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Southam, Warwickshire

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Southam, dedicated to St. James. SP 417 618. Steve Bulman. Grade I listed.

The converted Primitive Methodist Chapel (1853 - date-stone) on Pendicke Street. SP 419 616. Both Howard Richter (2015). Link, which says that the chapel closed in the 1950's.

Congregational Chapel. SP 419 619. Two additional views - 1, 2. All Howard Richter (2015). Link, wherein one learns that it dates from 1839, and that it was successor to an Independent Chapel. Grade II listed.

Our Lady and St. Wulstan (R.C., built 1925, consecrated 1956). Another view. SP 420 619. Both Howard Richter (2015). Link. The history page mentions four other R.C. chapels - from 1876 a small chapel in the first convent, now known as the Olde House. Only two years later, a tin tabernacle was transferred from Cardiff, and which was replaced in 1898 by another one, this time transferred from Birmingham. It was this chapel which was superseded by the present church. A new convent and orphanage had been built in 1902, and in 1972 another chapel was converted from a room in the convent. Link, which shows the present church along an alley, the right side of which is formed by the Olde House. Behind this is the 1902 building; this was demolished in the 1980's - see here, which has more history.




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