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Radstock, Somerset

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The Baptist Church on Wells Road dates from 1844, and was originally Particular Baptist. ST 6881 5482. © Janet Gimber (2016). Link.

Ebenezer Methodist Free Church (later United Methodist) once stood on Wells Road at ST 6865 5479. A 2018 Streetview shows the site of the church - effectively the grassed area.

A Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses stands on Waterloo Road at ST 6902 5495. It seems to be a former telephone exchange. A 2011 Streetview.

Two Primitive Methodist Chapels once stood between Frome Road and Old Frome Road at ST 6934 5481. The site, now occupied by housing, can be seen in this 2019 Streetview - the Sunday School was to the left, chapel to the right. This link dates the school (which was the original chapel) to 1851, and the chapel to 1902. It was known later as Frome Hill Methodist Church.

The former St. Hugh (R.C.) on Wells Road. This news item says it was closed in 2015, and that it had originally been a printing works before conversion into the church in 1929; it was for sale in 2017, though at the time of the most recent visit of the Streetview van in autumn 2018, it seems rather uncared for. ST 6874 5483. © Janet Gimber (2016).

St. Nicholas on Church Street. Another view, the sun-dial, and a close-up. ST 6885 5463. All © Janet Gimber (2016). Link. Grade II listed.

St. Peter on the Fosse way at Westfield. ST 6724 5375. © Janet Gimber (2016).

Trinity Methodist Church on Fortescue Road was originally Wesleyan (1902). Another view, showing what was once the Sunday School, now part of the church. This fronts onto The Street. ST 6892 5483. Link. Its predecessor still stands on Coombe End, and is now in commercial use. It can be seen here in a 2019 Streetview. This newspaper article dates it to 1810-16, with an enlargement in 1840. Before the chapel was built, the congregation met in a cottage. Both © Janet Gimber (2016).

Westfield Methodist Church was originally Primitive Methodist. ST 6759 5428. © Janet Gimber (2016). Link.

A 1914 directory additionally mentions two iron mission rooms, one at Butter buildings, the other on Wells Road. The Butter Buildings Mission is likely to be one shown on old maps on Woodborough Road at ST 6924 5531. A bungalow now occupies the site, seen here by Streetview in 2016. I haven't been able to establish where the Wells Road Mission was, but it's possible that St. Peter's Mission in Westfield is what was being described. It stood roughly opposite the more recent Tanners Close, at circa ST 675 540. If you have local knowledge, can you confirm if this is a likely scenario?








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