The Churches of Britain and Ireland

Portglenone, County Antrim       

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Ist. Presbyterian Church. C 978 038. Gerard Close. Link.

3rd Presbyterian Church. C 978 041. Gerard Close.

Aughnahoy Church (R.C., 1782). C 987 027. Gerard Close.

Bethel Temple. C 975 039. Gerard Close.

Church of Ireland. C 979 039. Gerard Close. Another view, the interior, and a memorial tablet to Francis Hutchinson, bishop and opponent of the belief in witchcraft. Adam advises that the porch was added in 1912, and the church re-roofed in 1929. All Adam McCurdy (2015).

Free Presbyterian Church. C 983 040. Gerard Close. Link.

Hephzibah Apostolic Church. C 980 039. Gerard Close (2016).

Our Lady of Bethlehem Abbey (Cistercians of the Strict Order, 1967). C 980 037. Gerard Close (2015). Link.

St. Mary (R.C.). C 981 037. Gerard Close.





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