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Radcliffe, Greater Manchester

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Former Chapel on Bolton Road (photo taken from Wordsworth Avenue). SD 7723 0738. Mike Berrell. My appreciation to John Gartside, who has advised that this is a former Methodist Chapel, previously United Methodist. 

Close Methodist Church on Bury Street stands on the site of a Wesleyan Chapel, the wall, gateposts and railings of which remain, as well as the adjacent school building. Interior view. SD 795 077. Both Mike Berrell. The old Close Methodist Church, from John Gartside's Collection. John attended the church in the 1950's and comments that it was very draughty in winter!

The site of the Independent Methodist Church on Bridgefield Street. Disused, it was destroyed in a fire in March 2008, and demolished before Mike could get to it to take a photo. Mike Berrell.

Methodist New Connexion Chapel on Smyrna Street. Although demolished, the school building remains, and is possibly a former church. SD 779 076. Mike Berrell.

Mortuary Chapel and Crematorium (interior view), in Radcliffe Cemetery on Cemetery Road. SD 783 083. The Crematorium is run by an independent company - East Lancashire Crematorium. All Mike Berrell.

New Jerusalem Church (Swedenborgian), on Stand Lane. SD 790 065. Mike Berrell. This was presumably the successor to this building, though whether it stands on the same site is not known. From Neil Floyd's Collection.

New Life Church, on Stand Lane. SD 788 067. Mike Berrell.

The former Quaker Meeting House, which was subsequently used as a Salvation Army Hall, is now a private residence. Rob Brettle.

Radcliffe Baptist Church. Graham French.

The Bridge Methodist Church (1883) on Milltown Street was built as Radcliffe Bridge Wesleyan Methodist Church. Two interior views - 1, 2, a memorial window (close-up of text), and two commemorative plaques. SD 787 069. All Mike Berrell (2014). Link1. Link2, which has a useful potted history.

Radcliffe U.R.C. on Water Street. SD 783 074. Mike Berrell.

St. Andrew (1875) on St. Andrew's Road. SD 777 087. Mike Berrell. Two interior views - 1, 2, both Mike Berrell (2015).

The site of the former St. John the Evangelist (1866-1974) on Radcliffe New Road. Only the graveyard remains. Another view. SD 788 068. Both Mike Berrell (2014).

St. Mary on Church Green. Another view. SD 797 078. Philip Kapp. Two interior views - 1, 2, the World War II Memorial Chapel, and the list of incumbents, which commences in 1234, all Mike Berrell (2014). Link. Grade I listed.

St. Mary and St. Philip Neri (R.C. 1894), on Spring Lane. Interior view. The church was closed in August 2009, and has since been demolished. SD 789 075. Both Mike Berrell. A replacement church building on Belgrave Street, with the same dedication, was built in 2009. Two interior views - 1, 2, and a plaque recording the opening of the church. SD 782 078. All Mike Berrell (2011). Link.

The former St. Paul on Ringley Road West, Outwood. Now in secular use. SD 782 058. Mike Berrell.

St. Thomas on Blackburn Street. Interior view. SD 785 072. Link. Mike Berrell.

Stand Lane U.R.C. (formerly Independent), on Stand Lane. Two interior views, 1, 2. SD 793 061. All Mike Berrell.

Swedenborgian Church. from Neil Floyd's Collection.

Wesley Methodist Chapel on Ainsworth Road. SD 778 082. Mike Berrell.




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