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Arno's Vale, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Ashton Gate and Ashton Vale, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Baptist Mills, Bristol (City) - see Easton & Eastville.
Barton Hill, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Bedminster and Bedminster Down
, Bristol (City).
Bishopston, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Bishopsworth, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Brandon Hill, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Brentry, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Brislington (including St. Anne's, Sandy Park, Broom Hill and Kensington Park), Bristol (City).
Bristol (City).
Broad Plain, Bristol (City) - see Old Market, St. Jude's and Broad Plain, Bristol.

Clifton and Clifton Wood, Bristol.
Coombe Dingle, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Cotham, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Easton & Eastville (including Baptist Mills, Upper and Lower Easton, Greenbank and Upper Eastville), Bristol (City).
Eastville, Bristol (City) - see Easton & Eastville.

Fishponds and Hillfields (including Clay Hill and Oldbury Court), Bristol (City).

Golden Hill, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Hartcliffe, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Headley Park, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Henbury, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Hengrove, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Hengleaze, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Hillfields, Bristol (City) - see Fishponds and Hillfields.

Horfield, Ashley Down and Ashley Vale, Bristol (City).
Hotwells, Bristol (City)

Kingsdown, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Kingweston - see Lawrence Weston and Kingsweston, below.
Knowle, Knowle West, Inns Court, and Upper and Lower Knowle, Bristol (City) - see Knowle.

Lawrence Hill, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Lawrence Weston and Kingsweston, Christ the King, built in 1950, and demolished in the 1970's. From an old postcard in Janet Gimber's Collection. A photo is available hereCommunity Church on Kings Weston Lane. This was previously known as Lawrence Weston Christian Fellowship. ST 53990 77976. Carole Sage (2016). Lawrence Weston Baptist Church on Long Cross, established as a Mission from Tyndale Baptist Church in Redland, Bristol, for which see here. ST 53859 77976. Carole Sage (2016). Our Lady of the Rosary (R.C.) on Kings Weston Lane. Two additional views - 1, 2. ST 54089 77898. All Carole Sage (2016). Link. St. Peter at Ridingleaze. Two additional views - 1, 2. ST 54416 78399. All Carole Sage (2016). Link. The site of Lawrence Weston Methodist Church, which stood on Orlebar Gardens and Chapel Lane (the latter was previously known as Humberstan Walk). A Wesleyan Chapel was built here before 1903. Map evidence shows that it was either rebuilt on a larger scale before the 1950's, or much extended, but it was demolished after closure in 1980, and the site redeveloped as flats. ST 54972 78612. Carole Sage (2017). The former Friends' Meeting House (1718) on Kingsweston Road and Fernhill Lane. Extended in 1780, and with later additions, it closed in 1893 and was subsequently converted into two houses. It was built on the site of an earlier Friends' Meeting House of the late 1660's. ST 54936 78143. Carole Sage (2017). Grade II listed (for the joint properties). The site of Lawrence Weston Pentecostal Church (1972-2002) on Ridingleaze. A care home was built on the site. ST 54285 78121. Carole Sage (2017). Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Deans Mead. From map evidence, it was built between 1955 and 1970. ST 54305 77998. Carole Sage (2017).
Lockleaze, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Montpelier, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Old Market, Bristol (City) - see Old Market, St. Jude's and Broad Plain, Bristol.

Redcliffe (including Temple), Bristol (City).
, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Redland, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

St. Andrew's, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
St. George
, Bristol (City).
St. Jude's
, Bristol (City) -
see Old Market, St. Jude's and Broad Plain, Bristol.
St. Paul's (including St. Agnes)
, Bristol (City).
St. Philip's, St. Philip's Marsh and The Dings, Bristol (City).
St. Werburghs, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Sea Mills,
Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Shirehampton, St. Mary on High Street. It stands on the site of two earlier churches.
ST 53107 76904. Graeme Harvey. Three additional views - 1, 2, 3, all Carole Sage (2016). Link. The previous church was destroyed  by a fire in 1928, and it is seen in a Loxton drawing here. Grade II listed. Methodist Church on High Street. ST 53186 76933. Graeme Harvey. Another view, Carole Sage (2016). Baptist Church - the second on the site. The earlier church can be seen here (scroll down). ST 53225 76742. Carole Sage (2016). Link. Avonmouth Evangelical Chapel on Avonmouth Road. ST 52605 77601. Carole Sage (2016). St. Bernard's Roman Catholic Church on Station Road. Another view. ST 53120 76670. Both Carole Sage (2016). Link. The site of the demolished Shirehampton Evangelical Church (Pentecostal), which used to stand at the head of Corston Walk cul-de-sac. It existed prior to the 1970 edition O.S. map, but was short-lived, and was perhaps demolished in the 1980's, and the site subsequently redeveloped for housing. Another view. ST 524 771. Both Carole Sage (2017).
Sneyd Park, Bristol (City) - see Bristol, the Sneyd Park and Stoke Bishop section.
Southmead, Bristol (City).
Southville, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Speedwell, Crofts End and Two Mile Hill, Bristol City - see Bristol.
Spike Island, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Stapleton (including Broomhill), Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Stockwood, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Stoke Bishop, Bristol (City) - see Bristol, the Sneyd Park and Stoke Bishop section.
Stokes Croft
, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Temple, Bristol (City) - see Redcliffe.
The Dings, Bristol (City) - see
St. Philip's, St. Philip's Marsh and The Dings, on the Bristol page.
, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Tyndall's Park, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.

Westbury-on-Trym, Bristol (City)..
Westbury Park, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
West Town, the site of West Town Mission Room. West Town was a small industrial site with associated housing, between Avonmouth and Shirehampton. The mission room was built before 1903, when it shows on the O.S. map of that vintage, it was demolished, along with the entire settlement, by 1949.
The elevated roadway in the photo is the M5, just before it crosses the Avon. ST 52134 77141. Carole Sage (2017).
Whitchurch, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Whitheall, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Windmill Hill
, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.
Withywood, Bristol (City) - see Bristol.




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