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Abergwili, St. David. Another view. According to local legend, the finial atop the spire was made from a stone to which the stake had been fixed for the execution by burning of Bishop Ferrar in 1555, during the Marian persecutions. SN 4398 2086. All Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Coflein entry. Grade II listed. Capel y Ebeneser Annibynwyr (Independent). Its Coflein entry dates the present building to 1900, but it also says "has foundation/memorial stones of 1927", which seems odd. SN 4371 2107. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein also mentions predecessor chapels of 1815 and 1834. The 25" O.S. map of 1906 shows Capel Ebenezer (Free United) a short distance from the site of the later chapel, at SN 4374 2111, which was perhaps one of these. Streetview saw the industrial/commercial building (the low building behind the garages) on its site in 2023.
Alltwalis, the derelict Capel Troedrhiw. The date-stone above the door bears the dates 1833 and 1897. SN 4454 3178.
Gerard Charmley (2011). A more recent Streetview (2022) shows the former chapel in better condition - perhaps it's been converted to residential use.

Bancyfelin, Capel Bankyfelin (Presbyterian). The date-stone has dates 1788, 1865, and 1936. SN 3231 1798. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein.
Bryn, Capel y Bryn (Welsh Independent, 1841, enlarged 1856) on Gelli Road. SN 5373 0055.
Jim Parker. Emmanuel Free Presbyterian Church on Brynrhos. A 2021 Streetview shows the building looking a little uncared for, so it may have been closed. SN 5332 0069. Jim Parker. Link. Old maps show Capel Tabor (Baptist) on Tabor Terrace, at SN 5437 0066. It pre-dates a map of 1889 where it's labelled as Baptist Chapel (Welsh Particular), and it seems to have been active into the 1950's at least. Since closed and demolished, it was replaced with a house before the first Streetview visit in 2009.
Burry Port.
Bwlchygwynt, Baptist Chapel. It has a date stone giving various dates as follows - Built 1756, re-built 1799, enlarged 1841, altered 1861, and "new seated" in 1863.
SN 2151 1386. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein.
Bynea, Berea Chapel (Welsh Independent) on Tanygraig Road. Its date-stone is for 1934, and its Coflein entry says it had predecessors, presumably on the same site. It was for sale in 2021. Another view. SS 5447 9946. Both
Jim Parker. Bynea Gospel Hall on Station Road. SS 5501 9933. Jim Parker. Presumably it had a predecessor in the same place, or close by, as Coflein says it was demolished "by 1998". Streetviews show the present building in place no later than 2009.

Capel Hendre, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1900). SN 5942 1123. Peter Morgan (2012). Link. Its Coflein entry is odd - it says built 1812, re-built or modified in 1841, 1879 and 1900, and "The current chapel, dated 1879...." - yet as can be seen from a 2022 Streetview, it's clearly dated 1900.
St. Mary (CiW). Another view. SN 5875 1635. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Baptist Church, on Heol y Capel. Coflein dates it to 1913, on the site of earlier chapels. SN 5842 1650. Janet Gimber (2018).
Cefneithin, Tabernacle Independent Chapel (date-stone for 1870, as seen by Streetview in 2022).
Its Coflein entry erroneously dates it to 1877. SN 5528 1380. Peter Morgan (2011).
Cildywyll (near Llanddowror), Elim Congregational Chapel.
I can't make out what the date-stone says, either in Peter's photo, or on Streetview, but its Coflein entry dates it to a re-build in 1872 of a chapel first built in 1832. SN 2364 1298. Peter Morgan (2011).
Cross Hands, St. Anne (1909). SN 5605 1255. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Bryn Seion Evangelical Church. A map of 1915 labels it as Bryn Sion (Mission Hall). It's dated by Coflein to 1907. SN 5555 1227. Peter Morgan (2011). Tabor Baptist Chapel (founded 1872). SN 5584 1331. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Cwmbach, Capel-Y-Graig (Calvinistic Methodist). The date-stone had dates 1756, 1774, 1808, 1828, and 1928. SN 2538 2587. Both Mike Berrell (2012). Coflein. Grade II listed.

