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  Nantwich, Cheshire

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Broad Lane Methodist Church. Peter Morgan (2015).

Cemetery Chapel. Peter Morgan (2015).

The former Methodist Church, built as Wesleyan in 1808, later extended and re-faced. Services are now held in the 1911 Sunday School opposite. Sandy Calder.

The former Primitive Methodist Church (1840). Peter Morgan (2015).

St. Anne (R.C.). Peter Morgan (2015).

St. Mary on Church Lane - restored by Sir George Gilbert Scott. There are many references on the web giving the dedication as St. Mary and St. Nicholas, but the official church website has it simply as St. Mary. David Lea. An old postcard view, from Steve Bulman's Collection. Another view, Peter Morgan (2015). Another view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all John Balaam (2016). And another, Bill Henderson (2017). Grade I listed.

Welsh Row Primitive Methodist Chapel (1840, closed 1990's). Sandy Calder.




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