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North Lanarkshire

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Bellshill, West Parish Church. Alan Mathew (2011). Bellshill Central Parish Church on Main Street. Built as Bellshill Free Church in 1874, it has also been known as Bellshill MacDonald Memorial United Free Church of Scotland, Bellshill MacDonald Memorial Church of Scotland from 1929, and from 2014, on its union with Orbiston Parish Church, Bellshill Central Parish Church. Two interior views - 1, 2. The organ is a 1930 2-manual Hilsdon. Some examples of the fine windows - 1, 2, 3. All Alan Mathew (2015), who is the church organist. Link. Salvation Army Church and Community Centre. Alan Mathew (2015). E.U. Congregational Church (1842) at Mossend. Alan Mathew (2015). Holy Family (R.C.) on Hope Street, Mossend. Another view. Both Alan Mathew (2015). Link.

Chapelhall. NS 783 626. Susan Sinclair. Link.

Glenmavis, New Monklands Church (CoS) on Condorrat Road. NS 7527 6775. From an old postcard, in Catriona Livingston's Collection. A 2023 Streetview provides another view. Link. Its very brief Category B listing dates it to a re-build in 1777. A Watch House in the churchyard has its own Category B listing.



New Stevenston, Wrangholm Kirk. Alan Mathew (2015). Link.




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