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Betws-y-Coed, St. Mary. St. Mary (O). SH 7937 5646. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, Martin Briscoe. Another view, Alan Blacklock (2010). Interior view, John Balaam (2010). Two more interior views - 1, 2, and the font, and three examples of the fine windows - 1, 2, 3, all Chris Stafford (2015). Grade II* listed, wherein it's dated to 1873 (tower 1907). The former church of St. Michael and All Angels. SH 7960 5656. Martin Briscoe. Another view, Dave Westrap. Dave advises that the church originally dates from the 14th century, and was the original parish church. Replaced by St. Mary in 1873, it gradually fell into disrepair, until efforts to repair and preserve it were undertaken from 1994. Declared redundant in 2000, a trust now leases it from the Church in Wales. Another view, and the interior, both John Balaam (2017). Link1. Link2. Capel Brynmawr (Calvinistic Methodist). SH 7904 5668. Steve Bulman. Despite having walked right past it, I didn't spot that this shop (seen on a Streetview from 2018) was a former chapel. The side-view, also from 2018, is slightly more suggestive. Tabernacl Independent/Congregational was, according to Coflein, built in 1870, a re-build of an earlier chapel of 1842, and had been converted into the shop by 2002.
Bont-Newydd, the site of a demolished Welsh Baptist Chapel stands about two miles east of Llanefydd. The Streetview van got no closer in 2009 than the road junction leading to the site, which is about 100 meters along on the right. SJ 0134 7084. The Coflein entry provides a building date of 1826, with demolition "before 2002".
Bron Haul, former Chapel (1878), now in secular use. SH 848 545. Mike Berrell.
Brymbo, Capel Bryn Seion (Welsh Baptist). SH 8043 7110. According to the Coflein entry, it was built in 1839, and it can be seen on a 2011 Streetview here.
Bryn-daionyn, Capel Peniel (Calvinistic Methodist). SH 8053 7185. The Coflein entry advises that the chapel was built in 1822, and re-built in 1888. It can be seen on a 2011 Streetview here.
Bryn-Rhyd-yr-arian, Capel Horeb (Calvinistic Methodist) can be seen in a 2009 Streetview here. SH 9585 6687. The Coflein entry dates it to 1891, a re-build of the earlier 1841 chapel.
Bwlch yr Haiarn, an Outdoor Education Centre - possibly a former chapel? SH 7783 5942. Martin Briscoe. Janet Gimber advises that it was Capel Horeb (Calvinistic Methodist). Its brief Coflein entry dates it to 1852 - however, this source says "
A chapel was established here in 1852. In 1873 a new chapel was built to the designs of Richard Owens". Another view, Martin
Richter (2023).
Bylchau, St. Thomas, a G. G. Scott church consecrated in 1857. SH 9765 6300. Martin Briscoe. Coflein entry. About half a mile west-south-west of Bylchau sits the former Hebron Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist
). It hasn't so far been passed by the Google van - can you provide a photo? SH 9700 6277. The Coflein entry provides a date of 1852, when the chapel was built adjacent to a Sunday School of 1812. It was in secular use by the 1980's. Coflein also notices a Sunday School (pre-1900 at SH 9759 6293, but doesn't mention its denomination. However it sits fairly close to St. Thomas. It can be seen here. Labelled on maps as Capel-y-Rhiw is where a former Ebeneser Independent Chapel sits, in an isolated position over a mile north-north-east of Bylchau. It can be seen in a 2009 Streetview here. The blue sign on the gable end is a "For Sale" sign. SH 9803 6462. The Coflein entry advises that the building is dated 1873, though this records the enlargement of an earlier building of 1830.

