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Abergwili, St. David. Another view. According to local legend, the finial atop the spire was made from a stone to which the stake had been fixed for the execution by burning of Bishop Ferrar in 1555, during the Marian persecutions. All Janet Gimber (2018). Coflein entry. Grade II listed. Capel y Ebeneser Annibynwyr (Independent). SN 437 211. Mike Berrell (2009).
Alltwalis, the derelict Capel Troedrhiw. The date-stone above the door bears the dates 1833 and 1897.
Gerard Charmley (2011).

Bancyfelin, Capel Bankyfelin. The date-stone has dates 1788, 1865, and 1936. SN 323 179. Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Bryn, Capel y Bryn (Welsh Independent, 1846, enlarged 1856) on Gelli Road. Emmanuel Free Presbyterian Church on Brynrhos. Link. Both
Jim Parker.
Burry Port.
Bwlchgwynt, Baptist Chapel. It has a date stone giving various dates as follows - Built 1756, re-built 1799, enlarged 1841, altered 1861, and "new seated" in 1863.
SN 215 138. Peter Morgan (2011). Link.
Bynea, Berea Chapel (Welsh Independent) on Tanygraig. Another view. Bynea Gospel Hall on Station Road. All
Jim Parker.

Capel Dewi, St. David. Gerard Charmley (2011).
Capel Hendre, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1900).
Peter Morgan (2012).
St. Mary (CiW). Another view. Baptist Church, on Heol y Capel. All Janet Gimber (2018).
Cefneithin, Tabernacle Independent Chapel (1870).
Peter Morgan (2011).
Cross Hands,
St. Anne (1909). Bryn Seion Evangelical Church. Tabor Baptist Chapel (founded 1872). All Peter Morgan (2011).
Cyffig, Cyffig Church. SN 208 139.
Peter Morgan (2011). Link.
Cildywyll (near Llanddowror), Elim Congregational Chapel.
SN 236 129. Peter Morgan (2011).
Cwmbach, Capel-Y-Graig. The date-stone had dates 1756, 1774, 1808, 1828, and 1928. SN 254 259. Both Mike Berrell (2012).

Cwmduad, Bedyddwyr Chapel.
Graeme Harvey.
Cwmdwyfran,  Capel - can you name it? SN 411 248. Mike Berrell (2009). Janet Gimber has advised that this was (a little unimaginatively) Capel Cwm-dwyfran, and Calvinistic Methodist since it was built in the late 18th century. Oddly, just one old map labels it "Presb".
Cwmffrwd, St. Anne. Seventh-day Adventist Church (formerly Bethel church, 1832). Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Cwm-miles, Chapel. Ruth Roberts.
Cwmsarddu, Baptist Church.
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Cynghordy, St. Mary, the Parish Church. Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Independent Chapel. All
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Cynwyl Elfed, the Parish Church (CiW). Bethel Chapel (Presbyterian). Both
Gerard Charmley. Another view. SN 372 277. Mike Berrell (2009).

Drefach, Hebron Seion Chapel (founded 1908), and a close-up of the date-stone, both Peter Morgan (2011).
Dre-Fach Felindre,
Pen-Rhiw Unitarian Church - see St. Fagan's, Cardiff.
Duffryn, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1875).
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Dyffryn, Ffynonbedr Church. The date stone. Both
Peter Morgan (2011).

Esgair (north of St. Clears), Salem Chapel. The stone displays dates of 1769-1923. Peter Morgan (2011).

Efailwen, Nebo Chapel. Ruth Roberts.

Ffairfach, Capel Tabernacl (1860). SN 628 213. Mike Berrell (2009).
Felinfoel, Llanelli - see Llanelli.
Foelgastell, Peniel Chapel (formed 1909). Peter Morgan (2011).

Garnant, Bethel Independent Chapel (1875). SN 688 132. Capel Carmel (Independent, 1877). Two views of the rather handsome interior - 1, 2. SN 690 131. All Mike Berrell (2009).
Gellywen, Ainon Baptist Church (1828, re-built 1880).
Interior view. Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Glanaman, Independent Chapel. SN 677 136. The former Capel Bethel (1893), now in residential use. SN 672 135. The former Capel y Brynseion Annibynwyr (Independent) on High Street, now a private residence. SN 675 136. Bethesda Baptist Church on Cwmamman Road. SN 681 135. All Mike Berrell (2009).
Gorslas, St. Lleian. Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2011).

Hendy-Gwyn (aka Whitland).
Henllan (near Whitland), Henllan Congregational Church, which, although dating from 1927, was built to resemble a chapel of earlier centuries. Interior view, and the pulpit. All
Gerard Charmley (2010).
Henllan Amgoed, St. Canna - semi-derelict. Another view. SN 185 207.
Both Mike Berrell (2011).


