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West Bromwich, West Midlands

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Churches at Hilltop.

All Saints, known locally as the "Old Church". SP 011 929. John French. Another view, Derrick Reeves, and another Chris Emms (2009). Link.

Bethel Christian Fellowship (Pentecostal, Assemblies of God) on Gads Lane was formerly Bethel Temple, and dates originally from 1930, with extensive remodelling around the year 2000. SO 995 911. Richard Roberts (2014).

This old postcard (previously in the Unknown section) of a now demolished church has been identified as Carters Green Wesleyan Methodist Church by Greg Mishevski, Janet Gimber and Brian Curtis. From Judy Flynn's collection. Genuki lists registers for 1864 - 1948.

Christadelphian Hall (1969) on Seagar Street. SP 010 915. Richard Roberts (2014).

The demolished Christchurch. SP 002 914. From an old postcard in Judy Flynn's Collection. Another old postcard view, this one posted in 1904, from Dennis Harper's Collection. All that remains today is the Memorial Lych-gate  (1987 - see plaque) on High Street. The church was built in 1829 and demolished in the 1980's; most of the site is now occupied by a Job Centre. Both Richard Roberts (2014).

Forever Living Christ Ministries International (Pentecostal) on Walsall Street. The church opened in 2006, but the date of the building, and its original use, are currently not known. SP 008 911. Richard Roberts (2014). Link.

Good Shepherd with St. John (Parish Church, 1968) on Bromford Lane and Lyttleton Street. SP 000 907. Richard Roberts (2014).

Hall End Methodist Church, on Vicarage Street. John French.

Hallam Street Methodist Church, Hallam Street. John French.

The former Hargate Chapel (Christian Brethren) on Hargate Lane. Now called the "Gap Centre", home to a Youth Charity (link). SP 005 919. Richard Roberts (2014).

Holy Trinity. Another view. The tower. All John French. Another view. Interior view. Both Derrick Reeves. Link.

Madinatul Uloom al-Islamyah Mosque on Moor Street. SP 001 908. Richard thinks this could be a former Primitive Methodist Chapel. If this is the case, it was originally built in 1900, and destroyed by bombing in WWII, and re-built in 1951. Confirmation would be appreciated, as would dates of closure and of re-opening as the mosque. Richard Roberts (2014).

Markezi Jamia Masjid Gulzar - E Habib Mosque (completed 2014) on Dartmouth Street. SO 999 914. Richard Roberts (2014).

Old Chapel, the former Sandwell Hospital Chapel on Lewisham Street, now home to a charity. SP 009 919. Richard Roberts (2014).

The former Primitive Methodist Church, about to be converted into a pool hall. John French.

Ryders Green Methodist Church at Greets Green. John French.

St. Andrew on Dudley Street (CoE and Methodist). John French. Link1. Link2.

St. James at Hilltop. The old church (the new building can be seen to the right). Both John French. Another view of the old church. Derrick Reeves.

St. Joseph's Catholic Church at Yew Tree. Chris Emms (2009).

St. Michael (R.C.) on High Street and St. Michael Street. John French.

St. Paul at Golds Hill. John has sent me a newspaper clipping describing how this church was dismantled, removed from its original location in Cappon Fields, Bilston, and re-erected where it now stands. John French.

St. Peter at Greets Green. Another view. Both John French. Link1. Link2.

St. Philip on Beeches Road. SP 010 911. Chris Emms (2009).

Seventh-day Adventist Church on Dartmouth Street. SO 997 913. Richard Roberts (2014).

Shiloh Apostolic Church on Lodge Road. John French.

This old postcard shows a Wesleyan Chapel, but there's no indication of exactly which one it is or was. Can you identify it? From an old postcard in Judy Flynn's Collection. My appreciation to Howard Richter for his researches which show that this was the previous building to the Wesley Methodist Church on High Street (next entry). It opened in 1835 but was demolished in the 1972 following structural problems. The congregation itself was founded some decades earlier, and a Sunday School was opened in 1803 "at the preaching room", and a new chapel followed on Paradise Street in 1806. A new school was built in 1813, the chapel extended in 1832, and succeeded by the Wesleyan Chapel just three years later. The school continued in use as Sunday School and School, and became a Public Hall in 1859. The Wesley Chapel was re-fronted in 1905-6, and this is the building as shown in the postcard.

Wesley Methodist Church on High Street, which opened in 1974. See also the previous entry. SP 004 913. Dennis Harper (2011). In front of the building stands a statue dedicated to John Wesley - the inscribed text explains more. Both Richard Roberts (2014).

West Bromwich Baptist Church on Tantany Lane. John French.

West Bromwich Community Church (Elim Pentecostal) on Victoria Street. Somewhere within are the remains of a Catholic Apostolic Church built 1869-70, hidden by the extensive remodelling of 1971-2. SP 003 911. Richard Roberts (2014). Link.

Hilltop Methodist Church. John French.
Triumphant Church of God at Harvils Hawthorne. John French.




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