The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Pyle, Bridgend                            

Pyle on Wikipedia.

All photos Gerard Charmley (2010).

Churches in Kenfig Hill, North Cornelly.

Former Anglican Mission Hall, now used as a church hall.

Mt. Zion English Baptist Church.

Pisgah Baptist Church (1836, re-built 1857). Another view.

St. David (Presbyterian Church of Wales, 1928).

St. James (CiW). Link.

St. Joseph of Arimathea (R.C.).

Kenfig Hill
Bethel Community Church was originally Bethel Mission.
The former Rehoboth Apostolic Church, now a private residence.
St. Theodore (CiW). Another view.
The former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (closed 2010).

North Cornelly
Capel-y-Pil (Calvinistic Methodist, 1796, re-built 1830, enlarged 1862) is rather handsome, and was closed in 2009.
Cornelly Community Church looks like a converted domestic garage.
Methodist Church.




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