The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Motherwell, North Lanarkshire                 

Motherwell on Wikipedia.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Alan Mathew (2010).

Crosshill Parish Church (CoS). Alan Mathew (2010).

Elim Church on Airbles Road. Alan Mathew (2010). Link.

Holy Trinity Scottish Episcopal Church. Alan Mathew (2010).

The King's Church on Airles Road. Alan Mathew (2010). Link.

Motherwell EU Church. Alan Mathew (2010).

Motherwell South Parish Church (CoS), formerly Manse Road Parish Church. Another view. Both Alan Mathew (2010). By 2016 a new sanctuary had been built, and it was opened in February 2016. The old sanctuary, in the background, is now used as a games hall. A composite photo, Alan Mathew (2016).

St. Brendan (R.C.) on Barons Road. Alan Mathew (2010). Link.

St. Margaret (CoS) on Barons Road. Alan Mathew (2010).

St. Mary (CoS) on Avon Street. Alan Mathew (2010). Link.

Shields Road Gospel Hall and House. Alan Mathew (2010).

The former South Dalziel Parish Church, now in commercial use. Another view. Both Alan Mathew (2010).




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