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The former Bethel Chapel (United Free Methodist) on Clouds Hill Road. Founded in 1858, it was later re-named as Clouds Hill Methodist Church, and in the 1960's, as St. George Methodist Church, when the church combined with the congregations of Victoria Methodist Church and Salem Chapel (both of these have entries below). The church was closed in 1989 when the congregation joined with Crews Hole Methodist Church and Clowes Chapel in the newly-built Summerhill Methodist Church, which had been built on the site of Clowes Chapel. ST 62806 73773.
© Carole Sage (2018). A small drawing of some interior features is available here.

Bethel United Church (Pentecostal) stands at the junction of Church Road and Salisbury Road in Redfield, and was founded as Salem Methodist Church in 1904. The Methodist Church closed in 1965 and its congregation joined that of Clouds Hill Methodist Church which was renamed as St. George Methodist Church. In the following year, it became the home of Bethel United Church. ST 62022 73512. © Carole Sage (2017). There is a webpage, but it currently has no content.

Bethesda Methodist Church, at the junction of Church Road and Avondale Road in Redfield. This was the Sunday School for the original church (1869) which stood nearby. It was demolished in 1999 because of structural problems, and flats were built on the site. ST 61563 73499 (the current church), ST 61587 73502 (the original church). Both © Carole Sage (2017). Link. A photo of the original church is available here.

The former Clouds Hill Road Baptist Chapel (Particular Baptist, 1831) closed in 1932, and is now part of a school. It was replaced by St. George Baptist Church, nearby (see below). ST 62473 73701. © Carole Sage (2017). A Loxton drawing.

The site of Ebenezer Independent Methodist Church on Bell Hill Road. Built between 1881 and 1903, it was closed in the 1990's, and subsequently demolished to allow for the building of Bellevue Court (flats). The church stood on the left half of the present building. ST 63304 73707. © Carole Sage (2018). A photo of the church is available here - scroll down to the last entry.

Lighthouse Church originally met in a house on Soundwell Road, Kingswood, then at the St. George Community Centre (ST 61967 73573), before moving to St. Michael's Church Hall on Two Mile Hill Road, and finally in St. George Baptist Church, for which see below. © Carole Sage (2017). Link.

Hindu Temple (Bristol) occupies the former Redfield Methodist Church (since 1979) on Church Road. Dating from 1884, it replaced an earlier (Wesleyan, 1815) chapel on the adjacent site - where the white building is in the photograph. ST 61392 73496. © Carole Sage (2017). Link. A little history of the Methodist Church here (scroll down).

The site of Hope Chapel (United Methodist), which stood at the junction of what are now Kingsway and Raeburn Road. Founded in 1886, it was closed in the 1950's to make way for housing. ST 63688 73024. © Carole Sage (2018).

The House of Faith is a non-denominational chapel on Baden Road. It opened in 1942. It has no internet presence. Planning applications indicate that some building work may be about to happen here, but whether or not the church will continue is unclear. ST 61400 73199. © Carole Sage (2017).

The former Milton Park Gospel Hall (Brethren) on Church Road and Milton Park. It was in use as such from about 1952, it closed at some point, and is now in use as offices. ST 61464 73473. © Carole Sage (2017).

The Mortuary Chapel in Avonview (or Avon View) Cemetery on Beaufort Road dates from 1883. It is now used for storage. Another view. ST 62225 73322. © Carole Sage (2017).

The former Mount Pleasant Chapel (Baptist) on Air Balloon Road. The date-stone above the porch is for 1879. Closed in 1954 it was in industrial use for many years, but has fairly recently been converted to residential use. ST 63155 73377. © Carole Sage (2018). Some additional photos are available here.

The former Mount Zion Methodist Church on Whitheall Road and Neath Road dates from the early 20th century, and was closed in 1991. It's now in use as a dental practise. ST 61667 73944. It was preceded by an earlier church - Mount Zion Primitive Methodist Chapel (1871) - which stood on Whitheall Road. The site is now occupied by housing. ST 61709 73931. Both © Carole Sage (2017).

Nirman Sewak Jatha Sikh Temple (founded in 1970, the first in Bristol) occupies a former school building on Summerhill Road. Some internet sources also refer to the temple as Sangat Singh Sabha Sikh Temple. Another view. ST 62433 73661. Both © Carole Sage (2017). Link.

The former Providence Meeting Room (Plymouth Brethren) on Whitheall Road was founded in 1898. Now in commercial use, dating evidence is scant, but there is a hint that it may have survived until after WWII. ST 61402 73800. © Carole Sage (2017). A 1907 photo is available here.

St. Aidan was a tin tabernacle, and stood on a site then known as Nag's Head Common. Founded in 1880, it ceased being used as a church when St. Aidan opened in the early 20th century (see next entry), but was still standing by the time of publication of a map of 1949, but it had gone just a few years later with the re-development of the area for housing. The site is shown in Carole's photo. ST 63172 73148. © Carole Sage (2018).

St. Aidan with St. George on Fir Tree Lane and Nicholas Lane. Founded in 1904 as St. Aidan, it was a replacement for a tin tabernacle (for which see St. Aidan, above) on Cassey Bottom Lane, and was a daughter church of St. George (for which see below). The parishes and congregations merged when the latter church was closed. ST 63365 73007. © Carole Sage (2018). Link. The Church Crawler entry has a photo of the tin tabernacle. Grade II listed. Two Loxton drawings - 1, 2, the latter of the interior.

