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Great and Little Walsingham, Norfolk

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The ruins of the Abbey. From an old engraving in Colin Waters' Collection.

Church of the Annunciation (R.C.). TF 933 367. Noel Walley. Since Noel's visit, the church has recently (2007) been re-built, as this photo shows. Len Brankin. Another view, and two interiors - 1, 2, all Peter Morgan (2016). Link.

Methodist Church. Noel Walley. Another view Peter Morgan (2016).

Orthodox Church of the Transfiguration in Great Walsingham. Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Link.

Russian Orthodox Church of St. Seraphim on station Road, Little Walsingham. Interior view. Both Mike Forbester. Another view, Peter Morgan (2016). Link.

St. Mary and All Saints, Noel Walley. Another view, Bill McKenzie. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's collection. Another view, the interior, chancel, the superb font, and a tomb, all Peter Morgan (2016). Link.

St. Peter. Christopher Skottowe (1966). Link.

Shrine Church of Our Lady of Walsingham. Noel Walley. Another view, the interior, and two altars - 1, 2, all Peter Morgan (2016).

The ruins of Walsingham Friary, now partly occupied by a private residence. Another view. Both Peter Morgan (2016). Link.




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