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Prestwich, Greater Manchester

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Churches in Rainsough, Sedgley Park.

Beis Mordechai Synagogue on Kings Road. Interior view. SD 823 026. Both Mike Berrell.

Chapel of Rest (Baileys Funeral Directors) on Bury New Road. SD 813 040. Mike Berrell.

Congregation of the Poor Sisters of Nazareth (R.C.), Convent Chapel, on Scholes Lane. SD 825 032. Interior view. Also run by the Sisters is Nazareth House Nursing Home, which has a small chapel. SD 825 032. Both Mike Berrell.

Damesek Eliezer Synagogue  (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Kings Road. SD 825 026. Mike Berrell. Link.

The former Heaton Park Congregational Church, undergoing conversion to flats. 109 SD 823 039. Philip Kapp. The congregation now meets in this building. The church after conversion. Both Mike Berrell. Link.

Heaton Park Methodist Church. 109 SD 824 040. Philip Kapp. Interior view. Mike Berrell.

Higher Prestwich Hebrew Congregation (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Bury Old Road. SD 819 045. Mike Berrell (2010).

Holy Law South Broughton Hebrew Congregation Synagogue (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Bury Old Road. SD 829 024. Mike Berrell. Link.

Lilleywhite Funeral Chapel of Repose on Bury Old Road. SD 824 041. Rob Brettle. Another view. Mike Berrell.

North Manchester Jewish Congregation Synagogue on Bury Old Road and Heywood Road. SD 819 045. Mike Berrell.

Our Lady of Grace (R.C.) on Fairfax Road. Interior view. SD 813 042. The former church (1860's) now serves as the church hall. All Mike Berrell.

Prestwich Gospel Hall on Venwood Road. Interior view. SD 808 026. Both Mike Berrell.

Prestwich Hebrew Congregation Synagogue (Ashkenazi Orthodox, formed before 1939), previously Hilton Park Synagogue. on Bury New Road and Crescent Avenue. 109 SD 819 027. Philip Kapp. Link.

Prestwich Methodist Church on Bury New Road. SD 813 039. Interior view. Mike Berrell. The previous Wesleyan Methodist Church was built on the same site. Photo of the original taken by Mike Berrell, by kind permission of the church. Interior view, from 1957. Reproduced by kind permission of D. M. Petersen. 

Former Primitive Methodist chapel on Chester Street, now in secular use. SD 811 041. Mike Berrell.

St. Andrew on Woodward Road, Carr Clough. Interior view. SD 807 027. Both Mike Berrell. Link.

St. George on Nutt Lane, Simister. SD 834 058. Interior view. A detail of windows above the font. All Mike Berrell. Another view. Rob Brettle.

St. Hilda (CoE, Anglo-Catholic tradition) on Whittaker Lane. The altar. A small statue of St. Hilda. The Lady Chapel. And a statue of St. Benedict, removed from St. Benedict's Church at Ardwick upon its closure. SD 823 037. All Mike Berrell.

St. Margaret at Holyrood. 109 SD 822 045. Philip Kapp. Interior view. Mike Berrell.

St. Mary on Church Lane. SD 811 037. Three interior views, 1, 2, 3. All Mike Berrell. Another view. Rob Brettle.

Ukrainian Catholic Church Dormition of the Mother of God, formerly Broughton Park Congregational Church, on Bury New Road. SD 837 020. Mike Berrell.

United Synagogue on Meade Hill Road (Ashkenazi Orthodox). Interior view. SD 836 033. Both Mike Berrell. Link.

Holy Mother of Zyrovicy Byelorussian Autocephalic Orthodox Church on Chapel Road, formerly a Wesleyan Chapel, dates from 1874, has recently closed and is currently for sale (2008). Mike managed to get permission to go inside for this interior view. SD 809 022.
The former Methodist Sunday School (associated with the Wesleyan Chapel) on Hilton Lane and Kersal Road is now in secular use. All Mike Berrell.
Ohel (mortuary chapel) at Rainsough Jewish Cemetery (1923) on Butterstile Lane. Re-dedication plaque. SD 809 024. Both Mike Berrell. Interior view, Mike Berrell (2014).

Sedgley Park
The former Methodist Church (now offices). 109 SD 820 026. Philip Kapp.
St. Gabriel. on Bishops Road, Sedgley Park. 109 SD 825 027. Philip Kapp. Another view. Interior view. Both Mike Berrell.
Sedgley Park Synagogue (Ashkenazi Orthodox) on Park View Road. Interior view. SD 818 034. Both Mike Berrell. Link.





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