The former St. Alban's Mission Church on Kensington Road. Built in the years leading up to WWI, by 1945 it had become Whiteway Pentecostal Church, and by 1951 it was Kensington Full Gospel Church. The date of its eventual closure isn't known, but by 2014 it was in secular use. Another view. ST 63150 73774. Both © Carole Sage (2018).

The original St. Ambrose Mission Church stands on Stretford Road. ST 61823 73950. Replaced by the current St. Ambrose (ST 61863 73958) on an adjacent site in 1912-13, the original church became the church hall. A large church, sometimes referred to as the "cathedral of East Bristol", the dedication was more recently changed to St. Ambrose with St. Leonard. Two additional views - 1, 2. All © Carole Sage (2017). Link1. Link2. A good history, with many photos. Grade II listing for the church, and grade II listing for the church hall.

The former St. George Baptist Church on Summerhill Road and Cherry Orchard Lane dates from the 1930's, and was a replacement for Clouds Hill Road Baptist Chapel (see above). An already existing Drill Hall at the rear was taken over as the church hall (ST 62509 73663). More recently, the congregation moved from the church into the hall, and ultimately the church proper was taken over by Lighthouse Church (see entry under that name, above, also). The church has since been converted into flats. Rise and Shine Church also met in the church hall for some time. ST 62509 73663. Both © Carole Sage (2017). Link (scroll down). Loxton made a drawing of the interior of the hall.

The Parish Church, St. George the Martyr stood on Summerhill Road (ST 62456 73615), and opened in 1752, and re-built in 1856. Destroyed in a fire, it was re-built again in 1879-80. Eventually suffering from structural problems, the congregation moved out and met in the adjacent Sunday school (ST 62379 73615). The church was demolished in 1976 and the site redeveloped for housing. In the mid-1980's, what was then the church (the old school building) was closed - the congregation merging with that of St. Aidan in St. George, which was a daughter church of St. George. The school building was eventually converted into flats. © Carole Sage (2017). Here are three of Loxton's drawings of the 3rd church - 1, 2, 3, the latter two also showing the Sunday School. There's a good history here, with plenty of photos.

St. Marina (Coptic Orthodox) on Blackswarth Road, Redfield, was originally St. Leonard Without. Another view. Dating from 1938, it had been preceded by an earlier Mission Church (St. Peter and St. Paul, 1907) on an adjacent site, which became the church hall when the new church was opened. The dedication of the original church was changed in 1925 to St. Leonard Without when the church gained support from the parish of St. Nicholas and St. Leonard in the city centre. St. Leonard closed about 2012, and re-opened in 2014 as St. Marina. ST 61807 73464 for the original church, ST 61801 73433 for the present church. All © Carole Sage (2017). Link. Loxton made a drawing of St. Leonard soon after the re-dedication.

The former St. Matthew's Mission Church on Devon Road. Built circa 1900, it replaced an earlier school building, and it was a mission from St. Matthew in Moorfields. It also seems to have been known as St. Chad, and closed in the 1940's. It's now in commercial use. ST 61358 73850. © Carole Sage (2017). A postcard view of the interior is available here.

St. Patrick (R.C.) on Dillon Court (off Netham Road, in Redfield) dates from the mid-1990's. ST 61646 73279. It was preceded by an earlier church of 1923 at the junction of Blackswarth Road and Pile Marsh. It's now used as a community centre. Another view. ST 61716 73329. All © Carole Sage (2017). Link.

The Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) has occupied part of the old St. George’s Secondary School on Church Road since about 1997. Another view. ST 61899 73564. Both © Carole Sage (2017). Link.

Summerhill Methodist Church on Summerhill Road and Air Balloon Road opened in 1989. It stands on the site of Clowes Primitive Methodist Chapel (history here, photo available here). See also Bethel Chapel, above. ST 63049 73474. © Carole Sage (2018). Link.

Victoria Brotherhood and Sisterhood Hall on Hillburn Road opened in 1932. Two additional views - 1, 2. ST 63384 73527. All © Carole Sage (2018).

The former Victoria Methodist Church on Bell Hill Road was built as Primitive Methodist. All that can be said of it's date of building is that it was between 1888 and 1902. Closed in 1965, it was used by a glazing company, but has now been converted to residential use. See also Bethel Chapel, above. ST 62916 7376. © Carole Sage (2018).

The site of Victoria Mission Hall. Opening circa 1900 on the corner of Victoria Road (now Victoria Parade) and Mary Street, it was demolished in the 1920's as part of a clearance to make way for St. George's Picture House. This closed in 1961, and was subsequently converted into a pub, which it is today. ST 61502 73541. © Carole Sage (2017).

Wesley Memorial Methodist Church on Bryant's Hill was dedicated in 1907. ST 63613 72833. © Carole Sage (2018). Link (which has an interior photo). Grade II listed.

A Wesleyan Methodist Chapel once stood on the corner of Whiteway Road and Hudds Hill Road. It seems to have been built before 1840, and had gone by 1900, replaced by terraced housing. ST 62928 73805. © Carole Sage (2018).

Whiteway Chapel (Reform Methodist) once stood on Whiteway Road. Founded in 1850, no maps that Carole has access to show it's location, so her photo shows the approximate location only. Its date of closure and demolition are also not known. If you can supply any further detail, please get in touch! ST 63153 73938. © Carole Sage (2018).





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