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Worsley, Greater Manchester

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Churches at Walkden.

Methodist Church on Barton Road. Previously the Barton Road Wesleyan Chapel. SD 748 003. Mike Berrell.

Roe Green Independent Methodist Church, on Roe Green. Interior view. SD 751 017. Both Mike Berrell. Link.

St. Mark, on Worsley Brow. To quote from Mike, "The clock on the West face of the tower is known as the Bridgewater Clock, and is famous because it strikes 13 at one o'clock. This device was invented by the Duke of Bridgewater, when his workmen excused their lateness at resuming work after the dinner hour because they maintained they could not hear the clock strike once at one o'clock. The clock was originally sited in Worsley Works Yard (now Worsley Green), and was presented to St Mark's Church in 1946 by the Earl of Ellesmere to mark the Church's Centenary celebrations.". SD 745 007. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2010). Link.

Christ the King (R.C., consecrated 1977) on Manchester Road. SD 740 030. Mike Berrell. An interior view, and the list of priests, both Mike Berrell (2016).
Congregational Church on Bolton Road. SD 737 032. Mike Berrell.
Manchester Road East Methodist Church on Memorial Road, previously a Primitive Methodist Chapel. SD 738 028. Mike Berrell. Mike has advised (in 2016) that the church has been damaged in a fire (two news items - 1), 2), and that at some point the church had changed denomination and become City of Celestians Cathedral (Celestial Church of Christ) - link.
Methodist Church on Manchester Road East. Another view, SD 731 033. Both Mike Berrell.
Methodist Church on Worsley Road North. SD 735 043. Mike Berrell.
St. John the Baptist on Bolton Road. SD 735 038. Mike Berrell.
St. Paul on Manchester Road. SD 739 030. Mike Berrell.




04 March 2023

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