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Acton, St. Mary. SJ 631 531. Les Needham. Link.
Acton Bridge, Methodist Church. SJ 592 757. Milton Methodist Church. SJ 596 744. Both Bruce Read.
Adlington, St. John, which shows as Adlington Mission Church on older maps. SJ 9252 8029. Len Brankin. Another view, Karel Kuča (2019). Link. The former Wood Lanes Methodist Church. It's dated here to 1955-2014. SJ 9363 8170. Both Len Brankin.
Alderley Edge.
Allgreave, the former Methodist Church, closed since 2000. SJ 972 669. Len Brankin. Another view. Bruce Read.
Alvanley, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 497 741. Bruce Read.
Antrobus, St. Mark. SJ 644 797. Methodist Church. SJ 646 806. Both Bruce Read.
Appleton Thorn, St. Cross. SJ 637 838. Steve Bulman. Another view. Bruce Read. Link.
Arley, Arley Hall Chapel, dedicated to St. Mary. Built 1842-5, with additions in 1856-7. Interior view, and the roof. The door has some fine ironwork. The font. SJ 675 809. All Steve Bulman. Link.
Arthill, the former Baptist Chapel (C18) on Reddy Lane, now in secular use. SJ 726 855. Mike Berrell (2012).
Ashley, St. Elizabeth. Bruce Read.
Ashton - see Ashton Hayes, below.
Ashton Hayes (prior to 2004, it was plain Ashton), St. John the Evangelist. This old postcard from Reg Dosell's Collection was identified by Bill Davison. Compare with the photo on this link - when did it lose the small pinnacles on the tower?
Astbury, St. Mary. SJ 846 615. Len Brankin. Link.
Aston juxta Mondrum, St. Oswald.
Peter Morgan (2015). Grade II listed.
Aston-by-Sutton, St. Peter. Bruce Read. Link.
Audlem, St. James the Great. Baptist Church. Methodist Church, originally Wesleyan (1863). Cemetery Chapels. Former Primitive Methodist Chapel (now a scout hut), built 1871 and closed in 1933. All Gerard Charmley (2010), with additional information on the Methodist Chapels courtesy of Sandy Calder.

Baddiley, Cheshire, St. Michael. An unusual building, Chris explains:- "As is quite usual, the responsibility for repair of the chancel and nave are quite separate, though not always as visually striking as this. (Background: The rector was responsible for the chancel, and the parish for the nave. Sometimes for historical reasons a particular house in a village inherits the responsibility for repair of the chancel. A recent case in the papers (Aston Cantlow v Warwick) concerned a house-owner who found herself landed with a hefty bill for repair of the chancel. Baddiley church is no different from other churches concerning respective responsibilities". See also the Hinderwell, North Yorkshire entry. The chancel is timber-framed. Normally closed, but open on Saturdays from April onwards. SJ 6051 5035. Both Chris Emms (2010). Two additional views - 1, 2, both Karel Kuča (2019). Link. Grade I listed.
Barbridge, Methodist Church. SJ 615 565. Les Needham.
Barnton, Christ Church. SJ 636 748. Our Lady of Fatima (R.C.). SJ 639 753. Methodist Church. SJ 636 750. All Bruce Read.
Barthomley, St. Bertoline. SJ 767 523. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. Two modern views - 1, 2, and an interior view, all Chris Emms (2009). Another view, and an interior, both Peter Morgan (2015). And another, another three of the interior - 1, 2, 3, the chancel, the altar, and the font, all Dennis Harper (2019). Link. Grade I listed.
Bartington, Methodist Church. SJ 604 771. Bruce Read.
Beautybank (or Beauty Bank), Methodist Church. An O.S. map of 1898 labels it as Methodist Chapel (Free United). Genuki dates it to 1878. SJ 6239 6817. Les Needham.
Bickerton, Holy Trinity. SJ 509 535. Les Needham.
Bickley, St. Wenefrede. SJ 536 490. Les Needham.
Birtles, St. Catherine, on Birtles Lane. SJ 863 748. It was built in 1840 as a private chapel for Thomas Hibbert of Birtles Hall. In 1890 it became the parish church. Mike Berrell (2011). Two interior views - 1, 2, both Kenneth Paver (2011). Link. About a mile away stands the Methodist New Connexion Chapel (1863, due to close March 2011), on Birtles Lane. Two interior views - 1, 2. SJ 874 759. All Mike Berrell (2011).
Blacon, Chester - see Chester.
Blakenhall, the former Wesleyan Chapel (1900). Sandy Calder.
Bosley, St. Mary. SJ 918 655. Len Brankin. Another view. Interior view. Both Mike Berrell. Methodist Chapel. SJ 915 646. Mike Berrell.
Boughton, Chester - see Chester.
Bradshaw Brook, Methodist Church. SJ 737 722. Bruce Read.
Bradwall, Methodist Church. SJ 759 635. Len Brankin.
Brassey Green, Baptist Church (1741). Gerard Charmley (2013).
Brereton Green, St. Oswald. SJ 781 647. Len Brankin.
Broken Cross, Methodist Church. SJ 890 736. Les Needham.
Brookhouse Green, Methodist Church. SJ 811 613. Len Brankin. Link.
Brown Knowl, Methodist Church (built as Primitive Methodist in 1913). Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.
Bucklow Hill, former U.R.C. Bruce Read.
Bulkeley, Methodist Church, built as Jubilee Primitive Methodist Chapel (1861). Gerard Charmley (2010). Another view, Sandy Calder. Grade II listed.
Bunbury, St. Boniface. SJ 568 581. Les Needham. An old postcard view. from Steve Bulman's Collection. Link.
Burleydam, St. Mary & St. Michael. SJ 607 426. Gerard Charmley (2010). Two additional views - 1, 2, both Martin Richter (2018). Link. The grade II listing give a date of 1769, with additions in 1886. The railings, piers and gates have their own grade II listing.
Burton, St. Nicholas. SJ 317 743. Bruce Read. Link.
Burtonwood, St. Michael & All Angels, on Chapel Lane. SJ 565 928. St. Paul of the Cross (R.C.)., Mercer Street. SJ 562 928. Both Tony Preston. Methodist Church. SJ 564 929. Bruce Read.
Burwardsley, St. John. SJ 515 565. Les Needham.
Byley, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 722 693. Bruce Read.