Cwmduad, Bedyddwyr Chapel.
Graeme Harvey.
Cwmdwyfran, Chapel - can you name it? SN 4113 2485. Mike Berrell (2009). Janet Gimber has advised that this was called (a little unimaginatively) Capel Cwm-dwyfran, and Calvinistic Methodist since it was built in the late 18th century. One old map labels it "Presb". Coflein dates it to 1861, on the site of a predecessor of 1792.
Cwmffrwd, St. Anne (of 1866, Coflein). SN 4241 1702. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Seventh-day Adventist Church (formerly Bethel church, of 1832). Coflein asserts that this was originally a Sunday School only, rather than a church, and has also been a Latter-day Saints church. SN 4234 1739. Peter Morgan (2011). Link.
Cwm-miles, (the former?) Independent Chapel. SN 1614 2241. Ruth Roberts. Another view (2021 Streetview), which shows the date-stone. Zooming in shows dates of 1858 and 1900. Coflein.
Cwmsarnddu, Baptist Church, which Coflein dates to 1812, with later re-builds and/or modifications.
SN 7421 3662. Gerard Charmley (2011).
Cyffic, St. Cyffic or Cyffig. SN 2081 1393.
Peter Morgan (2011). Link1. Link2. Coflein. Grade II* listed.
Cynghordy, St. Mary, the Parish Church.
Coflein dates it to 1882-3. SN 8086 3976. Gerard Charmley (2011). Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1844 - Coflein) which stands in the shadow of the Cynghordy Viaduct. Older O.S. maps label it as Capel Gosen. SN 8089 4175. Gerard Charmley (2011). Bethel Independent Chapel. Coflein dates it to 1872, a re-build of a chapel of 1841. SN 8070 3987. Gerard Charmley (2011). Another view, Mike Berrell (2009).
Cynwyl Elfed, St. Cynwyl (CiW). SN 3737 2751.
Gerard Charmley. Link. Coflein. Grade II* listed. The lych-gate is also listed, as grade II. Bethel Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist). Coflein dates it to 1857, on the site of earlier chapels of 1792 and 1829. SN 3729 2762. Gerard Charmley. Another view, Mike Berrell (2009). Grade II listed, as are the associated gates and railings.

Drefach, Hebron Independent Chapel (1908), and a close-up of the date-stone. SN 5303 1319. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Dre-Fach Felindre,
Pen-Rhiw Unitarian Church - see St. Fagan's, Cardiff, to where it was moved.

Esgair (north of St. Clears), Salem Chapel.
The stone displays dates of 1769 and 1923. See the observations on the chapel's Genuki page about Coflein's apparent confusion regarding this chapel. SN 2788 1978. Peter Morgan (2011).
Efailwen, Nebo Independent Chapel. Coflein dates it to a re-build in 1860 of a chapel of 1836. SN 1395 2569. Ruth Roberts. Grade II listed.

Ffairfach, Capel Tabernacl. Its Coflein entry dates it to a re-build in 1860 on the site of two earlier chapels of 1817 and 1839. SN 6285 2130. Mike Berrell (2009).
Felinfoel, Llanelli - see Llanelli.
Foelgastell, Peniel Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist, 1909). Its Coflein entry, at the time of writing this, says 1809, but this is incorrect as it's absent from earlier maps, and the date-stone (2019 Streetview) seems to say 1909. SN 5474 1463. Peter Morgan (2011).