Caerhun, St. Mary. SH 777 704. Martin Briscoe.
Capel Curig, St. Julitta. Dating from the decades either side of 1500, this was originally known as Capel Curig, or Curig's Chapel, from which the village took its name. The chapel's name was changed in 1883 when a new church was built. Two additional views - 1, 2. SH 718 579. All Dennis Harper (2013). Link. The new church was St. Curig (1883), but which has since been closed, and is now converted to a holiday let. Paul Wood. Link has numerous photos - well worth looking at for a superb mosaic.
Capel Garmon, the former St. Garmon (CiW) dating from 1862. SH 815 554. Mike Berrell. Another view. Dave explains that this was originally a Chapel of Ease to Llanwrst, and became a separate parish in 1927. There were earlier churches on the same site. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2. Link3. The former Seion Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. SH 816 553. Mike Berrell. Link1. Link2. Bethania Wesleyan Methodist Chapel stands at SH 8151 5565. The Coflein entry supplies dates of 1846, re-built 1878, and lists it as Calvinistic Methodist, but, as Howard Richter has advised, this is erroneous. He points out that the Ordnance Survey maps consistently label the building as Wesleyan, and this is supported by other sources. It can be seen on a 2010 Streetview here - the building with the blue roller door.
Capel Siloam, Chapel, dating from 1875. SH 833 530. Mike Berrell.
Cerrigydrudion, St. Mary Magdalene. SH 953 487. Martin Briscoe. Another view. Dave Westrap. Link1. Link2Capel Jerwsalem (Calvinistic Methodist, 1899). SH 952 485. Martin Briscoe. Link. The former Moriah (Moreia) Congregational Chapel (1876) now serves as part of a medical practice. SH 954 486. Martin Briscoe. Link.
Colwyn Bay.
Cwm Penmachno, St. Tudclud (1857, replacing an earlier building). SH 790 506. A 2018 Streetview. Coflein entry, which says that the churchyard once had another church - St. Enclydwyn, but that it fell into ruin long ago, and all above-ground traces have vanished. Grade II listed. Salem Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist, 1853, re-built 1873) stands nearby at SH 7897 5064. A 2009 Streetview. Coflein entry. Capel Shilo Wesleyan Chapel (1864).
SH 7595 4769. A 2011 Streetview. Coflein entry. All Colin Waters Collection. Howard Richter has advised of some nearby chapels, as follows. Bethania Wesleyan Methodist (1867) stands at SH 7898 5051, and is grade II listed. The Coflein entry says that it closed in 2002. A 2017 Streetview. Capel Rhyd-y-meirch (Calvinistic Methodist, 1864, re-built 1898) is at SH 7633 4778. A 2011 Streetview. An earlier one of 2009 shows some works being carried out. Coflein entry. Capel Carmel (Wesleyan, 1882) stands at SH 7510 4735. Not well seen on the 2009 Streetview - it's the white-gabled building in the distance. Coflein entry. The former St. Enclydwyn's Mission Church (converted from a National  School in 1921) stands just a short walk from Capel Shilo at SH 7588 4770. According to the Coflein entry (which includes some architectural plans and illustrations), it was converted to secular use in 1981. A 2009 Streetview.

Dawn, Rehoboth Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, which sits to the north-east of the village at SH 8701 7311. The Coflein entry dates it to 1837 and says that it was still a chapel in 2000. It can be seen here on a 2011 Streetview. To the west of the village, at SH 8521 7277 is Croes-engan Welsh Presbyterian Chapel. The Coflein entry says it is a 1906 re-build on the site of an earlier chapel of 1840. The now-converted chapel, visible here on a 2011 Streetview, was at the far end of the building, originally (as old maps show) with a small porch projecting from the corner towards the road.
Dinmael, Chapel. SJ 006 448. Martin Briscoe.
Dolwyddelan, St. Gwyddelan (CiW). Link1. Link2. Capel Bethel. Moriah Chapel. All John Balaam (2009).
Dwygyfylchi, St. Gwynin. Eglwys Gynulleidfaol Horeb. Converted chapel. All Martin Briscoe.