Capenhurst, Holy Trinity. SJ 368 738. Bruce Read.
Chelford, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 819 739. Len Brankin. Another view. Les Needham.
Chorlton, Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan in 1901. Peter Morgan (2015). Link.
Christleton, St. James. Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2010). Link.
Church Lawton, All Saints. SJ 821 557. Len Brankin. Link.
Church Minshull, St. Bartholomew. Interior view. Both Cyril D. Blount. Two additional views - 1, 2, and another interior, all John Headon (2015). Link. Grade II* listed.
Clive Green, Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan Methodist Association in 1849. Sandy comments - "an interesting throwback to the defensive designs of eighteenth-century meeting-houses, with high windows and a wall to exclude the curious". Sandy Calder.
Cloudfoot, the former Cloudfoot Chapel (1887). Gervase suggests it may have been Methodist. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).
Cloudside, Cloud Methodist Church, built as Cloud Primitive Methodist Chapel in 1815 - the oldest surviving P.M. chapel. Sandy Calder. Link.
Comberbach, Methodist Church. SJ 645 774. Bruce Read.
Coole Pilate, the former United Methodist Chapel, now converted to residential use. The date-plaque for 1850 declares it to have been a United Methodist Free Church. Built by the Wesleyan Methodist Association, it became United Free Methodist in 1857, and United Methodist in 1907. A map of 1875 also marks it as "Free Primitive". It seems to have still been active at least until the early 1980's. Another view. SJ 651 472. All Martin Richter (2018).
Cotebrook, St. John and the Holy Cross. SJ 571 655. Primitive Methodist Chapel, dating from 1843. SJ 570 653. Both Les Needham. Another view of St. John, Bruce Read, and another Mark Eccles.
Cox Bank, the former Jubilee Primitive Methodist chapel (1861), now converted to residential use. SJ 656 419. Sandy Calder. Another view, and the handsome date-stone, both Martin Richter (2018). Link, which says it was closed in the 1980's. Howard Richter advises of an earlier small P.M. chapel, built in 1832. Mentioned here, it may be the same building which shows in later 19th century maps as U.F.C. This later became a Church of England Mission Room, bought in 1915, and as shown on a 1964 O.S. map, but it has since been demolished and a house built on the site. The National Archives hold records for 1940-1969. A Streetview of the house shows an older boundary wall, and this is consistent with the boundary shown for the Mission Room on O.S. maps, and so is a likely remnant.
Crewe Green, St. Michael and All Angels. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, all Dennis Harper (2019). Link. The former St. Andrew (Methodist, originally Wesleyan) has been converted into housing. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).
Croft, Christ Church. SJ 639 933. Bruce Read.
Crowton, Christ Church. SJ 580 746. Bruce Read.
Cuddington, Methodist Church. SJ 596 724. Bruce Read.

