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South Shields, Tyne and Wear

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Baitul Ma'mur Jame-E-Masjid and Islamic Centre is on St. Aidan's Road and Baring Street. My appreciation to Janet Gimber who has advised that this was Baring Street Methodist Church. Howard Richter further advises that this was built as Primitive Methodist, between 1896 and 1915 (evidence from old maps). NZ 366 675. James Murray.

Living Waters Church on St. Jude's Terrace, Laygate. NZ 362 660. Bill Henderson (2012). Link.

People's Mission on Fort Street and Baring Street. Another view. NZ 365 678. Both James Murray. Howard Richter has been looking at old maps, and advises that the church first shows on the 1915 edition (missing from the earlier 1897-8 map) as "Meth. Ch. (Wes)". In 1941 it shows as "Meth. Church", and on the 1956 as "People's Mission". The Mission moved into the present building from Wellington Street, where it had been since at least as early as 1899 (see here). The Minute Book for 1892 refers to the opening of the then new Mission Room as happening on Easter Sunday of that year (here). Howard suspects that they moved to the present building in 1949. There are a number of photos available showing a parade. Scroll down to see the large version of the photo. 1 (incorrectly captioned as Salvation Army - this is the Mission Silver Band), 2, 3, 4. Other photos of the parade on the same site provide contradictory evidence for it being in 1978 or 1979, or perhaps there was a parade in each year.

St. Aidan and St. Stephen. Another view. Both James Murray.

St. Bede (R.C.). James Murray.

St. Hilda. Bill Henderson. Another view, from an old postcard in Steve Bulman's Collection. And another view, Alan Blacklock. Link.

St. John and St. Paul (U.R.C.) on Beach Road, originally St. John's Presbyterian Church (1876). Another view. NZ 3673 6695. Both James Murray. Shield Evangelical Church also meet here. Link.

St. Jude on Western Approach and Laygate. NZ 362 660. Bill Henderson (2012). Link.

St. Michael and All Angels at South Westoe. Another view. Both James Murray.

St. Peter at Harton. James Murray.

South Shields Christian Fellowship. James Murray.

Former church on Derby Terrace, with date 1873. Janet Gimber has advised that this was Unity Church (Unitarian). James Murray.

Westoe Road Baptist Church (1881). Another view. Both James Murray.




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