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Potton, Bedfordshire

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The Baptist Chapel stands off Horslow Street at TL 2215 4928. This source says that the congregation was formed in 1800, with the chapel being built on a piece of ground which had been obtained two years later. It also advises of a second chapel on Royston Street, closed by 1880. I haven't been able to locate it. Gerard Charmley (2022). Link.

A Congregational Chapel is shown on O.S. maps off Sun Street at TL 2223 4915. Later U.R.C., this source has an interior photo, and dates it to 1848, closing in 1987. Another view - the attached block at the right is on the site of a Sunday School. Both Gerard Charmley (2022).

The cemetery west of the village has a Mortuary Chapel at TL 2130 4911. Streetview saw it in 2020.

St. Mary the Virgin. TL 2287 4943. Bill McKenzie. Another view, and an interior view, both from old postcards in Judy Flynn's Collection. Link. Grade I listed.

The Salvation Army Church on Chapel Yard and Back Street is a former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel. This source dates it to 1931, a re-build on the site of an earlier chapel, with final closure in 1974. The opening of the earlier chapel is dated here to 1851. TL 2218 4922. Gerard Charmley (2022). Link.





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