Daresbury, All Saints, has connections with "Alice in Wonderland". SJ 581 828. Bruce Read. Link.
Davenport, Methodist Church. SJ 802 652. Len Brankin. Link.
Disley, St. Mary the Virgin. SJ 974 845. Link. Disley Baptist Church. SJ 979 847. Both Len Brankin. Friends Meeting House. Rob Brettle. Chapel at Lyme Park. Rob Brettle.
Dodleston, St. Mary. Peter Morgan.

Eaton, Christ Church. SJ 86957 65396. Len Brankin. Another view, Bill Henderson (2017). Link.
Eaton, St. Thomas. SJ 573 633. Les Needham.
Eccleston, St. Mary. Peter Morgan. Link.
Ellesmere Port.
Elworth, Sandbach - see Sandbach.
Englesea Brook, the former Primitive Methodist Chapel. Built in 1828, extended in 1832, and with a schoolroom added in 1914, it now houses the Primitive Methodist Museum. Sandy Calder. Another view, Peter Morgan (2015). The founder of Primitive Methodism, Hugh Bourne is buried here. This photo is a close-up of the text, and is larger than most files on this website. It has also been processed to improve the readability. Both Peter Morgan (2015).

Frandley, Friends' Meeting House. SJ 636 792. Bruce Read.

Gawsworth, St. James the Great. SJ 8901 6969. From an old postcard in Graeme Harvey's Collection. Another old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's collection. A modern view, and the interior, both Mike Berrell. Two more views - 1, 2, both Karel Kuča (2019). Link1. Link2. Grade I listed.
Glazebrook, Methodist Church. SJ 694 924. Bruce Read. Another view. Mike advises that this was previously the Primitive Methodist Centenary Church, and dates from 1908. Mike Berrell.
Glazebury, All Saints. SJ 672 971. Methodist Church. SJ 673 965. Both Bruce Read.
Goostrey, St. Luke. SJ 779 700. Link. Methodist Church. SJ 774 700. Both Len Brankin.
Gradbach, Methodist Chapel. SK 002 665. Bruce Read.
Grappenhall, St. Wilfrid. Bruce Read. Another view, Peter Morgan (2011). Independent Methodist Church. Bruce Read. A previous I.M. chapel (1801) still stands, converted into a dwelling. Peter Morgan (2011). Bethesda Evangelical Church. SJ 632 868. Bruce Read.
Great Barrow, St. Bartholomew. Peter Morgan (2011). Link.
Great Budworth, St. Mary and All Saints. SJ 664 775. Bruce Read. Link.
Great Sankey, Warrington - see Warrington.
Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port - see Ellesmere Port.
Great Warford, the former Wesleyan Chapel (1843) on Merryman's Lane, now in secular use. SJ 818 770. Baptist Chapel (1712), also on Merryman's Lane. SJ 816 770. Link1. Link2. Both Mike Berrell.
Guilden Sutton, St. John the Baptist (1815, (O)). Another view, and an Interior view. Link. Methodist Chapel. All Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). Another view of the Methodist Chapel, Peter Morgan (2011).

