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Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

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All photos Richard Roberts (2016).

Friends Meeting House (1854) on North Brink. TF 458 096. Grade II listed.

Mortuary Chapel (1881) in Mount Pleasant Cemetery on Mount Pleasant Road. TF 464 104. Grade II listed.

St. Augustine (1869) on St. Augustines Road. TF 463 099. Link. Grade II listed.

St. Peter and St. Paul on Church Terrace. This C12 church is Grade I listed. Interior view. TF 463 095. Link. Grade I listed.

Trinity Methodist Church (1969) on Church Terrace. TF 463 094. Link.

U.R.C. on Castle Square was built as Congregational in 1818. TF 461 096. Grade II listed.

The former Wesleyan Chapel (1803) on The Crescent is now used as a Masonic Hall. TF 461 095. Grade II listed.






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