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Warminster, Wiltshire

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Chapel of St. Laurence on Market Place. Interior view. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Link - in particular see the interesting history page. Grade II listed.

The former Christian Science Church on Ash Walk. Originally a Police Station, the church bought the building in 1932. It's now a solicitors office. Janet Gimber (2018).

A Congregational Chapel once stood on The Close. It was demolished in 1987, and housing built on the site. Janet Gimber (2018). I've been unable to find a photo of the church on the web, but surely there must be one?

The former Methodist Mission Room on Pound Street is the stone-built building just visible behind the cottage. It dates from the mid-18th century, and was licensed as a chapel in 1842. It was sold in the 1970's and converted to residential use. Janet Gimber (2018).

A house on Boreham Road was where the first post-Reformation Roman Catholic Mass was held, in 1900. It was later replaced by St. George, also on Boreham Road. Both Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

St. Denys Minster Church, on Church Street. Interior view, and a side chapel. All Janet Gimber (2018). Link1. Grade II* listed.

St. Giles Garrison Church. Janet Gimber (2012). Link.

St. John the Evangelist on Boreham Road. Janet Gimber (2018). Link. Grade II* listed.

A building called The Old Meeting on North Row has been used by several congregations, among them Anabaptists, Independents and Presbyterians (from 1704), but was later Unitarian, closing in 1868. It also had a spell as a meeting for Baptists in the 1970's. See here for more detail. Today it is used as council offices. Janet Gimber (2018).

United Church (U.R.C. and Methodist) on George Street was originally Wesleyan. Janet Gimber (2018). Link.

Warminster Baptist Church on North Row. The church website details the changes of name - it was built in 1810 as Ebenezer Chapel, later became North Row Baptist Church, gaining its present name at some unspecified date. The Sunday School of 1858 could be mistaken for a church. Janet Gimber (2018). Grade II listed.

Warminster School has a chapel on the first floor. Janet Gimber (2018).






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