Hack Green, the former United Methodist Free Chapel (1850), now a private residence. Peter Morgan (2015).
, St. Mary. SJ 472 820. Seriously damaged in a fire in 1977 and subsequently re-built, it was re-consecrated in 1980. Bruce Read. Two further views - 1, 2, both Chris Emms (2011). Link.
Hale Bank, Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. SJ 486 839. Bruce Read.
Hampton Heath, the former Methodist Church (1875), now a private residence. George Weston. Another view, Sandy Calder, who advises that this is a rare example of a Gothic-style Primitive Methodist Chapel.
Handbridge, Chester - see Chester.
Handley, All Saints. SJ 467 579. Martin Briscoe.
Hankelow, Methodist Church. SJ 6715 4550. This was built as Wesleyan in 1935. Its presumed predecessor was opened in 1825, and stood at SJ 6737 4576. Martin Richter (2018). Link.
Hartfordbeach, Methodist Church. SJ 636 727. Bruce Read.
Harthill, derelict church - perhaps All Saints? SJ 500 552. Les Needham. Mike Berrell has confirmed that it is indeed All Saints, and refers to a book "Old Cheshire Churches" by Raymond Richards, who speaks of its "foolish bellcot" and other features, as well as including a photograph.
Haslington, St. Matthew. Another view and two interior views - 1, 2. Built in 1810, it had a chancel, transept and vestry added in 1906. SJ 737 564. All Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). Three further views - 1, 2, 3, a date-stone for 1909, two more of the interior - 1, 2, the chancel and the font, all Dennis Harper (2019). The former Baptist Church, Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). Haslington Methodist Church, originally Primitive Methodist. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010). U.R.C., originally Congregational (1810). Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).
Hassall Green, St. Philip. SJ 777 582. Len Brankin.
Hatchmere, Zion Methodist Church. SJ 554 718. Bruce Read.
Hatherton, the former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Examination of maps of 1898 and 1909 show a different footprint for the building, so evidently some works (extension or re-build) were carried out in these years. Another view. SJ 677 486. Both Martin Richter (2018).
Helsby, St. Paul. SJ 492 758. Helsby Methodist Church. SJ 488 751. Kings Church (Evangelical) at Woodhouses. SJ 501 763. Link. All Bruce Read.
Henbury, St. Thomas. SJ 881 736. Les Needham.
High Legh,
St. John. Its grade II listing dates it to 1893. SJ 7003 8412. Bruce Read. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, all Karel Kuča (2007). Link. Bruce is unsure of the identity of this church, but says it may be the remaining chapel to High Legh Hall, in which case it is St. Mary. Mike Berrell has advised that Bruce's conjecture is correct, and offers this as proof. Iain Taylor concurs. Its grade II* listing dates it to circa 1581. SJ 7007 8393. Bruce Read.
Higher Burwardsley, Methodist Church. George Weston.
Higher Walton, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 597 853. Bruce Read.
Higher Wynch, Methodist Chapel. SJ 496 436. Bruce Read.
Hollinfare, St. Helen. SJ 695 910. Bruce Read. Link.
Holmes Chapel.
Hoole, Chester - see Chester.
Hooton, St. Paul. SJ 370 767. Bruce Read.
Hough, the former Methodist Church. Built as Primitive Methodist in 1860 (note how Primitive was erased from the sign), the building is now used as external storage for the PM museum in Englesea Brook (q.v.). Sandy Calder.
Hulme Walfield, St. Michael. SJ 845 650. Len Brankin.
Huxley, Methodist Church, re-built in 1861. SJ 512 615. Martin Briscoe. Another view, Sandy Calder.

Ince, St. James. SJ 450 764. Bruce Read.

Kettleshulme, former Methodist Church, now used by Methodists and Anglicans. SJ 987 799. Len Brankin. Link.
Key Green, Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan in 1845. Sandy Calder.
Kingsley, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 547 751. Blakelees Methodist Church. SJ 542 750. Hurst Methodist Church. SJ 553 746. All Bruce Read.

Latchford, Warrington - see Warrington.
Lightwood Green, Methodist Church. This was built as Wesleyan in 1906. Older maps show an earlier Wesleyan Chapel, at about SJ 6323 4296. Comparison with today's Google Earth shows that there is still a building in about the same position. Is this a newer building, or does the old chapel still survive? Another view. SJ 632 431. Both Martin Richter (2018). Link.
Little Bollington, Holy Trinity, on Lymm Road. SJ 726 866. Bruce Read. Another view, Mike Berrell (2012).
Little Budworth, St. Peter. SJ 598 654. Les Needham. Another view. Kit Heald. Link. Methodist Chapel. SJ 590 668. Bruce Read.
Little Leigh, St. Michael and All Angels. SJ 615 759. Baptist Church. SJ 621 769. Link. Both Bruce Read.
Little Sutton, Ellesmere Port, Cheshire - see Ellesmere Port.
Lostock Gralam, St. John the Evangelist. Bruce Read.
Lower Bunbury, Trinity Methodist Church. SJ 564 577. Les Needham.
Lower Peover, St. Oswald. SJ 7432 7416. Bruce Read. Two interior views - 1, 2, and a lovely modern window, all Kenneth Paver (2011). Link.
Grade I listed. Some churchyard features are listed separately - they can be found here.
Lower Whitley, St. Luke. SJ 614 788. Bruce Read.
Lower Withington, St. Peter. SJ 806 702. Methodist Church. SJ 813 697. Link. Both Len Brankin.
Lower Wynch, former Primitive Methodist Chapel, now a private residence. ST 487 446. Bruce Read.