Garnant, Hope Church on Dynevor Road, as seen by Streetview in 2022. SN 6889 1307. Link. Calfaria Baptist Chapel is also on Dynevor Road, and was seen by Streetview in 2021. It has a date-stone for 1906, but its Coflein entry dates it to a re-build in 1882 of a chapel of 1844. The 1" O.S. map of 1960 doesn't show it as a place of worship, so had presumably closed by then. SN 6903 1304. Christ Church (CiW), off Vicarage Road, as seen (just) by Streetview in 2010. SN 6888 1345. Link. Grade II listed, wherein its consecration is given as 1842.
Gellywen, Ainon Baptist Church (1828, re-built 1880).
Interior view. SN 2757 2367. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein.
Gorslas, St. Lleian. Its Coflein entry dates it to 1866, originally as a school, but converted into a parish church in 1879. Another view. SN 5698 1385. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Link.

Hendy-Gwyn (aka Whitland).
Henllan Amgoed (near Whitland), Henllan Congregational Church. According to its Coflein entry, the first chapel on the site was of 1697, with subsequent re-builds and/or enlargements in 1724, 1839 and 1927. Interior view, and the pulpit. SN 1794 2008. All
Gerard Charmley (2010). Under a mile to the south is the semi-derelict St. Canna. Another view. SN 1772 1872. Both Mike Berrell (2011). Coflein says it has "long been disused". A little over a mile to the north-east of the Congregational Church is St. David (2021 Streetview), at SN 1853 2073. This source has good photos, and another source says it was sold in 2010. Coflein.


