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Windermere, Cumbria

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Disused Cemetery Chapel (1887) in the cemetery on Rayrigg Road. Another view. SD 4060 9896. Both Kevin Price (2020), who advises that it is sometimes referred to as St. Mary's Cemetery - and not to be confused with the cemetery at St. Mary's Church. Link.

The First Church of Christ, Scientist on Birthwaite Road. It dates from the late 1970's. Another view. Both Kevin Price (2020). Link. Before their present building was built they held their meetings in what is now the Lakes Lodge on High Street, and which can be seen on a 2018 Streetview here

The Society of Friends meet on New Road, Ambleside; all that can be seen on Streetview (here) is part of the Quaker Housing complex, the meeting hall is behind it. They moved here relatively recently, having previously me in Ambleside, for which see here. Link.

Methodist Chapel on Main Road and College Road. SD 4122 9860. Steve Bulman. Link.

The site of the former Mission Room on Nelson Road, Heathwaite. A mission from St. John, it was sold in the 1970's, subsequently demolished, and housing built on the site. I've not so far been able to find a photo. SD 4150 9780. Kevin Price (2020).

Our Lady of Windermere & St. Herbert (R.C.) on Lake Road. SD 4099 9778. Paul Brown. Link.

The former St. John (1886). SD 4087 9772. Steve Bulman. Kevin Price advises that this closed in 1992 and was converted into flats. He further advises that during the 1980's it was also where the Church of God met - they had previously met in the St. John's Ambulance Rooms on Brook Road. This building has been demolished. If you know exactly where it stood, please let me know, and I'll add an entry for it as a "site of".

St. Mary on Ambleside Road. SD 4098 9875. Paul Brown. Link.

U.R.C. SD 4110 9790. All Paul Brown.

Windermere Community Church on Limethwaite Road and Park Road, Heathwaite. This was originally a Non-denominational mission room, built in 1901, and came under its present ownership circa 2000. Commonly referred to as Heathwaite Mission, it shouldn't be confused with the other Mission Room, on Nelson Road. SD 4157 9787. Kevin Price (2020).





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