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Port Ellen (on Islay), Argyll & Bute

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Baptist Church on Lennox Street. It has a date-stone for 1910. A 2021 Streetview provides another view. NR 3681 4522. Martin Briscoe. Link.

A low oblong of grass-covered masonry in the hills above the village marks the location of Cill Tobar Lasrach, a long ruined medieval chapel. A photo of it can be seen here. NR 3737 4581. Canmore entry.

A former Free Church which stands on Lennox Street is now in secular use. It was seen by Streetview in 2009. Although not listed, the adjoining Manse is, as Category C, and it's dated to 1847, providing a "no later than" date for the church. NR 3685 4543.

Kilnaughton Old Church. NR 3442 4522. Martin Briscoe. More photo (and plans) are available in its Canmore entry Category B listed.

Oa Parish Church, at Risabus, about 3 miles W.S.W. of the village is a now-roofless Telford church of 1828. Photos may be seen here. Its Canmore entry tells us that it was burnt in 1915 and closed in 1930. NR 3142 4364. Category C listed.

St. Columba - earlier the United Free Church. Pevsner dates it to 1911. NR 3673 4529. Martin Briscoe. Canmore entry.

St. John. Its Category B listing dates it to 1897-8. NR 3678 4509. Martin Briscoe. Another view from Streetview in 2021. Its Canmore entry has numerous photos.

On the shore of Kilnaughton Bay near Port Ellen (at NR 3476 4550) is this tiny ruined building, which looks to be a small chapel, but Martin can find no mention of it in the sources at his disposal. A comment here suggests that it might have been a changing hut (for sea bathing) for a nearby house, and here as a folly. Martin Briscoe.




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