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Churches in Beaconside, Wildwood.

All Saints on The Green, Brocton. Dedicated as such in 1951, it was built as a Mission Room in 1891. Interior views - 1, 2. SJ 968 194. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Berkswitch Methodist Church (1961) on The Rise, Walton-on-the-Hill. Two interior views - 1, 2. SJ 958 210. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

The cemetery on Eccleshall Road has two chapels - 1, 2. SJ 914 244. Both Mike Berrell (2011).

Castle Church on Highfields (CoE) on Lovelace Close. This is an outreach church of St. Mary at Castle Church. Interior view. SJ 914 218. Both Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Church Lane Evangelical Church on Church Lane. SJ 921 231. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Collegiate Church of St. Mary, on St. Mary's Place. SJ 921 232. John French. Interior view - Graeme Harvey (2010). Another interior, Mike Berrell (2011). Link. Adjacent to the church is the site of St. Bertelin's Chapel, which dates from ca. 1000. The information plaque gives some history. Both Mike Berrell (2011).

Exclusive Brethren Meeting Room on Bodmin Avenue, Weeping Cross. SJ 948 216. Mike Berrell (2011). Link (newspaper article).

Highfields Christian Centre (Full Gospel Church) on Milton Grove. SJ 910 216. Mike Berrell (2011).

Holmcroft Youth and Community Centre (on Newland Avenue), where Harvest Community Church meets. SJ 917 253. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Holy Trinity on Baswich Lane, Baswich. The lych-gate. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3. SJ 944 223. All Mike Berrell (2011). Another view, Geoff Pick. Two additional views - 1, 2, four more interiors - 1, 2, 3, 4, and the two fonts - 1, 2, all Dennis Harper (2017). Link

Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses on Foregate Street. SJ 920 237. Mike Berrell (2011).

Mount Peniel Church of God in Christ Jesus Apostolic on Sandon Road. The Redeemed Christian Church of God - Harvest Centre (Stafford) also meet here. SJ 921 241. Mike Berrell (2011).

Muslim Prayer Hall on Snows Yard. SJ 919 239. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Nanaksar Gurdwara Sikh Temple on Tithe Barn Road. This was originally St. John the Baptist Mission Church (1902-1928), then St. John's Parish Hall until 1972. Interior view. SJ 931 235. Both Mike Berrell (2011).

New Testament Church of God Healing Centre on Doxey Road. SJ 906 237. Mike Berrell (2011).

Quaker Meeting House (Religious Society of Friends), on Foregate Street, dates from 1730. SJ 920 237. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Rising Brook Baptist Church, at Rising Brook. Interior view. SJ 920 212. Both Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Rising Brook Methodist Church on Burton Square. Two interior views - 1, 2. SJ 921 211. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Anne (R.C., 1987) on Lynton Avenue, Weeping Cross. SJ 948 215. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Austin (R.C.,) on Wolverhampton Road dates from 1862, by Pugin. Two views of the splendid interior - 1, 2. The original chapel of 1791 is still attached to the church. SJ 923 226. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Bertelin (1956) on Holmcroft Road, Holmcroft. Three interior views - 1, 2, 3 and a statue of the saint. SJ 911 248. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Chad on Greengate Street. According to a plaque, it was founded in 1150, and restored in 1854-6. John French. A close-up of the door. Clearly Norman in style, its condition looks too good to be original. SJ 923 232. Derrick Reeves. Another view,  two interior views - 1, 2, and a "green man" capital, All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. George's Hospital on Corporation Street has a Spiritual Centre. SJ 928 236. Mike Berrell (2011).

St. John the Baptist on Bedford Avenue, Littleworth. Interior views - 1, 2, 3. SJ 933 234. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Joseph's Convent and Nursing Home (R.C., 1903) on Lichfield Road, Forebridge. SJ 926 227. Interior views - 1, 2. SJ 929 207. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Mary on Castle Bank and Newport Road, Castle Church. Until 1898 it was called St. Lawrence. SJ 906 222. Derrick Reeves. Another view. Mike Berrell (2011). Most services are now held in the Church Hall (interior view) and in the Barn (interior view). All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Matthew on Church Lane, Derrington. SJ 892 229. Mike Berrell (2011).

St. Patrick (R.C.) on Sandon Road. Two interior views - 1, 2. SJ 922 242. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Paul (1844) on Lichfield Road, Forebridge. Two interior views - 1, 2, and a window. SJ 927 227. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Peter on Hopton Lane, Hopton. SJ 944 261. Mike Berrell (2011).

St. Peter (1957) on Rickerscote Road, Rickerscote. Interior views - 1, 2. SJ 929 207. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

St. Thomas on Kitlings Lane, Walton-on-the-Hill. SJ 958 210. Mike Berrell (2011).

St. Thomas and St. Andrew on Doxey Road, Doxey. Interior view, and a statue, presumably of St. Thomas. SJ 902 237. All Mike Berrell (2011).

Salvation Army (Stafford Corps) on Faraday Road. SJ 926 242. Mike Berrell (2011).

Sandon Road Baptist Church, on Sandon Road. SJ 929 251. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Sheridan Hall (Christadelphian) on Sandon Road. SJ 923 242. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Stafford Baptist Church (1895) on Lichfield Road. SJ 924 229. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Chapel (1964) at Stafford Crematorium, on Tixall Road. Interior view, and dedication plaque. SJ 951 237. All Mike Berrell (2011).

Stafford Elim Christian Centre on Sash Street. SJ 921 238. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Stafford Spiritualist Church - SNU in the Arthur Findlay Centre on Stone Road. SJ 917 246. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

The Chetwynd Centre on Newport Road was previously the Chapel of King Edward Grammar School (1860). SJ 922 229. Mike Berrell (2011). Link. Grade II listed - link.

The Church at Rowley Street (on Rowley Street) was built as Wesleyan Mission Hall (1909). Now Anglican and Methodist, the Seventh-day Adventist Church also meet here. Two interior views - 1, 2. An old poster advertises the laying of memorial stones. These are presumably the stones or bricks inscribed with initials that one occasionally sees on old methodist chapels. SJ 920 243. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Trinity Church (United Reformed and Methodist) on Mount Street dates from 1988. SJ 920 234. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

Baptist Church and Beacon International Centre at Staffordshire Technology Park, Centurion House, Anson Court. Interior view. SJ 945 242. Both Mike Berrell (2011). Link.
The Pilgrim Chapel at Stafford General Hospital on Weston Road. SJ 935 238. Interior view. Link. On the same site also stands the Old Chapel (now a part of the Postgraduate Medical Centre Library). The chapel was originally part of the Coton Hill Asylum, and dates from circa 1850. Link. All Mike Berrell (2011).

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Wildwood Drive. SJ 947 207. Mike Berrell (2011).
Wildwood Christian Centre (a Newfrontiers church) meet at Barnfields Primary School on Lansdowne Road. SJ 945 208. Mike Berrell (2011). Link.





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