ushaw College. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3. St. Joseph's Chapel, also at Ushaw College. All Mike Forbester. Link.

Waterhouses, Russell Street Wesleyan Methodist. Steve Bruce.
West Auckland, Methodist Church. Bill Henderson.
West Pelton, St. Paul. Bill Henderson.
West Rainton, St. Mary the Virgin. Link. Presumed former chapel at Leamside, now  private residence. Both James Murray. Janet Gimber advises that this was Primitive Methodist, then Methodist.
Westgate, St. Andrew. Alan Blacklock. Another view, and three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Peter Morgan (2013). Methodist Church. Alan Blacklock. Another view, Peter Morgan (2013).
Wheatley Hill, All Saints. NZ 3805 3925. James Murray. Another more recent view - note the now-missing gable-end just visible in the older photo, behind the double-height pallets. The entire aisle with the door in it may have been re-built, as the door looks wider in Martin's photo. Martin Richter (2019). Link1 - which says the church was built as a Mission Church from St. Bartholomew in Thornley, in 1873. Link2.
Whorlton, St. Mary. Alan Blacklock.
Willington, St. Stephen. Alan Blacklock. Methodist Church on Lydia Street, built as Wesleyan in 1874. Peter Morgan (2013). Link. Our Lady and St. Thomas (R.C.) on Cumberland Terrace. Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2013).
Wingate, St. Francis. Bill Henderson. Holy Trinity. Bill Henderson. Two additional views - 1, 2, and an interior, all Norman Cummings (2015).
Winston, St. Andrew. Bill Henderson. Two further views - 1, 2, both Alan Blacklock (2011). Methodist Church. Steve Bruce.
Witton le Wear, St. Philip and St. James. Methodist Church. Both Bill Henderson.
Wolviston, St. Peter. NZ 454 258. Alan Blacklock. Three further views - 1, 2, 3, and a fine example of the monumental mason's craft, all Martin Richter (2011). Link1. Link2, which says the previous church was dedicated to St. Mary Magdalene. Link3. Link4. Grade II listed - link. The former Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan (1829). Just visible above the fence-line is the re-located date plaque. Three further views of this dilapidated building - 1, 2, 3. This article says it closed in 1979. Planning permission has been granted in 2012 for change of use into a cattery, and hopefully this will prevent further deterioration. NZ 454 257. All Martin Richter (2011). Grade II listed - link.
Woodland, St. Mary, one of the "tin" churches. Alan Blacklock. Methodist Church, formerly Wesleyan. Steve Bruce.
Wycliffe, St. Mary. Interior view, and a hogback tombstone. All Kenneth Paver (2015).
Grade I listed.




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