Llanarthne(y), the Parish Church, St. Arthen (aka St. David). SN 5345 2026. Gerard Charmley (2011). Link. Coflein. Saron Independent Chapel. Coflein dates it to 1868. SN 5368 2000. Gerard Charmley (2011). Older O.S. maps show, south of the village, Capel y Dolau, at SN 5330 1991. Its Coflein entry describes it as Calvinistic Methodist, and dates it to 1815. It remained active at least into the mid-20th century. A 2021 Streetview provides a distant view.
Llanboidy, St. Brynach. SN 2164 2323.
Mike Berrell (2011). Link. Coflein. Trinity Independent/Congregational Chapel. Coflein advises that the chapel bears the date 1903, but that it was originally built in 1800. SN 2164 2317. Mike Berrell (2011).
Llandawke, St. Oudoceus. The 6" O.S. map from 1907 and Coflein both call it St. Margaret Marlos Church. Interior view. SN 2827 1121. Both
Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein entry. It's been in the care of the Friends of Friendless Churches since 2006 - link.
Llanddeusant, St. Simon and St. Jude. Interior view. SN 7769 2453. Both Mike Berrell (2009). Carole Spackman has written a history of the church, and invited me to host it, which I'm delighted to be able to do, and it is available here. Link. Coflein. Grade II* listed.
Llanddowror, the Parish Church, St. Teilo. A map of 1888 labels it as St. Cringat. SN 2560 1458. Peter Morgan (2011). Link1. Link2 includes an interior photo. Coflein. Tabernacle Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) bears dates 1797, 1842 and 1934. Its appearance and lack of a web presence suggests it's closed. SN 2553 1447. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Llandre, the former St. Philip & St. James, now a private residence. Coflein dates it to 1843, on a medieval site. SN 1535 2340. Ruth Roberts.
Llandybie, St. Tybie, the Parish Church. SN 6182 1555. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. Grade II* listed. Capel Sion Annibynol (Independent, 1896) on Ammanford Road. SN 6181 1533. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on High Street. Coflein calls it Waenllan, and dates it to an 1884 re-build of a chapel of 1809. SN 6178 1542. Mike Berrell (2009). Ebenezer Apostolic Community Church on Ammanford Road. SN 6194 1523. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. Calvinistic Methodist Chapel on Blaenau Road.
Coflein, which calls it Gosen, dates it to 1873, as a re-build of a chapel of 1829. SN 6167 1527. Gerard Charmley (2011). Grade II listed. Ammanford Church, which previously met in Ammanford (for which see the Ammanford page) now meets in Llandybie Public Memorial Hall (2022 Streetview) on Woodfield Road. SN 6179 1517. Link.
Llandyfaelog, St. Maelog.
SN 4149 1187. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein. Grade II listed. The former Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Coflein dates it originally to "before 1800", with closure by 2002. SN 4157 1180. Peter Morgan (2011).
Llandyfan, the Parish Church, St. Dyfan. SN 6417 1712. Mike Berrell (2009). Link. Coflein. Grade II listed. An open-air baptistery and churchyard walls are also listed, for which see here.
Llanedi, St. Edi, as seen by Streetview in 2021.
 SN 5888 0664. Link. Grade II listed. Ebenezer Methodist Church (1835, re-built 1899). SN 5848 0788. Peter Morgan (2012). Coflein. Sardis Baptist Chapel (1815, re-built 1849 and 1910). Coflein dates it originally to 1812 with later re-builds. SN 5822 0608.  Peter Morgan (2012).
Llanfallteg, Capel Mair (1877), and a glimpse of the interior taken through a window. SN 1529 1963. Mike Berrell (2011). Link. Coflein.
Llanfallteg West, the former St. Mallteg, now deconsecrated and privately owned. Interior view. SN 1472 1923. Both Mike Berrell (2011). Coflein. Derelict former chapel. A date-stone says "Rebuilt A.D. 1876". I haven't been able to discover anything about this church. SN 1442 1822. Mike Berrell (2011). The former(?) Rhos Chapel (2021 Streetview) at Bridge End. It has a date-stone for 1915. SN 1505 1946.
Llangadog, St. Cadog. Interior view. SN 7062 2846. Both Mike Berrell (2009). Link. Coflein. Grade II* listed. Providence Independent Chapel (1840, re-built and enlarged 1883. SN 7065 2805. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. The former Capel Seion (1808, re-built 1886), now in secular use. SN 7064 2824. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. Gosen Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1840, re-built 1907). Two interior views - 1, 2. SN 7040 2870. All Mike Berrell (2009). Grade II listed.
Llangain, the former church of St. Cain, as seen by Streetview in 2021. Its Coflein entry dates it to 1871, and says that its medieval predecessor is
"thought to have been located some 10m further south". SN 3889 1558. Smyrna Chapel (1835). It also displays dates of 1865 and 1915. SN 3836 1602. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Llangeler, St. Celer. SN 3740 3938. Graeme Harvey. A Streetview of 2015 provides another view. Its Coflein entry dates it to 1858, when it was re-built on the same footprint as its medieval predecessor. Coflein also says that the building is listed as grade II, but this appears to be incorrect. Link1. Link2.