Gellioedd, Independent Chapel. Its predecessor (ruinous) stands adjacent. Both Gervase N. E. Charmley (2011).
Groes, Capel Y Groes (Calvinistic Methodis
t) can be seen in a 2009 Streetview here. SJ 0078 6468. The Coflein entry advises that it bears date 1862, which refers to enlargement of the chapel, built in 1817.
Gwydir Uchaf, Chapel. SH 795 609. Martin Briscoe.
Gwytherin, the former St. Winifre
d. Streetview only managed a distant view of the churchyard, some photos of the church (exterior and interior) can be seen here (the history page is also useful). More exterior photos can be seen on the grade II listing. SH 8767 6146. Coflein entry. Siloh Welsh Presbyterian Chapel (1815, re-built 1855). It can be seen on a 2009 Streetview here. SH 8768 6175. Coflein entry. About a mile and a half north-east stands Capel Cae'r Graig (Welsh Presbyterian), at SH 8902 6352. 2009 Streetview. Coflein entry. Grade II listed. Old maps from between the wars show a Sunday School in an isolated position over a mile N.W. of the village, at circa SH 8606 6229. Some maps name the building as Tyn-y-Pant. From an inspection of more recent maps, and satellite images, Howard Richter suspects that the building no longer exists, but it stood among the trees in the background of this 2011 Streetview.
Gyffin, Meddygfa Chapel. SH 779 769. Mike Berrell.

Henryd, Chapel (1822). SH 769 748. Mike Berrell.

Kinmel Bay, Kinmel Bay Church. SH 990 800. Mike Berrell.

Llanbedr-Y-Cennin, St. Peter. SH 760 696. Salem Chapel. SH 764 693. Both Martin Briscoe.
Llanddulas, St. Cynbryd. SH 909 782. Mike Berrell. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. Link1. Link2. St. Mary. SH 908 782. Mike Berrell. Methodist Church (1951) on Minffordd Road. SH 905 781. Mike Berrell.
Llandrillo yn Rhos, St. Trillo. SH 832 806. Mike Berrell. Link.
Llandudno Junction, St. Michael and All Angels, on Glyn-y-Marl Road. SH 798 782. Mike Berrell. Another view. Noel Walley. Link. Former chapel, now Canolfan Iman Centre, on Glyn-y-Marl Road. SH 797 780. Mike Berrell. Eglwys Bresbyteraidd Cymru at Pensarn, formerly Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, dating from 1888. SH 805 777. Mike Berrell. Preswylfa Methodist Chapel on Conwy Road. Seventh-day Adventist Church also meets here. SH 799 778. Mike Berrell. St. Cystennin, on Cystennin Lane - Llangystennin Parish Church. SH 822 792. Noel Walley.
Llanefydd, St. Nefydd and St. Mary, can be seen on a 2009 Streetview here. SH 9821 7060. The Coflein entry dates it to circa 1500, but says there are documents referring to the church (or a predecessor) as far back as 1291. Grade I listed. Other structures associated with the church are also listed, and these can be accessed here. A short distance away at SH 98
16 7067 is the 1867 Capel-y-Llan (Calvinistic Methodist) - 2009 Streetview here. Coflein entry. Bryndeunydd Baptist stands at SH 9928 6954, about a mile south-east of the village. A 2009 Streetview is available here, and shows the chapel (nearest to the camera), with its predecessor adjacent. The Coflein entry dates it to 1877, and the older Scotch Baptist Chapel (Coflein entry) to 1823. The latter chapel is grade II listed. Peniel Welsh Baptist Chapel is at Pentre Isaf, about half a mile north of the village, and can be seen on Streetview here. SH 9824 7161. Its Coflein entry dates it to 1849, a re-build of its 1814 predecessor. About a mile and a quarter south-east of the village stands Cefn Berain (Calvinistic Methodist) at SH 9987 6929. Streetview. The Coflein entry dates the original chapel to about 1854, with re-builds in 1864 and 1898. Capel Ffynnonau (also Calvinistic Methodist) is about a mile west of the village, at SH 9660 7042. Streetview, and its nearby Church Hall. The Coflein entry dates it to 1861, a re-build following two earlier chapels of 1795 and 1826. Grade II listed.
Llanelian, St. Elian (CiW). Two additional views - 1, 2. SH 8635 7643. All Martin Richter (2011). Link, which has numerous interior photos, including the wall paintings. Grade II* listing, which dates the church as medieval, with a mention in a document of 1291, and on the site of an earlier church. Details of five tombs and a sun-dial, all grade II listed, can be found here. Coflein entry.
Llanfair Talhaiarn, St. Mary and St. Talhaearn (CiW). Interior view. Both John Balaam (2010). Link.
Llangelynin, the former New Church, now an arts studio. SH 771 735. Mike Berrell. Grade II listed. The Coflein entry says that it was a late-Georgian replacement for an earlier church, "remodelled" in 1840. Another photo of it is available here.
Llangernyw, St. Digain can be seen on a 2009 Streetview here. It was much restored in the nineteenth century, though substantial medieval work still survives. SH 8750 6745. Coflein entry. Grade II* listed. Capel Bethabara (Welsh Baptist) stands a little way south at SH 8745 6730. It is an 1871 re-build of an 1830 chapel. A 2009 Streetview is available here. Coflein entry. A short way further south again i
s Capel-y-Cwm (Calvinistic Methodist), a 1909 re-build of an 1838 chapel) at SH 8745 6720, visible on a 2009 Streetview. The Coflein entry has some external photos. About a mile ESE of the village stands the isolated former Capel Garnedd (Calvinistic Methodist) at SH 8891 6698. The 2009 Streetview shows the chapel behind the car, with attached house at right angles. Another Streetview. Coflein entry.
Llangystennin - see Llandudno.
Llanrhos, Llandudno - see Llandudno.
Llansan Sior, St. George. Interior view. SH 974 758. Both Mike Berrell. A former Independent Chapel of 1866 stands some distance north of the village, at Bodoryn Cottages. It's now in secular use. SH 9783 7725. Mike Berrell. Coflein entry. Howard Richter advises that the Independent Chapel had a predecessor at SH 9747 7591, closer to the village, and now in use as a school. It can be seen on Streeview here. Coflein entry.