Macclesfield Forest, St. Stephen, aka Forest Chapel. SJ 974 721. Len Brankin. Interior view. Stained glass window. Both Bruce Read.
Manley, St. John. SJ 513 723. Bruce Read.
Marthall, All Saints. SJ 799 757. Les Needham. Link.
Marton, St. James and St. Paul. SJ 8502 6800. Len Brankin. Two additional views - 1, 2, and the porch, all Karel Kuča (2019). Link.
Grade I listed. A cross in the churchyard is listed separately as grade II.
Mickle Trafford, Methodist Chapel. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).
Minshull Vernon, St. Peter. Link. Minshull U.R.C., originally Congregational, opened 1810. Both Gervase N.E. Charmley (2010).
Mobberley, St. Wilfrid. SJ 790 802. Link. The former Pepper Street Congregational Church, now a private residence. My appreciation to Janet Gimber for the identification. SJ 777 820. Both Bruce Read.
Morley Green, U.R.C. SJ 824 821. Bruce Read.
Mossley, Congleton - see Congleton.
Mouldsworth, St. Cuthbert of the Forest (R.C.). SJ 511 702. Bruce Read. Interior view, Mike Forbester.
Moulton, St. Stephen. From an old postcard (heavily processed) in Reg Dosell's Collection. Link.
Mow Cop.

Nether Alderley, St. Mary. Another view. SJ 841 761. Len Brankin. Four interior views, all Mike Berrell; 1, 2, 3, 4. Link.
Newtown, Chester - see Chester.
Norley, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 561 728. Norley Methodist Church. SJ 567 724. Methodist Church. Bruce says that this church has the look of a private residence, but the following link for Norley Methodist Church has a photo of this building rather than the previous entry. SJ 573 722. Link. All Bruce Read.
North Rode, St. Michael. SJ 889 665. Len Brankin.
Northwich, St. Helen Witton. SJ 664 738. Link. St. Wilfrid (R.C.). SJ 663 740. Disused church. SJ 683746. Methodist Church. SJ 663 741. Link. Cemetery Chapel. SJ 664 737. All Bruce Read.

Oakhanger, St. Luke. Link. Methodist Church, built as Primitive Methodist in 1897. Link. Both Peter Morgan (2015).
Occlestone Green, the slight remains of Occlestone Green Primitive Methodist Chapel. Built 1871, and closed in 1961. Gervase saw charred timbers in the rubble, and suspects that a a fire preceded demolition. Gervase N.E. Charmley (2010).
Orford, Warrington - see Warrington.
Oughtrington, St. Peter. Bruce Read. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, all Iain Taylor (2016). Methodist Church, demolished in about 2004. Bruce Read. Another view. Kit Heald.

Padgate, Warrington - see Warrington.
Parkgate, St. Thomas. SJ 278 783. Bruce Read. Link.
Penketh, Warrington - see Warrington.
Pickmere, Methodist Church. SJ 694 773. Bruce Read.
Piper's Ash, the former Methodist Chapel. Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).
Plas Newton, Chester - see Chester.
Plemstall, St. Peter. Peter Morgan (2011). Link.
Plumley, Methodist Church. SJ 717 755. Bruce Read.
Poole, Methodist Chapel. Built as Wesleyan in 1834 (date-stone). Both Peter Morgan (2015). Link. Grade II listed.
Pott Shrigley, St. Christopher. SJ 944 792. Len Brankin. Interior view, and a window, both Kenneth Paver (2011). Link. Green Close Methodist Church. SJ 948 814. Len Brankin.
Prestbury, St. Peter. SJ 901 769. Mike Berrell. Link. Prestbury Methodist Church. Interior view. The old chapel at Bollin Green was in use from ca. 1814 - 2002. Photos of the Methodist Churches are by kind permission of the Minister, the Rev. John Squares. Link.
Preston Brook, disused chapel. SJ 568 807. Bruce Read.
Preston on the Hill, Methodist Church, originally Primitive Methodist. SJ 570 807. Bruce Read.
Pulford, St. Mary. Jane Marriott.

