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  Portland, Dorset

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All Saints (1914-17) at Easton. SY 692 718.
Steve Bulman (2010).

Easton Methodist Church, also home to the Salvation Army. The closer of the two buildings has a stone inscription saying "Wesleyan Schools 1878". SY 690 718. Steve Bulman (2010).

The ruins of St. Andrew, on the cliffs below Easton. Three further views - 1, 2, 3. SY 697 711. All Steve Bulman (2010). Link.

St. Andrew (1878), Southwell. SY 686 701. Steve Bulman (2010). Link.

St. George, Easton, now looked after by the Churches Conservation Trust - see link for opening times. SY 686 720. Steve Bulman (2010). Link.

St. John the Baptist at Fortuneswell. Hemmed in by mature trees, it is difficult to photograph well. The tower. A viewpoint further south allows another view, showing the rose window. SY 686 735. All Steve Bulman (2010).

St. Peter at Grove. Another view. SY 698 725. Steve Bulman (2010).

The former Salvation Army building on Victoria Place. Circa SY 692 721. Steve Bulman (2010).

Former Roman Catholic Church on Grove Road, Grove, now closed. SY 697 724. This is probably Our Lady and St. Andrew, mentioned in Pevsner, and if so, is of 1868. Steve Bulman (2010).

This Fortuneswell church, with the look of Non-conformity about it, was only seen from the viewpoint mentioned above (see St. John). SY 689 733. Steve Bulman (2010). Another view, Martin Richter (2012). Howard Richter has advised that this is Underhill Methodist Church, which was built as Wesleyan, and opened in 1899 to replace an earlier chapel. An old postcard (franked 1905) calls it Brackenbury Memorial Church. From Judy Flynn's Collection. Link.

Former(?) U.R.C. on High Street, Chiswell. The Google Earth photo still shows a church notice board below the window, missing when I visited. Steve Bulman (2010).





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