Llangynin, St. Cynin. Another view. SN 2540 1804. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. Grade II* listed. Rhyd-y-Ceisiaid Independent Chapel. Coflein dates it to 1857-8 on the site of an earlier chapel of 1707-9. SN 2431 2099. Grade II listed. Bryn Chapel (founded 1868). It's dated by Coflein to a 1919 re-build of a chapel first built in 1868. SN 2502 1980. Peter Morgan (2011).
Llangynog, St. Cynog. Another view, and an interior view. SN 3384 1492. All Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. Grade II* listed. Ebenezer Baptist Chapel, congregation founded in 1811. SN 3398 1628. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Llanllwch, St. Mary. SN 3858 1878. Peter Morgan (2011).
Link. Coflein. Grade II* listed. The lych-gate is also listed, as grade II.
Llanllwni, the church. This link attributes two dedications, the older being to St. Llonio, but since the late 19th century, it has been St. Luke. Interior view. SN 4734 4130. Both
Gerard Charmley (2011). Link. Grade II* listed. Two mausoleums are also listed - see here. Coflein (and for the mausoleums - 1, 2). 
Llannon, St. Non. Another view. SN 5397 0847.
Both Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein. Grade II* listed. For other listed features, see here. Hermon Baptist Chapel, at the south end of the village. SN 5381 0769. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein dates it to 1898, on the site of an earlier chapel of 1850.
Llansadwrnen, St. Sadwrnen or Saturninus. Interior view. SN 2816 1027. Both
Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. Grade II listed.
Llansaint, All Saints. Another view. Dating from the C12, the tower was added in the 14th. Two ancient Ogham stones are built into a church wall, and more on these can be found here.
SN 3846 0805. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein. Grade II listed. Tabor Independent Chapel (1877). SN 3855 0826. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. The former Sion Methodist Chapel is now residential. Coflein dates it to a re-build in 1878  on the site of earlier chapels of 1808 and 1817. SN 3846 0816. Peter Morgan (2011).
Llansawel, the Parish Church, St. Sawel. SN 6203 3625.
Gerard Charmley (2011). Grade II listed. Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. The date-stone has dates 1749 and 1829. SN 6204 3648. Gerard Charmley (2011). Grade II listed. Shiloh Independent Chapel (1868). SN 6176 3620. Gerard Charmley (2011).
Llansteffan, St. Stephen (or St. Ysytffan). Previously in the "Unknown" section, this old postcard from Reg Dosell's Collection was identified by Janet Gimber and Garry Barr. SN 3501 1071. A modern view, Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein. Grade II* listed. Bethany Baptist Chapel (1833, re-built 1866). SN 3522 1100. Peter Morgan (2011). Bethel Independent Chapel (1865). SN 3509 1104. Peter Morgan (2011). Moriah Calvinistic Methodist Chapel bears dates 1804, 1837, 1871 and 1910. SN 3507 1133. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein. Old O.S. maps mark Meth. Chap. a little way west of St. Stephen at SN 3482 1068. It had been demolished by 1950, and the housing on the site was seen by Streetview in 2021.
Llanwinio, St. Gwynno. Coflein dates it to 1845, on a medieval site. SN 2611 2647. Mike Berrell (2015). Link.
Llanybri, Holy Trinity (1851, restored 1891). SN 3353 1244. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. The medieval church was situated in the village at SN 3371 1256. Coflein, which calls it Yr Hen Capel, as it was later used by a congregation of Independents, is somewhat contradictory in saying that it was built on the site of the medieval church, but also that the surviving ruins are the medieval church (which seems to be correct). The Coflein Images tab has a photo of the old church as it was before the 1974 fire which destroyed it. The remains were seen by Streetview in 2021. Capel Newydd - the date-stone bears dates 1814 for the foundation of the congregation, 1873, and 1959. The foundation stone has 1873. SN 3390 1280. Peter Morgan (2011).
Llanycrwys, St. David. Another view. SN 6451 4531. Both Chris Emms (2009).
 Link. Coflein. Grade II listed.
Llethrach (west of Carmarthen), Cana Congregational Chapel, which dates from 1862 as a re-build of a chapel of 1821. SN 3501 1922. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Login, Calfaria Particular Baptist Chapel - built 1827, re-built 1877. The doorway. SN 1651 2339. Both Ruth Roberts. A 2010 Streetview provides another view. Coflein. Grade II listed. The former Cilymaenllwyd church (St. Philip and St. James) at Llandre, west of Login. It's now in residential use. Coflein dates it to 1843, on the site of a predecessor. SN 1535 2340. Ruth Roberts.

