The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Weaste, Salford, Greater Manchester                             

All Souls (R.C.) on Liverpool Street. SJ 796 987. Philip Kapp. Mike Berrell has advised that this church closed, on All Souls day (2 Nov.), 2010 - see news article. Another view. Mike Berrell.

Though previously listed as Cemetery Chapel, Weaste Cemetery, Pete Kilvert (secretary of Friends of Salford Cemeteries Trust) has kindly advised that the building is the Cemetery Lodge. Although the cemetery had three chapels at one time, they have all been demolished. SJ 801 980. Mike Berrell.

The former St. Ambrose (CoE) on Liverpool St, now closed. SJ 807 985. Mike Berrell.

St. Luke (1865) on Liverpool Street. Another view. SJ 799 986. Both Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, the chancel ceiling, and an unusually handsome war memorial, all Mike Berrell (2012). Another view, Philip Kapp. Link. Grade II* listed.





04 March 2023

Steve Bulman

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