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Whitland (or Hendy-Gwyn), Carmarthenshire

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Bethania Chapel. Another view, and an interior view (taken through a window). Is this dereliction, or the start of refurbishment works? All Ruth Roberts.

English Congregational Chapel on West Street. Another view. SN 198 167. Both Ruth Roberts.

The former Methodist Church. Peter Morgan (2011).

Nazareth Baptist Chapel on Market Street. SN 200 166. Ruth Roberts.

St. Mary on Station Road. SN 200 161. Ruth Roberts. Another view, Peter Morgan (2011).

I don't usually list temperance halls, but this one is named St. Mary's Church Temperance Hall (1932), so may have held services. SN 204 166. Mike Berrell (2011).

Tabernacle Welsh Congregational Chapel (1873) on Spring Garden. SN 220 166. Ruth Roberts. Another view, Mike Berrell (2011).




04 March 2023

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