Maesybont, Hebron Chapel (1923), which stands some distance away from the village, at SN 5698 1644. Its present status is uncertain, but is perhaps now a former chapel in residential use. The wording above the entrance porch - Neuadd Efengylu - translates as "Hall of Evangelism". Janet has seen the chapel referred to as Welsh Evangelical and as Hebron Gospel Hall. Another view. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Coflein says it was still in use as a chapel in 1997.
Marros, St. Lawrence. Interior view. SN 2072 0894. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Another interior view, Mike Berrell (2011).
 Link. Coflein. Grade II listed.
Meidrim, Eglwys Dewi Sant (St. David). This stands at the southern edge of the churchyard at SN 2893 2083. The Church stands just a few yards to the north at SN 2891 2086. Whether services are held in the church or the first building pictured is unclear. Another view. All Peter Morgan (2011).
 Link. Coflein. Grade II listed. Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Coflein dates it to 1904, with predecessors of circa 1790, 1837 and 1854. SN 2891 2096. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Grade II listed.
Merthyr, St. Martin (or sometimes St. Enfail). Interior view (taken through a window). SN 3520 2082. Both Peter Morgan (2011).
Link. Coflein reports a date of 1872-3, on a medieval site. Almost 2 miles to the N.W. is Ffynon Bedr Independent Chapel. The date stone says built in 1808, re-built 1851. SN 3144 2254. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein.
Milo, Congregational Chapel (1904), originally Independent. SN 5946 1778. Coflein dates it to 1904-5, and says it was still active in 1998. Its predecessor stands directly across the road. SN 5950 1800. Coflein dates it to a re-build in 1850 of an 1831 original. Both Janet Gimber (2018).
Monordeilo, Dyffryn Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1875).
SN 6758 2664. Gerard Charmley (2011). Coflein. Marked on O.S. maps about of a mile due west is the site of Capel yr Ywen, at SN 6717 2664. Coflein reports that there were visible ruins in 1833, but these had vanished by 1913. If the O.S. is accurate, it stood along the field boundary, somewhere behind the cattle in a 2021 Streetview. Link.
Myddfai, St. Michael. Interior view. SN 7724 3013. Mike Berrell (2009). Link. Coflein. Grade I listed. The churchyard wall, gates and the war memorial share a grade II listing. Capel Bethania (Methodist, 1857, re-built 1880). SN 7715 3021. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein, which dates it to 1880, a re-build of an earlier 1857 building. Capel Seion (1890). SN 7740 3023. Mike Berrell (2009). Coflein. Grade II listed.
Mynydd Llansadwrn, Capel Dewi-Sant. SN 6988 3548. Gerard Charmley (2011). Coflein.
Mynyddygarreg, St. Teilo. It post-dates a map of 1880. SN 4236 0770. Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Coflein. Horeb Methodist Chapel dates from 1838, though the congregation was formed in 1741. SN 4288 0855. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. Possible former church, converted to residential use. Janet Gimber advises that this was originally Zoar Welsh Independent Chapel, and later Soar Independent. SN 4363 0833. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein provides dates of 1869, re-built in 1929, and closed by 2004.

