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Bishop Auckland, County Durham                          

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For South Church, see the main County Durham page.

Baptist Church on Westfield Road and Cockton Hill Road. NZ 209 289. Alan Blacklock. According to the church website, the church was built in 1910, though the congregation, which was founded in 1873, had previously met in a tin tabernacle on another site.

Church of St. Anne on Market Place. NZ 211 301. Alan Blacklock. Grade II listing, which dates it to 1846-8, and says that it stands on the site of a medieval forerunner.

Methodist Church on Cockton Hill Road and Acacia Road. This was built as Primitive Methodist in 1903. NZ 2095 2900. Alan Blacklock. Link, which says the present building was successor to a church of 1869 on the corner of Tenters Street and Gibbon Street, in turn the successor to a small chapel on William Street, in use by the P.M.'s from 1842. The William Street chapel stood at about NZ 2103 3002, and the Tenters Street one at about NZ 2083 2987. Two 2018 Streetviews of the present church - 1, 2. An old postcard image is available here. Grade II listed.

The former Methodist Church on Newgate Street, now the Four Clocks Centre. It was built as Wesleyan in 1908-14. NZ 2100 2945. Alan Blacklock. Two 2018 Streetviews - 1, 2 Grade II listed.

St. Mary (R.C., 1956) on Woodhouse Lane. NZ 206 284. Alan Blacklock (2010). Link. A 2018 Streetview.

St. Peter (1873-5) stands at the corner of Prince's Street and Gibbon Street at NZ 208 297. Alan Blacklock. Grade II listed.

St. Peter's Chapel, which originally served as the Great Hall to Auckland Castle. NZ 2140 3025. From an old postcard in Christopher Skottowe's Collection. Link. Grade I listing, which says it was converted from a 12th century domestic building into a chapel in 1661-5. Another fascinating article describes why the conversion into a chapel was necessary, and of the discovery of the remains of a long-vanished chapel.

St. Wilfrid on West Road. NZ 2065 2995. Alan Blacklock. Link.




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