Maerdy, St. Catherine. SJ 018 444. Martin Briscoe.
Mochdre, the former St. Mary, currently (2008) closed and awaiting sale and redevelopment. SH 827 783. St. David (R.C., Society of St. Pius X). SH 831 792. Link. Bron-y-Nant Crematorium Chapel. SH 828 794. Link. All Mike Berrell.
Moelfre, Ty Capel. SH 961 742. Mike Berrell.

Nebo, Chapel (1867). SH 837 561. Mike Berrell.

Old Colwyn.

Padog, Chapel. SH 840 513. Mike Berrell.
Pandy Tudur, St. David. The Coflein entry dates it to the 1860's and has an interior and two exterior photos. SH 8617 6472. Two 2009 Streetviews - 1, 2. Capel Bethania (
Calvinistic Methodist) is a re-build of 1907 of a chapel of 1826, as per the Coflein entry. SH 8590 6433. Martin Briscoe.
Penmaen Rhos, Disgwylfa Addoldy yr Eglwys Fethodistraidd (Welsh Wesleyan Methodist, 1901). SH 8791 7843. Mike Berrell. The Coflein entry has a good number of additional photos. Bethel Congregational Chapel stands just a short distance away, at SH 8782 7836. It can be seen here on a 2009 Streetview. As Howard Richter has pointed out, the Coflein entry for this is suspect. The grid reference is adrift (they give SH 8777 7830) and a date of 1881. There was another chapel nearby, shown on O.S. maps as Presbyterian in 1900 but Congregational by 1913. This has a grid reference of SH 8777 7834. Demolished for road widening by 1957, it stood roughly where the Streetview camera was to take this view in 2009. Howard suspects that this is the 1887 chapel, and which was replaced following its demolition by Bethel.