Laugharne, St. Martin. Another view. English Congregational Chapel. All Peter Morgan (2011).
Llanarthne, the Parish Church. SN 534 203. Saron Independent Chapel. Both
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Llanboidy, St. Brynach. SN 216 233.
Trinity Independent Chapel. SN 216 232. Both Mike Berrell (2011).
Llandawke, St. Oudoceus. Interior view. Both
Peter Morgan (2011). In the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches since 2006 - link.
Llanddeusant, St. Simon and St. Jude. Interior view. SN 713 060. Both Mike Berrell (2009). Carole Spackman has written a history of the church, and invited me to host it, which I'm delighted to be able to do, and it is available here.
Llanddowror, the Parish Church. Tabernacle Chapel bears dates 1797, 1842 and 1934. Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Llandre, the former St. Philip & St. James, now a private residence. ca. SN 153 234. Ruth Roberts.
Llandybie, St. Tybie, the Parish Church. SN 618 155. Capel Sion Annibynol (Independent, 1896). SN 618 153. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on High Street. SN 618 154. Ebenezer Apostolic Community Church on Ammanford Road. SN 620 152. All Mike Berrell (2009). Calvinistic Methodist Chapel.
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Llandyfaelog, St. Maelog.
The former Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Llandyfan, the Parish Church. SN 642 172. Mike Berrell (2009).
Llanedi, Ebenezer Methodist Church (1835, re-built 1899). Sardis Chapel (1815, re-built 1849 and 1910). Both Peter Morgan (2012).
Llanfallteg, the former St. Mallteg, now deconsecrated and privately owned. Interior view. SN 153 196. Capel Mair (1877), and a glimpse of the interior taken through a window. SN 153 196. Mike Berrell (2011).
Llanfallteg West, derelict chapel. A date-stone says "Rebuilt A.D. 1876". SN 144 182. Mike Berrell (2011).
Llangadog, St. Cadog. Interior view. SN 707 285. Providence Independent Chapel (1840, re-built and enlarged 1883. SN 707 280. The former Capel Seion (1808, re-built 1886), now in secular use. SN 707 282. Gosen Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1840, re-built 1907). Two interior views - 1, 2. SN 704 287. All Mike Berrell (2009).
Llangain, Smyrna Chapel (1835). It also displays dates of 1865 and 1915. Peter Morgan (2011).
Llangeler, the church. Graeme Harvey.
Llangynin, St. Cynin. Another view. Rhyd-y-Ceisiaid Chapel. Bryn Chapel (founded 1868). SN 250 198. All Peter Morgan (2011).
Llangynog, St. Cynog. Another view, and an interior view. Ebenezer Chapel, congregation founded in 1811. All Peter Morgan (2011).
Llanllwch, St. Mary. Peter Morgan (2011).
Another view, Peter Morgan (2011). Link.
Llanllwni. This link attributes two dedications, the older being to St. Llonio, but since the late 19th century, it has been St. Luke. Interior view. Both
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Llannon, St. Non. Another view. Hermon Chapel (1850).
All Peter Morgan (2011).
Llansadurnen, St. Sadwrnen. Interior view. Both
Peter Morgan (2011).
Llansaint, All Saints. Another view. Dating from the C12, the tower was added in the 14th. Two ancient Ogham stones are built into a church wall, and more on these can be found here. Tabor Independent Chapel (1877). The former Sion Methodist Chapel (1808), now residential. All
Peter Morgan (2011).
Llansawel, the Parish Church. Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. The date-stone has dates 1749 and 1828. Shiloh Independent Chapel (1868). All
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Llansteffan, St. Stephen (or St. Ysytffan). Previously in the "Unknown" section, this old postcard from Reg Dosell's Collection was identified by Janet Gimber and Garry Barr. A modern view. Peter Morgan (2011). Bethany Baptist Chapel (1833, re-built 1866). Peter Morgan (2011). Bethel Independent Chapel (1865). Peter Morgan (2011). Moriah Calvinistic Methodist Chapel bears dates 1804, 1837, 1871 and 1910. Peter Morgan (2011). 
Llanwinio, St. Gwynio. SN 261 265. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.
Llanybri, Holy Trinity (1851, restored 1891). Nywedd Chapel; the date-stone bears dates 1814 for the foundation of the congregation, 1873, and 1959. The foundation stone has 1873. Peter Morgan (2011).
Llanycrwys, St. David. Another view. Both Chris Emms (2009).
Llethrach, Cana Congregational Chapel dates from 1862. Peter Morgan (2011).
Login, Calfaria Particular Baptist Chapel - built 1827, re-built 1877. Doorway. Link. The former Cilymaenllwyd church, now converted to residential use. All Ruth Roberts.

