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  Ellesmere Port, Cheshire

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All photos Bruce Read.

Churches at Great Sutton, Little Sutton.

Bethany Chapel. SJ 397 762.

Cemetery Chapel. SJ 386 772.

The former Christ Church, now a community centre, soon to close. Link.

Methodist Church at Whitby. SJ 386 747.

Our Lady of the Seas (R.C). SJ 401 763.

St. Thomas and All Saints. SJ 396 758.

Salvation Army Church. SJ 395 757.

Trinity Methodist Church at SJ 398 762.

U.R.C. SJ 394 755.

Welsh Chapel. SJ 402 768.

Former church, built relatively recently, was apparently soon converted to a hostel for homeless people. Can you advise its denomination? SJ 402 766

Great Sutton

St. John the Evangelist. SJ 376 756.
St. Saviour. SJ 383 759.
The former Pooltown Methodist Church on Rossmore Road. SJ 383 769.
The former Church, now a nursery. SJ 384 768. Janet Gimber has advised that this was St. Francis (CoE).

Little Sutton
Methodist Church. SJ 367 771.
U.R.C. SJ 366 774.




17 February 2018

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