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Aberlady, the Parish Church. Bill Henderson. A winter view, and the East Window, both Revd. Norman Faulds. Norman advises that the central panel of the window is based on Botticelli's "Madonna and Child" which is now in the National Gallery of Scotland. The fabric of the church is late C15 (tower), C16 and C17 (aisles), with a Victorian renovation (1887). Link.

Belhaven, Church of Scotland. NT 6678. Bill Henderson.
Bolton, the Parish Kirk. James Denham. Link.

Cockenzie and Port Seton, Viewforth Port Seton Gospel Hall. Bill Henderson. Cockenzie Old Parish Church. James Denham.

Dirleton, the Parish Church. Two more views - 1, 2. NT 5127 8422. All Steve Bulman (2021). Link, which dates it to 1612, on the site of a medieval predecessor. The village also had a Free Church, now demolished. It stood off Manse Road, south of the western corner of the village green, at NT 5146 8381. It's dated here to post-1843 to 1936. Its site isn't viewable on Streetview, but the access road to where the site was is seen here in a Streetview from 2020.
Dunbar, the Parish Church on Queen's Road. NT 6817 7858. Bill Henderson. Link. Grade A listed, wherein it's dated to 1818-21. This postcard view of an interior (
from John Bowdler's Collection) was in the Unknown section for many years, before finally being identified by Janet Gimber as the interior of St Anne's Episcopal Church, on Westgate. Its exterior can be seen in 2022 Streetviews -  1, 2. NT 6781 7905. Link.
Dunglass, the substantial remains of C15 Dunglass Collegiate Church. Another view, and three of the interior - 1, 2, 3. NT 7666 7189. All Steve Bulman (2017).
Link. Grade I listed. Canmore entry.

East Linton, Prestonkirk Church (CoS). Another view. NT 592 778. Grade A listed. The former St. Kentigern (R.C., closed before 1990) on High Street, now a private residence. Another view. NT 591 773. Link. The former Free Church. It pre-dates 1879, when it is reported as being "improved". The spire is of the "Rhenish helm" type, and rare in Britain. NT 552 792. Three views of the former United Presbyterian Church - 1, 2, 3. What may be this building shows on the OS map of 1854-5; it is certainly shown on the 1894 map, and on the next map (1907, which is after the union) it shows as "U. F. Church". It continues as such on the 1938 map, but by the 1957 edition it shows as "U. F. Church (Dis.)". There is some indication that it was subsequently in use as a Masonic Hall. NT 592 773. All Howard Richter (2013).
East Saltoun. Bill McKenzie.

Garvald, the Parish Kirk. James Denham.
Gifford, the Yester Parish Church. Jim Napier and James Denham advise that the Rev. John Witherspoon, son of the one-time vicar here (also John Witherspoon), was the only cleric to sign the American Declaration of Independence (though he signed as Governor of Princeton and Principal of Princeton College), and that the American system of government owes much to this Presbyterian influence. Another view. NT 5348 6810. Both Steve Bulman (2021). Link. Grade A listed, wherein it's dated to 1708-10. |The village also had a Free Church. According to its Genuki entry, it pre-dates a map of 1853, and has been converted into two houses - the one nearer the road being seen in a Streetview from 2011 here. TL 5370 6809.
Gullane, the ruins of St. Andrew. Gullane Parish Church (CoS). Link. St. Adrian (Episcopal). Another view. Link. St. Peter. All Steve Bulman.

Haddington, St. Mary. NY 5188 7362. Bill McKenzie. Link. Grade A listed. Haddington West (CoS) on Court Street is labelled on older maps as a Free Church. NT 5119 7389. Steve Bulman. Link. Holy Trinity (Episcopal) on Church Street. NT 5180 7387. Steve Bulman. Link. Grade B listed. St. Mary (R.C.) on Poldrate, as seen by Streetview in 2021. It's dated here to 1962, though this looks too late for the style of the building, and a church with the same footprint shows on the O.S. map of 1895. NT 5178 7354.
Humbie, Humbie Kirk (CoS). Another view. Both Steve Bulman. Link.

Innerwick, Church of Scotland. James Denham (2010).
Inveresk, St. Michael's Parish Kirk. James Denham.

Morham, Church of Scotland. James Denham (2010).
Musselburgh, St. Peter (Episcopal). Bill Henderson. Former Salvation Army Hall, now a nursery. Rob Brettle. Carberry Tower Chapel. Alex Parker. Link.

North Berwick.

Oldhamstocks, Church of Scotland. NT 7380 7065. James Denham (2010). Two more views - 1, 2, both Steve Bulman (2017). Link. Category A listed.

Port Seton - see Cockenzie above.
Prestonpans. Previously listed as Cockenzie and Port Seaton Old Parish Church, James Denham has advised that this church is Prestongrange Parish Church. Bill Henderson. Salvation Army Hall. Rob Brettle.

Stenton, the Parish Kirk. It's dated here to 1829. NT 6220 7428. James Denham. Two more views - 1, 2. Both Steve Bulman (2017). Link. Category B listed. The remains of the Old Parish Church stand a short distance away - the tower was seen by Streetview in 2022. NT 6215 7427. Category B listed.

Tranent, the Parish Kirk. James Denham. Link. Salvation Army Hall. Rob Brettle.

Whitekirk, St. Mary. Bill Henderson. Three further views - 1, 2, 3, two interior views - 1, 2, and the font, all Steve Bulman (2017). Link.




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