Rainow, Holy Trinity. SJ 951 759. The former Wesleyan Church, now closed. SJ 953 762. Both Len Brankin.
Ravensmoor, Baddiley & Ravensmoor Methodist Church, originally Wesleyan (1878). SJ 620 506. Chris Emms (2010).
Rixton, Methodist Church. SJ 691 906. Bruce Read. Another view. Kit Heald.
Rode Heath, Church of the Good Shepherd (CoE). SJ 805 573. Link. Rode Heath Methodist Church. SJ 807 570. Both Len Brankin.
Rostherne, St. Mary. Bruce Read. Four additional views - 1, 2, 3, 4, all Iain Taylor. Grade I listed.
Rowton, Methodist Church, originally Wesleyan (1865). The small porch to the left has a datestone for 1993. Peter Morgan (2010).

Saltersford, St. John the Evangelist (previously dedicated as St. John the Baptist), is also known as Jenkin Chapel. SJ 984 765. Len Brankin.
Saltney and Saltney Ferry, Chester - see Chester.
Sandbach Heath, Sandbach, Cheshire - see Sandbach.
Sandiway, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 606 711. Link. Methodist Church. SJ 604 710. Gospel Church. SJ 604 707. All Les Needham. Former Primitive Methodist Chapel. SJ 604 703. Bruce Read. Another view of St. John. Bruce Read.
Saughall, All Saints. Link. Saughall Methodist Church, originally Ebenezer Primitive Methodist (1864). Interior view. Link. All Gervase N. E. Charmley (2010).
Scholar Green, All Saints. SJ 823 574. Link. Kent Green Methodist Church. SJ 836 573. Both Len Brankin. North of Scholar Green sits Little Moreton Hall, and its half-timbered (and tiny) Chapel, which was built as part of a new range from 1559-1570. Interior view, and the altar and East window. SJ 8325 5890. All Martin Richter (2018). The chapel is included within the grade I listing for the hall.
Shavington, Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan in 1864. Sandy Calder.
Shocklach, St. Edith. SJ 437 492. Bruce Read. Link.
Shotwick, St. Michael. SJ 336 718. Bruce Read.
Siddington, All Saints. Another view. SJ 8463 7083. Both Len Brankin. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3, all Karel Kuča (2007). Link.
Grade II* listed. A cross-base in the churchyard is listed separately as grade II. There was a Methodist Chapel (originally Wesleyan) on the B5392 at SJ 8410 7085. Dated by Genuki to 1865, I think it stood roughly where the garage is in this Streetview from 2009. It was active at least up to the mid-1970's.
Smallwood, St. John the Baptist. SJ 806 601. Len Brankin.
Somerford, All Saints. Built as the chapel for Somerford Hall in 1725, it now serves as a Chapel of Ease. SJ 814 648. Len Brankin. Link.
Sound, Broomhall and Sound Methodist Chapel (1838). The text above the door reads "United Methodist Church". Gerard Charmley (2013). Link.
Sproston Green, Methodist Church. SJ 732 667. Bruce Read.
Stockton Heath.
Stretton, St. Matthew (1826-7). Steve Bulman. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Dennis Harper (2019). Link.
Strines, St. Paul. Another view, and two of the interior - 1, 2. SJ 9721 8642. All Karel Kuča (2019). Link.
Styal, the attractive Methodist Church was previously a grain store. Unitarian and Free Christian Church (1823) at Norcliffe. Both Gerard Charmley (2013). Link. Three views of the Chapel at H.M. Prison, Styal - 1, 2, 3. According to its Genuki entry, it is closed. All Karel Kuĉa (2019).
Swettenham, St. Peter. Another view. SJ 800 672. Both Len Brankin.