Nantgaredig, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. SN 4935 2177. Gerard Charmley (2011). Coflein dates it to 1817, a re-build of an original of "1760 or 1765".
Newcastle Emlyn.

Pembrey, St. Illtyd on Pembrey Square. SN 4286 0121. From an old postcard in Reg Dosell's Collection. Two modern views - 1, 2, both Jim Parker. A niece of Josephine (consort of Napoleon) is buried here. Link. Grade II* listed. An animal pound attached to the churchyard wall is also listed, as grade II. Bethel Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist) on Gwscwm Road. SN 4295 0126. Jim Parker. Hermon Wesleyan Chapel (1858) on Waun Deri. SN 4312 0111. Jim Parker.
Pencader, the former Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel.
Coflein dates it to 1908, with closure by 1998. SN 4472 3665. Gerard Charmley (2011). The former Yr Hen Capel Independent Chapel (now a nursery). SN 4453 3612. Gerard Charmley (2011). Coflein. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1827, on the site of predecessors of 1780 and 1650. Moriah Baptist Chapel, of 1897 (Coflein). SN 4454 3573. Gerard Charmley (2011). Tabernacle Independent Chapel. Coflein says it dates from 1909, was still active in 1998, and had a predecessor "some 160m north-north-west". This was Yr Hen Capel. SN 4459 3594. Gerard Charmley (2011). St. Mary, off Pencader Square. Not visible to Streetview, a photo is available here. Coflein dates it to 1881, and says it was built on the site of the "medieval Capel Mair". SN 4440 3628. Link.
Peniel (N.E. of Carmarthen), Peniel Independent Chapel. Coflein dates it to 1864, on the site of earlier chapels of 1847 and 1809. SN 4359 2416.
Gerard Charmley (2011). A little over half a mile to the E.N.E. stands Capel y Groes at SN 4443 2431. Large scale O.S. maps label it as Capel y Groes On Site of Chapel, with Chapel in the script indicating an ancient building. It was seen by Streetview in 2022. Coflein.
Penrhiwgoch, Baptist Chapel (1909). SN 5569 1785. Gerard Charmley (2011). Coflein mentions predecessors of 1797 and 1844. These were probably on a different site, as older O.S. maps show a Capel Pen-rhiw-goch some distance further north at SN 5560 1831. It's not clear from aerial views if anything survives of it, and the site hasn't been seen by Streetview. Cefenberach Methodist Church stands at SN 5678 1866. The small date-stone above the central window says that it was re-built in 1871. Janet Gimber (2018).
Pensarn, Babell Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist), with dates of 1834, 1870, and 1906. SN 4130 1921. Gerard Charmley (2010). Link. Coflein dates it to 1905, a re-build of a chapel of 1834.
Pont-ar-gothi, Siloam Independent Chapel. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3. SN 5062 2175. All Mike Berrell. Coflein.
Porthyrhyd (N.W. of Llandovery), Smyrna Baptist Chapel. Coflein dates the first chapel to 1828, re-built in 1885. SN 7103 3782. Gerard Charmley (2011).
Porthyrhyd (N. of Pontyberem), Bethlehem Baptist Chapel, dated by Coflein to 1817 or 1823, and re-built in 1842-3. SN 5207 1579. Peter Morgan (2011).
Pumpsaint, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, as seen by the Streetview van in 2016. SN 6556 4075. Coflein dates it to 1875, enlarged in 1886. Salem Baptist Chapel. It stands about a mile N.N.W. of the village at SN 6496 4228. Its Coflein entry dates it to
1828, re-built, and/or enlarged in 1871. Neil Floyd. Grade II listed.
Pwll, Holy Trinity (CiW) on Elgin Road. Another view. SN 4809 0110. Both Jim Parker. Link. Coflein dates it to 1905. Libanus Independent Chapel on Elgin Road has a date-stone for 1878. Another view. SN 4827 0109. Both Jim Parker. Coflein. Bethlehem Baptist Chapel on Pwll Road. Its date-stone says built 1834, re-built 1874. Another view. SN 4736 0107. Both Jim Parker. Coflein. Grade II listed. Cemetery Chapel. Jim Parker.

Rhos, St. James. SN 3801 3532. Mike Berrell (2009). Link. An O.S. map of 1907 shows two chapels nearby. Bryn-Saron Chapel (2022 Streetview) at SN 3814 3529, and Capel Siloh (2022 Streetview) at SN 3833 3530. Coflein dates Siloh to 1889, and Bryn-Saron to 1887. Additionally, the 1950 map adds another place of worship, at SN 3792 3546. Seen here by Streetview in 2011, it's identified on Geograph as Rhos Evangelical Church.
Rhydargaeu, Horeb Baptist Chapel. It's dated by Coflein to an 1849 re-build of a chapel of 1783. SN 4386 2642.
Gerard Charmley (2011). Bethel Calvinistic Methodist Chapel, dated by Coflein to 1852, when the original chapel of 1816 was re-built. SN 4384 2623. Gerard Charmley (2011).
Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. Coflein dates the original chapel to 1813, re-built in 1874. SN 5777 3887. Gerard Charmley (2011).