Pensarn, St. David (CiW) on South Parade. SH 948 786. Chapel (closed) on Towyn Road. SH 949 787. Mike thinks it might have been Presbyterian. Judy Flynn, referencing Pevsner, and an old postcard, advises that it was indeed Presbyterian, of the English speaking variety, and dating from 1877-8. Pensarn Family Church (Evangelical Alliance, Presbyterian Church). SH 949 787. All Mike Berrell.
Pentre Isaf, Capel Cefn-Coch (Calvinistic Methodist) can be seen in a 2009 Streetview here. The Coflein entry dates it to a mid 19th century re-build of an earlier chapel of 1796, although curiously, its grade II listing (which includes some photographs) says it
is "little altered since its erection in 1796". The former Capel Ainon (Baptist) stands about 3/4 of a mile NE of Pentre, at SH 8825 6977, and is now in residential use. Seen on a 2009 Streetview here and here, the Coflein entry gives it dates of 1862-1986. Lastly, about a mile NW of Pentre is the very isolated Codau Baptist Chapel, at SH 8637 7074. The Coflein entry dates it to 1832, with closure in the 1980's. It says that it "stood disused in the 1990's", but the presence of tools and ladders in the 2009 Streetview suggests it may have been undergoing conversion at that time.
 Pentrefoelas, the Parish Church (dedication lost). SH 873 516.
Standing in relative isolation on the west side of the B5113, about a mile and a half north-west of the village is the former Capel Pisgah (1878), now in secular use. It was active at least until 1953. SH 8573 5300. Coflein entry. Both Mike Berrell.
Pentre-Tafarn-y-Fedw, the former Carmel Calvinistic Methodist/Presbyterian Chapel, which stands in isolation some distance north-east of the settlement at
SH 8242 6297. The link is to a 2009 Streetview. SH 8242 6297. The Coflein entry provides a date of 1833.
Pont-Cyfyng, the former St. John the Baptist Mission Church, as seen by Streetview in 2011. According to its Coflein entry it dates to circa 1875, and had closed by 1953. SH 7345 5683. A little further to the S.E. is a former Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. SH 7367 5672. Martin Richter (2022). Coflein entry.

Rowen, Seion Chapel. SH 758 721. Martin Briscoe.

St. George - see Llansan Sior above.

Tal-y-Bont, Capel-y-M.C. SH 769 684. Martin Briscoe. Another view, Steve Bulman.
Tan-y-Fron, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, which stands about two miles S.E. of Llansannen. The Coflein entry dates it to 1903, a re-build of a chapel first built in 1772 and re-built in 1837. It can be seen on a 2009 Streetview here.
Trefriw, St. Mary (CiW). 115 SH 780 632. Dave Westrap. Another view. Steve Bulman. Link. Independent Chapel. 115 SH 780 631. Dave Westrap. Link. Peniel Presbyterian Church. 115 SH 780 632. Dave Westrap.
Trofarth, the former St. John, which stands in an isolated position about 3 miles w.s.w. of Betws-yn-Rhos, a
t SH 8574 7182. A G. G. Scott church, it was built in 1873, and, according to the Wikipedia entry, planning permission for conversion to "domestic use" was ganted in 2009. The link is to a 2009 Streetview, before its (presumed) conversion. Coflein entry. Grade II listed.

Ty-Nant, Moriah Chapel dating from 1876. SH 990 448. Martin Briscoe.
Tyn-Y-Groes, Chapel. SH 775 719. Martin Briscoe.

Ysbyty Ifan, St. John the Baptist. Interior view. SH 843 489. The former Seion Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, now disused. SH 844 486. Both Mike Berrell. There is a small isolated chapel just over a mile north-east of the village. Standing at SH 8590 4956, the former Calvinistic Methodist Capel Saron can be seen on a 2011 Streetview here. The Coflein entry dates it to 1844.




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