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Winterbourne, Gloucestershire  

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Ebenezer Chapel. Previously in the Unknown section, Janet Gimber has identified it as the Ebenezer Chapel at Winterbourne, on York Gardens and Court Road. Janet advises that it is in a parlous condition. Susan Sinclair.

The former St. Mary in the Barn, now in residential use. Another view. Both Janet Gimber (2016). A useful history here, scroll about 1/3 of the way down.

St. Michael the Archangel. Another view. Both Graeme Harvey (2010). Link. The spire was struck by lightning in the nineteenth century. The top 6 metres or so were were removed as a safety precaution and re-built on top of an ice-house in the garden of Hambrook House, Hambrook. If you look carefully at the first photo, what is probably the "scar" of this incident is still visible. Janet Gimber (2016).

Salem Methodist Church. Celebrating its 225th anniversary in 2012 - John Wesley preached at the opening of the chapel in 1787. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.





01 September 2018

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