St. Clears, St. Michael's Church (CiW), about 1 miles E.N.E. of the village. Interior view. SN 2996 1697. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Link. Grade II listed. Coflein dates it to 1848, successor to the old St. Michael's about 2 miles south, at SN 3026 1333. Not visible to Streetview, the ruins can be seen on the Images tab of its Coflein entry. Grade II listed. For other associated listed features, see here. Trinity Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Chapel - 1830, re-built 1870-something (Coflein says 1872), and restored 1924. SN 2827 1654. Peter Morgan (2011). Capel Mair has a date-stone for 1862. SN 2797 1587. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein says it had predecessors of 1820 and 1827. Grade II listed. Seion Baptist Chapel (1848) on Tenby Road. It has a foundation stone with dates 1848 and 1927. (Coflein says built 1849, rebuilt/modified in 1887, and renovated 1927-8). SN 2767 1628. Peter Morgan (2011). A little west of the village, at Pwll-Trap, is Bethlehem Chapel. It bears dates 1765, 1785, 1833, 1871 and 1909. Peter Morgan (2011). Coflein. Grade II listed. Priory Church of St. Mary Magdalene, and interior view. Both Peter Morgan (2011). Facebook. Coflein says there are archaeological remains of the priory building under the site. The numerous interior photo on the Image tab are worth a look. Grade II* listed. The lych-gate is also listed, as grade II. The converted Peniel Chapel on High Street was seen by Streetview in 2016. Coflein doesn't seem to have noticed it, but it shows on a map of 1888 where it's labelled as Wesleyan Methodist. It had gone out of use by 1950. SN 2793 1599. The 1888 map also shows Capel Graig (Unitarian) just a little way west of Capel Mair, on Lon Fair at SN 2783 1591. Coflein dates it to 1826, and says it was closed in 1901 and two houses built on the site. These were seen by Streetview in 2022.
Saron (near Drefach), Saron Chapel. Its Coflein entry dates its building to 1792, with later works in 1825 and 1898. SN 3735 3824. Graeme Harvey. Another view, Mike Berrell (2009).
Saron (near Ammanford), St. David (CiW). SN 6046 1252. Peter Morgan (2012). Saron Baptist Chapel on Saron Road. SN 6001 1237. Peter Morgan (2012). Its predecessor stands adjacent, and was seen by Streetview in 2022. See Coflein for their history.
Siloh, the Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. It's labelled on large scale O.S. maps as Capel Siloh. SN 7417 3709.
Gerard Charmley (2011). Coflein dates it to 1860. I've been unable to locate another chapel listed as being at Siloh - Annibynwyr Chapel, so it's perhaps at a different Siloh. Can you advise it's location? Graeme Harvey.

Talsarn, Capel (1860). Coflein lists it as Methodist. SN 7784 2607. Mike Berrell (2009).
Three Lords, the former Ebenezer Independent Chapel (1864), now used as a farm store. Coflein dates its closure to "by 1997". SN 2431 1065. Peter Morgan (2011).
Towy Castle, Rama Independent Chapel (1840, re-built 1871). SN 4127 1398. Peter Morgan (2011).
Trevaughan, Bethania Chapel (Calvinistic Methodist). SN 1995 1607. Ruth Roberts. Since Ruth took her photo the chapel, now evidently in residential use, has been altered, as seen in a Streetview from 2021.
Twynllanan, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1790, re-built 1897 and renovated 1910). SN 7555 2447. Mike Berrell (2009).

Ty-Hen, Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (built 1830, re-built 1837 and 1867, according to its Coflein entry - interior photos on the Images tab). It shows as still active on a map of 1960. SN 3019 2410. Peter Morgan (2011).
Tycroes, St. Edmund (CiW) on Ammanford Road. SN 6072 1076. Peter Morgan (2012). Link. Bethesda Chapel on the A483. Coflein advises a date of 1913. a re-build of a chapel of 1838. SN 6012 1036. Peter Morgan (2012). Moriah Independent Chapel (1876), set back from Penygarn Road. SN 6077 1055. Peter Morgan (2012). Neuadd Gospel Hall (1932), is also set back from Penygarn Road. SN 6077 1066. Peter Morgan (2012). Coflein says it was still active in 2002, and the latest Streetview of 2021 suggests that that remains the case. Caersalem Calvinistic Methodist Chapel (1876) on Ammanford Road. SN 6074 1106. Peter Morgan (2012).

Whitemill, mortuary chapel, formerly Capel Salem (Baptist). SN 4634 2146. Gerard Charmley (2011).




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