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Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire

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Baptist Church, Graeme Harvey. Link.

Catholic Church of the Holy Cross (R.C.). Graeme Harvey (2013).

Ebenezer Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, which once stood on Haw Street, is long gone. It was founded in 1805, and was superseded in 1897 by the Methodist Church on Bradley Street (see Wotton United Church, below). It had been demolished by the time of the 1901 O.S. map. The site is now occupied by housing, at circa ST 75480 932244.

A New Life Church had a short life from 2010, and has since closed. An on-line resource says that it stood between the Ram Inn and the Potters Pond car park, though its exact position isn't made clear. In all likelihood, it is this private house, called Church House, but confirmation would be appreciated. ST 75993 93286. Carole Sage (2016).

The former Old Town Meeting House (Independent, 1701-3), the first non-conformist chapel in Wotton. It was later Congregational, and closed circa 2000. The congregation moved to the Wotton United Church (for which, see below), and it was subsequently sold for residential conversion. Graeme Harvey (2013). Perhaps surprisingly, it isn't a listed building. Link.

Oliver Memorial Church (Free Church, founded 1888) at The Knapp in Synewell. ST 76348 93224. Carole Sage (2016).

The Perry and Dawes Almshouse Chapel. Interior view, and two windows - 1, 2. All Janet Gimber (2014).

St. Mary the Virgin. John Turbott. Two interior views - 1, 2, the latter showing the handsome organ, and the plaque recording it as a gift from the king in 1726, all Graeme Harvey (2013). Link. Grade I listed.

The former Salvation Army Hall, and more recently the British Legion Hall. Rob Kinnon-Brettle.

The Society of Friends meets in Chipping Club Room - a photo is available here.

The former The Tabernacle, now auction rooms. Founded in 1771, as a breakaway group from Old Town Meeting House (see below), it was known until the early 19th century as Tabernacle Calvinistic Methodist Chapel. It continued as Methodist, though by the 1881 O.S. map it had become Congregational. It had closed by 1970 when the congregation merged with that of Wotton United Church (see below). ST 75625 93524. Graeme Harvey. Another view, and the interior. The former Sunday School stands opposite. All Carole Sage (2016).

Wotton United Church (Methodist and United Reformed) on Bradley Street was originally Memorial Church (Wesleyan, 1897,). Janet Gimber (2014).





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