Tarporley, St. Helen. SJ 553 625. Les Needham. Baptist and Methodist Church, originally (1866) Baptist. SJ 554 623. Link. Les Needham. Another view, and an interior view, both Gerard Charmley (2013). St. Thomas Becket (R.C.). SJ 555 622. Bruce Read. Another view. Les Needham.
Tarvin, St. Andrew. The tower. Both Steve Bulman.
Tattenhall, St. Alban. SJ 486 586. St. Plegmund (R.C.). SJ 489 588. Both Martin Briscoe. Former Chapel, now a private residence. Janet Gimber has identified this as a Congregational Chapel, dating from 1798. SJ 485 583. Les Needham.
Thelwall, All Saints. SJ 649 874. Bruce Read. Link.
Thornton-le-Moors, St. Mary. SJ 442 746. Bruce Read. Link.
Threapwood, St. John. SJ 439 453. Link. Former Chapel, now a private residence. Originally Ebenezer Congregational Chapel, it was later known as Threapwood Congregational Church (U.R.C.), which closed about 1987. Identified by Janet Gimber. SJ 439 457. Both Bruce Read.
Tilstone Fearnall, St. Jude. SJ 566 604. Bruce Read.
Tiverton, Methodist Chapel (built as Primitive Methodist in 1864). SJ 551 604. Bruce Read. Another view, Sandy Calder. Sandy comments that the swag over the central window is reminiscent of the banners that were a feature of chapel walks.
Toft, St. John the Evangelist. SJ 759 767. Bruce Read.
Tushingham, St. Chad. Peter Morgan.
Two Mills, Presbyterian Church. SJ 353 736. Bruce Read.

Utkinton, the former Primitive Methodist Church, undergoing conversion. SJ 547 654. Bruce Read.
Upton by Chester, Chester - see Chester.

Walker Barn, Methodist Church. SJ 954 737. Len Brankin. Another view. Bruce Read.
Wardle, St. James. SD 912 171. Stuart Mackrell.
Warren, Gawsworth Methodist Church. SJ 8870 7051. Mike Berrell.
Waverton, St. Peter. SJ 4618 6335. Peter Morgan. Two additional views - 1, 2, both Karel Kuča (2007). Link.
Grade II* listed. A War Memorial, sun-dial, etc. are listed separately here. Evangelical Fellowship on Eggbridge Lane. Older maps mark it as it as a Presbyterian Chapel. SJ 4532 6410. Peter Morgan (2010). Link.
Weaverham, St. Mary. SJ 617 743. George Weston. St. Bede (R.C.). SJ 617 741. Bruce Read. Methodist Church. SJ 613 741. Bruce Read. Abundant Grace Church. SJ 621 738. Bruce Read.
Weston, All Saints. Another view. Link. Wesley Place Methodist Chapel (1831), now in residential use. All Peter Morgan (2015).
Wheelock, Christ Church, on Crewe Road, was consecrated in 1843. SJ 745 595. The Methodist Church, on Crewe Road, was built in 1874, and had a Methodist-only day school on the ground floor. SJ 745 595. Both Muriel Winson. Wheelock Congregational Church dates from 1892. Gervase N.E. Charmley (2010).
Wheelock Heath, Wheelock Heath Baptist Church. Gervase N.E. Charmley (2010).
Whitegate, St. Mary. Another view. SJ 6290 6935. Both Les Needham. Four extra views - 1, 2, 3, 4, all Karel Kuča (2007). Link.
Grade II listed.
Whitley, Methodist Church, soon to be sold (2008). Kit Heald.
Wildboarclough, St. Saviour. SJ 984 688. Len Brankin. Interior view. Bruce Read.
Willaston, Christ Church. SJ 328 778. Methodist Church. SJ 327 778. Both Bruce Read.
Wincle, St. Michael. SJ 959 661. Len Brankin. Interior view. Bruce Read. Link.
Winnington, St. Luke. SJ 646 743. Former Primitive Methodist Chapel (now a Ju-Jitsu Club). Thanks to Janet Gimber for the identification. SJ 649 741. Both Bruce Read.
Winwick, St. Oswald. SJ 604 928. Tony Preston. Link.
Wistaston, Crewe - see Crewe.
Woolston, Warrington - see Warrington.
Wrenbury, St. Margaret. Two interior views - 1, 2. Link. Grade II* listed. St. Andrew (Methodist, originally Wesleyan). All Gerard Charmley (2013).
Wybunbury, St. Chad. The tower is all that remains of the old church. David Lea. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection, and another. Link. Grade II* listed. The modern St. Chad. Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2015). Link. The disused Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (1864). Peter Morgan (2015).




03 April 2022

Steve Bulman

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