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Wellington, Somerset

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Baptist Chapel (1833) on South Street. ST 1397 2049. Mike Berrell (2014). Link. Grade II listed.

Former Chapel on Fore Street, now in commercial use. ST 137 205. Mike Berrell (2014).

The Chapel of St Michael and St George (1931) at Wellington School was built as a memorial to the former pupils who were lost in WWI. ST 1400 2031. P. L. Kessler / The History Files. Link (includes an interior photo).

The Friends' Meeting House (1845) off High Street. ST 1399 2066. P. L. Kessler / The History Files. Link. Grade II listed.

The site of Holy Trinity, on Mantle Street. An old postcard scan can be seen here (at the time of writing, anyway). ST 1338 2025. P. L. Kessler / The History Files. The entry therein (select no. 5) provides dates of 1831-1936, with demolition in 1966.

The former Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on White Hart Lane. A photo of the building as it was before the conversion works started can be found on Peter Kessler's site here - select picture 2. P. L. Kessler / The History Files.

The former Mantle Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel on Fore Street. ST 1370 2044. P. L. Kessler / The History Files. The entry on Peter's site (select photo 1) suggests dates of 1838-1985, at which time it was presumably Methodist.

Methodist Church on Waterloo Road. ST 133 209. Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

The access passageway to Millway Evangelical Church (1862) on North Street. ST 138 206. Mike Berrell (2014). The church itself can be seen here, P. L. Kessler / The History Files.

St. John Fisher (R.C.) on Mantle Street. Two interiors - 1, 2, ST 135 203. All Mike Berrell (2014). Another view, P. L. Kessler / The History Files. Link.

St. John the Baptist. From an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. A modern view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Mike Berrell (2014). Link.

The former Scott's Lane Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. Peter Kessler's entry (select number 6) for this building lists a number of subsequent congregations using this building - from 1849 it was Scott's Lane Bethel Chapel (Bible Christians), then until 1938 (or later) it was Gladstone Terrace Salvation Army Barracks, and more recently King's Church. ST 1413 2053. P. L. Kessler / The History Files.

U.R.C. on Fore Street, built as Congregational in 1860. ST 138 205. Mike Berrell (2014). Grade II listed.

Wellington Cemetery originally had two mortuary chapels, Anglican (ST 1302 2012) and Non-Conformist (ST 1303 2010). Dating from the foundation of the cemetery in 1875, both had been demolished in the last century. Peter Kessler speculates that the structure here may have re-used some of the fabric of the demolished chapels. P. L. Kessler / The History Files.







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