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Westhoughton, Greater Manchester  

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Evangelical Church on King Street, formerly Central Hall Mission. SD 655 061. Mike Berrell. Link.

Gospel Hall on Wigan Road. SD 649 054. Mike Berrell. Link.

Hindley Christian Fellowship. Peter Morgan (2008).

Independent Methodist Church, originally Independent Methodist or Free Gospel Chapel (1867 - see stone), on Dicconson Lane. SD 631 076. Mike Berrell (2012).

Pentecostal Church on Bolton Road. SD 663 065. Philip Kapp. Another view. Mike Berrell. Link.

Former Primitive Methodist Chapel (1871) on Wigan Road, now used as a schoolroom, with the present Methodist Church (1992) in the background. Outside the old church  stands a stone from which John Wesley preached. This plaque was transferred from the PM church to the present Methodist Church. Interior of the current church. SD 365 057. All Mike Berrell.

Sacred Heart of Jesus (R.C.) on Lord Street. SD 654 062. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2016). Link.

St. Bartholomew on Church Street. A fire in 1990 enabled the re-modelling of the church. Two interior views - 1, 2. The font. SD 652 059. All Mike Berrell. Link.

St. James the Great on St. James Street, Daisy Hill. SD 658 043. Mike Berrell (2012). Link.

St. John the Evangelist on Chorley Road, Wingates. SD 652 074. Mike Berrell (2012). Link.

U.R.C. on Park Road. Interior view. Another interior view, showing the gallery. SD 657 057. All Mike Berrell.





04 March 2023

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