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Totnes, Devon         

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The former Congregational Church, on Station Road. SX 8037 6044. Heath Nickels.

Devon United Free Church (1877) on Fore Street. SX 8034 6039. Norman Cummings (2015). Interior view, Heath Nickels. Link.

The Gospel Hall on Castle Street bears a date of 1924. SX 8005 6049. Heath Nickels.

O.S. maps mark the site of Holy Ghost and St. Katherine's Chapel on Warland, at SX 8047 6017. This source says that some fabric survives built into several houses (and in their rear gardens) seen here by Streetview in 2018.

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Ashburton Road, Puddavine, Dartington. SX 7959 6146. Paul E. Barnett (2016).

The cemetery on Plymouth Road has a Mortuary Chapel, seen by Streetview in 2009. SX 7921 6047.

The Quaker Meeting House on Ticklemore Street was seen by Streetview in 2018. SX 8053 6032. Link. An earlier Meeting is on High Street, and was seen by Streetview in 2018. SX 8007 6044. Grade II listed

St. John. SX 8085 6026. Andrew Ross. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection, and another, from  Christopher Skottowe's Collection. Link. Grade II listed, wherein it's dated to 1832.

St. Mary on High Street, as seen by Streetview in 2018. Link. Grade I listed. For other listed features associated with the church, see here.

St. Mary and St. George (R.C.). SX 8037 6052. Norman Cummings (2015). Link.

Totnes Methodist Church on Fore Street. SX 8040 6037. Norman Cummings (2015). Link. The previous Methodist Chapel, on The Plains, which the 25" O.S. map of 1889 labels as Wesleyan. SX 8057 6026. Heath Nickels. The grade II listing provides dates of circa 1861 - 1901.

A former Catholic Chapel stands on South Street at SX 8028 6037. Now converted to residential use, and listed as a former chapel on at least two estate agency websites, the 25" O.S. map of 1904-6 labels it as a R. C. Church. The history page of the website for St. Mary and St. George says that 1902 saw the opening of a church on South Street. Totnes Image Bank has more photos here (including interiors), and advises that the 1902 church was also dedicated to St. Mary and St. George, and had previously been school.





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