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Rugby, Warwickshire

Rugby on Wikipedia.

Baptist Church. SP 504 754. Paul Brown. Link.

Christadelphian Hall. SP 500 754. Paul Brown.

Christian Fellowship Centre (Elim Pentecostal) on Cambridge Street. It looks as if it may have been Methodist or Congregational at some point - can you confirm?  SP 513 754. Paul Brown. Link. Howard Richter advises that this was Wesleyan Methodist. The original pre-1887 Mission Chapel was converted to be the Sunday School when the present building was erected on or before 1905, when it shows on a map of that year. A short way along the road, on the opposite side, stands St. John, a Mission from St. Andrew. Probably now closed, a 1954 photo of it is available here.

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. SP 500 754. Paul Brown.

Evangelical Free Church. SP 507 753. Paul Brown.

The now-demolished Holy Trinity. Previously in the "Unknown" section, Barney Tyrwhitt-Drake wanted to put a name to the church in an old photo taken by a family member in 1865. Thanks to Phil Draper for the ID. He advises that this was a Scott church, and was demolished in 1983 despite a long campaign for its preservation. It was Grade A listed. An old postcard view, from Chris Kippin's Collection. SP 506 751. Link.

Methodist Church. SP 501 749. Paul Brown. Link.

Mount Zion United Pentecostal Church. SP 514 752. Paul Brown.

New Testament Church of God. SP 499 754. Paul Brown.

Orthodox Church of the Ascension. SP 512 751. Paul Brown.

Quakers. SP 504 755. Paul Brown.

Rugby School Chapel (1872, by Butterfield), previously and incorrectly listed as the Grammar School Church. Paul Brown. An old postcard view, from Reg Dosell's Collection. SP 503 749. Another view, interior, and the altar, all John Bowdler (2013). Grade I listed.

St Andrew. This church is unique as it has two towers each containing a full circle ring of bells. SP 504 752. Paul Brown. Another view, and an interior view. Both Aidan McRae Thomson. Another view, John Bowdler (2013). Link. Grade II* listed.

St. George. Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

St. Marie (R.C.). Aidan McRae Thomson. Link.

St Matthew. SP 501 750. Paul Brown. Grade II listed.

St. Oswald. Aidan McRae Thomson.

St. Peter (1909) at the junction of Clifton Road and St. Peter's Road. SP 514 751. Chris Kippin. Link. The building page has some photos of the predecessor building, a tin tabernacle (1901).

St Philip. SP 502 760. Paul Brown. Grade II listed.

St Peter and St John. SP 515 752. Paul Brown.




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