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South Yardley, Birmingham

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Yardley cemetery has had two Mortuary Chapels, a General Chapel at SP 1248 8431, built circa 1883 but demolished, and a second Chapel, of 1936 (enlarged in 1952 by the addition of a crematorium) at SP 1288 8433. A photo of the latter chapel can be seen here. Link1. Link2. The cemetery lodge on Yardley Road is listed as grade II, where it's dated to circa 1880.

Hay Mills Congregational Church (2022 Streetview), on the south side of Waterloo Road. This was originally St. Chad (CoE, sold in 1985), a daughter church of St. Cyprian at Hay Mills. SP 1205 8482.

Another Congregational Church, originally a Mission Hall, stood on Long Causeway (now Church Road). It pre-dates a map of 1905 and survived at least into the 1950's, but has since been demolished. A Streetview from 2008 shows the undeveloped site, opposite the nearest white-painted house. The road has since been widened, as seen by Streetview in 20023. SP 1277 8513.

St. Michael and All Angels, the parish church of South Yardley, stands on Rowlands Road and Yew Tree Lane. The church website history page details three predecessors. Firstly was a short-lived wooden Mission Room, on that part of Church Road buried by the Swan Shopping Centre, at circa SP 1268 8495. Its approximate site is where "Betfred" is in this 2022 Streetview. Another Mission Room, of 1898 and of brick this time, was a little further north on Church Road at SP 1274 8503. Its site also lies a few yards behind the entrance to the Swan Shopping Centre - seen here by Streetview in The present church consists of two adjoining buildings, of 1930 and 1966, at SP 1319 8511. In this 2023 Streetview the 1930 building is nearest to the camera, the later building across the back of it. Two more Streetviews, from 2023 and 2010.
South Yardley Methodist Church (2022 Streetview) on Coventry Road at SP 1242 8488. It was originally Wesleyan, and pre-dates a document of 1940 which mentions it. It has since been enlarged. Another view from Streetview in 2016. Link.

Waterloo Road Chapel on Waterloo Road as seen by Streetview in 2021. On a map of 1913 it shows as a Gospel Hall. SP 1218 8464. Link.

Yardley Baptist Church on Rowlands Road, as seen by Streetview in 2008. SP 1334 8495. Link. The history page dates their first church building (a concrete panel hall, probably a pre-fab) to 1948, their present church dating from 1966. It doesn't specify if the first church was on the same site or not.





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