Maesybont, Hebron Chapel (1923), which stands some distance away from the village, at SN 569 164. Its present status is uncertain, but is perhaps now a former chapel in residential use. The wording above the entrance porch - Neuadd Efengylu - translates as "Hall of Evangelism". Janet has seen the chapel referred to as Welsh Evangelical and as Hebron Gospel Hall. Another view. Both Janet Gimber (2018).
, St. Lawrence. Interior view. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Another interior view, Mike Berrell (2011).
Meidrim, Eglwys Dewi Sant, the parish church. Church - some references call it St. David's, others just as Meidrim Church. Another view. Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1903). All Peter Morgan (2011).
Merthyr, St. Martin. Interior view (taken through a window). Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Milo, Congregational Chapel (1904), originally Independent. Its predecessor stands directly across the road. Both
Janet Gimber (2018).
Myddfai, St. Michael. Interior view. SN 772 301. Capel Bethania (Methodist, 1857, re-built 1880). SN 774 30. Capel Seion (1890). SN 771 302. All Mike Berrell (2009).
Mynyddygarreg, St. Teilo. Horeb Methodist Chapel dates from 1838, though the congregation was formed in 1741. Possible former church, converted to residential use. Janet Gimber advises that this was originally Zoar Welsh Independent Chapel, and later Soar Independent. All Peter Morgan (2011).

Nantgaredig, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2011).
Newcastle Emlyn.

Pembrey, St. Illtyd on Pembrey Square. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Two modern views - 1, 2- both Jim Parker. A niece of Josephine (consort of Napolean) is buried here. Link. Bethel Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) on Gwscwm Road. Jim Parker. Hermon Wesleyan Chapel (1858) on Waun Deri. Jim Parker.
Pencader, the former Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (now disused). The former Hen Capel Independent Chapel (now a nursery). Moriah Baptist Chapel.
Tabernacle Independent Chapel. All Gerard Charmley (2011).
Peniel, Peniel Independent Chapel.
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Penrhiwgoch, Baptist Chapel (1909). Gerard Charmley (2011). Cefenberach Methodist Church stands at SN 567 186. The small date-stone above the central window says that it was re-built in 1871. Janet Gimber (2018).
Pont-ar-gothi, Siloam Independent Chapel. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3. SN 507 217. All Mike Berrell.
Pontsarn, Babell Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist), with dates of 1834, 1870, and 1906. Gerard Charmley (2010).
Porthyrhyd, Smyrna Baptist Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2011). Bethlehem Baptist Chapel, Peter Morgan (2011).
Pumpsaint, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, as seen by the Streetview van in 2016. SN 6556 4075. Coflein dates it to 1875, enlarged in 1886. Salem Baptist Chapel. It stands about a mile N.N.W. of the village at SN 6496 4228. Its Coflein entry dates it to
1828, re-built, and/or enlarged in 1871. Neil Floyd. Grade II listed.
Pwll, Holy Trinity (CiW) on Elgin Road. Another view. Link. Libanus Independent Chapel on Elgin Road. Another view. Bethlehem Baptist Chapel on Pwll Road. Another view. Cemetery Chapel. All Jim Parker.

Rhos, St. James. SN 380 353. Mike Berrell (2009).
Rhydargaeu, Baptist Chapel. Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Both
Gerard Charmley (2011).
Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2011).

St. Clears, Abercywyn Church (CiW). Interior view. SN 299 169. Trinity Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - 1830, re-built 1870-something (1874?), and restored 1924. Capel Mair (1862). Seion Baptist Chapel (1848). Bethlehem Chapel at Pwll-Trap bears dates 1765, 1785, 1833, 1871 and 1909. Priory Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and interior view. Link. All Peter Morgan (2011).
Saron (near Drefach), Saron Chapel. SN 374 383. Graeme Harvey. Another view. Mike Berrell (2009).
Saron (near Ammanford), St. David (CiW). Saron Chapel (1814, re-built 1865 and 1913). Both Peter Morgan (2012).
Siloh, Annibynwyr Chapel. Graeme Harvey. Calvinistic Methodist Chapel.
Gerard Charmley (2011).

Talsarn, Capel (1860). SN 779 260. Mike Berrell (2009).
Three Lords, the former Ebenezer Independent Chapel (1864), now used as a farm store. Peter Morgan (2011).
Towy Castle, Rama Independent Chapel (1840, re-built 1871). Peter Morgan (2011).
Trevaughan, Bethania Chapel. Ruth Roberts.
Twynllanan, Capel (1790, re-built 1897 and renovated 1910). SN 756 244. Mike Berrell (2009).

Ty-Hen, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1830, re-built 1867). SN 301 241. Peter Morgan (2011).
Tycroes, St. Edmund (CiW). Bethesda Chapel (1932). Moriah Independent Chapel (1876). Neuadd Gospel Hall (1932). Caersalem Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1876). All Peter Morgan (2012).

Whitemill, mortuary chapel, formerly a Baptist Chapel. Gerard Charmley (2011).




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