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North Berwick

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Abbey Church (CoS) on High Street, built as United Presbyterian in 1868. Another view, the doorway, and an interior view. NT 5515 8530. All Howard Richter (2013). Another interior view, Steve Bulman (2017). Link1 - see also the history page and the "Milestones" links from there.

Baptist Church on Victoria Road. Built as Blackadder Free Church in 1844. Wikipedia entry on John Blackadder here. The church united with (and moved to) St. Andrew's in 1989, the Baptists moving in in 1994. Two additional views - 1, 2. NT 554 854. All Howard Richter (2013). Grade B listed.

Our Lady Star of the Sea (R.C., 1879) on Law Road. Another view. NT 553 850. Both Howard Richter (2013). Grade B listed. Link1. Link2.

There have been at least three churches dedicated to St. Andrew in North Berwick. The two earlier churches have both left substantial remains. The oldest stands on Kirk Ness at NT 554 855, and went out of use when the east end fell into the sea in 1656. There remain some foundations, and the porch, which is Grade B listed. It says the church porch is possibly 15th century, the church itself being of the 13th. Howard Richter (2013).
The remains of the second St. Andrew stand on Law Road. Built in 1664 it is now roofless, and also Grade B listed. NT 553 852. Howard Richter (2013). Two additional views - 1, 2, both Steve Bulman (2017). There are some splendid old headstones - here's one example. Steve Bulman (2017).
The third and current St. Andrew's Blackadder on High Street dates from 1882. NT 552 852. Howard Richter (2013). Another view, Steve Bulman (2017). Grade C (S) listed.

St. Baldred (Scottish Episcopal, 1861) on Dirleton Avenue. Two additional views - 1, 2, and the handsome doorway. NT 546 853. All Howard Richter (2013). Grade B listed. Link1. Link2.






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