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Runcorn, Cheshire                                                             

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All Saints. SJ 511 838. Bruce Read. Link.

Bethesda Church (Anglican, Methodist and U.R.C.). SJ 542 808. Bruce Read.

Brook Independent Chapel. SJ 531 824. Bruce Read.

Christ Church. SJ 541 825. Bruce Read.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. SJ 523 806. Bruce Read. Bill Davison advises (2010) that it has since been demolished following a fire, and that a new church is presently being built.

Cornerstone Chapel (Ecumenical). SJ 518 806. Bruce Read. Bill Davison advises (2010) that it is now closed, but rumour has it that it may re-open under a new name.

Elim Pentecostal Church. SJ 512 827. Bruce Read.

Holy Trinity. SJ 516 831. Bruce Read.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. SJ 550 804. Bruce Read.

The former Mariners' Mission (1831) was subsequently used as a church hall, but is now in commercial use. SJ 517 831. Bill Davison (2010).

Methodist Church at Heath. SJ 518 808. Bruce Read. Link.

Former Methodist Church at Moore, now disused. SJ 582 846. Bruce Read.

Murdishaw Ecumenical Church (Anglican and Methodist). SJ 557 809. Bruce Read. Link.

Our Lady (R.C.). SJ 542 803. Bruce Read.

St. Augustine (R.C.). SJ 542 827. Bruce Read.

St. Berteline and St. Christopher (Anglican and Methodist). SJ 554 826. Bruce Read.

St. Edward the Confessor (R.C.). SJ 516 826. Bruce Read.

St. John (Presbyterian). SJ 514 826. Bruce Read.

St. Mark (Anglican, Methodist and U.R.C.). SJ 534 801. Bruce Read.

St. Michael and All Angels. SJ 511 825. Bruce Read. Link.

St. Paul (Methodist). SJ 502 849. Bruce Read.

Spiritualist Church. SJ 508 832. Bruce Read.

Vale Community Church (Independent). SJ 554 804. Bruce Read.

The former Welsh Chapel (disused), dating from 1856. SJ 508 829. Bruce Read.

Wicksten Drive Christian Centre (Anglican and Methodist). SJ 522 837. Bruce Read.

Woodside Chapel (Independent Baptist). SJ 542 803. Bruce Read. Bill Davison advises (2010) that it is now closed.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses. SJ 520 816. Bruce Read.
St. Andrew. SJ 502 815. Bruce Read. Link.

Trinity Methodist Church (1875). SJ 537 817. Bruce Read.
The former Primitive Methodist Church was built in 1850, but since 1901 has served as Halton Village Hall. SJ 536 821. Bill Davison (2010).
St. Mary. SJ 537 819. Bruce Read. Link.
The former Wesleyan Methodist Church was built in 1818. When Trinity Methodist opened the Wesleyan was converted to a private residence. SJ 539 818. Bill Davison (2010).

Christ Church (disused). SJ 493 816. Bruce Read.
St. John the Evangelist. SJ 504 805. Bruce Read. Interior view, John Balaam (2016). Link.




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